(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on rumors/leaks from several sources which may or may not be truthful or accurate.)

According to sources, Zimbabwe must launch their new gold-backed currency before the RV event can begin.

All preparations and precautions have been made to prevent another “9/11 type” attack to ensure the transition to the new QFS is made successfully.

All major/important countries are keeping each other in check to ensure all nations are within GESARA compliance. Also, to ensure no dirty business is conducted.

The US is keeping Iran in check.

China and Iran are keeping the West in check.

Africa is keeping China in check.

Russia is keeping Europe in check.

The West is keeping Africa in check.

China, Russia, India, Iran, and Syria are keeping Israel in check.

Russia is leading peace negotiations in the Middle East.

All nations must be GESARA compliant or risk collapse once the QFS is officially implemented.

Theresa May made a very sly mention of delivering the gold-standard.

https://youtu.be/Y2qigggyvg8 (3 minute mark.)

“Delivering a gold-standard in financial cooperation services”

https://youtu.be/eHIgQTpSNu4 (7 minute and a half mark.)

The Queen trades her middle spot with Trump signifying her surrender to the Alliance.

Lastly, any attempt to hack/hijack the QFS will be shutdown and perpetrators arrested.

The QFS will not and will never “go rogue”.

The QFS was designed to carry out one objective, and that is to rightfully rehydrate humanity in wealth.