(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on rumors/leaks from several sources which may or may not be truthful or accurate.)

POTUS and White Hats continue to do their job in exposing Deep State corruption.

The scripted public disclosure of North Korea’s denuclearlization is proceeding as planned.

All countries must undergo denuclearization as required by GESARA law.

All countries have already agreed to denuclearization during the Paris Accord in 2016.

The countries that agreed to denuclearization during the Paris Accord will undergo denuclearization once GESARA law is enacted.

Rogue nations such as North Korea, Israel, and Iran must undergo denuclearization prior to the enactment of GESARA law.

The purpose of the scripted Iran Nuclear Deal charade is to expose the Uranium One deal and force the denuclearization of both Iran and Israel.

Korean Reunification will occur Post-GESARA.

The financial gap between the economies of North and South Korea is very large.

GESARA law will fill that financial gap bringing both countries to the same level which will pave the way for the Korea Reunification process.

Political difference between both nations will be a non-issue. This is already being publicly disclosed through the media.

There will be no refugee crisis as all will be provided for as part of GESARA law.

GESARA law is expected to be enacted late this year.

The RV will begin prior to GESARA as stated in the past several times.

There has been an immense amount of movement on the RV front this past week.

Sources claim that the Alliance is preparing to release the RV.

The Earth’s magnetic pole shift cycle cannot be delayed any further.

Unusual Earth activities are being recorded across the globe.

There is approximately 10-20 years left before the pole shift occurs.

Do not be alarmed. It will not be catastrophic. This will occur Post-GESARA. The changes will occur gradually. Everyone will be safe from harm.

The Earth must undergo these changes before the massive energy blast from the Galactic Central Sun passes through us and raises the vibrational frequency of our molecules to the 5th density.

Keep the faith. Never give up. You never know what tomorrow will bring.