A good friend of mine went to her local bank yesterday and the bank said they were so excited. They said Nesara is happening tomorrow (today) and all debts will be wiped out. All mortgages, credit cards and all debts. My friend said, I know about Nesara and they were shocked that she did. She asked about currency exchange over the years and they denied it. They said they had to deny it. Yesterday they confirmed that foreign currency exchange is happening soon. They knew about the exchanges and all they could say is very soon. It was just a small local bank on the east coast. They said there would be a PSA (public service announcement or EBS) to let the public know what is going on.
The one banker said the IRS is dead! Dead in the waters. They called it ubi (universe basic income) and said people will get money and you won’t have to work anymore. She said they were so excited and jumping up and down! In case you ever doubted that this is happening, this is tangible proof that it is happening now! The long wait will soon be over!

Let’s continue with our daily meditation at 11:11 am and pm. See the cabal arrested and evil removed from the planet. See the world bright and beautiful and free. See the divine miracle come to earth and cover it with love and peace. Surround President Trump and his family and staff and military in a shield of protection. Do what you need to do today. Stay strong and keep the faith and may God bless you all. Wwg1wga 🙏❤️

Holly Celian