Russian Intel Chief Blasts Trump Loyalists

Russian Intel Chief Blasts Trump Loyalists For Revealing Communist Terror Cell That Was Running CIA And FBI

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

Source: What Does It Mean

An interesting new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today reveals that Members present Sergei Naryshkin, Director of the Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR), and Valentina Matviyenko, Chairwoman of the Council of Federation (FC), had a “frustrating exchange” [exact wording Это так раздражает] relating to Trump loyalists Rudy Giuliani and US Congressman Devin Nunes beginning to expose the workings of the secret communist terror cell that had operated at the top levels of the Obama Regime’s intelligence agencies—with Congressman Nunes first revealing that that the fabricated Trump-Russia Dossier was created by the “Russian propaganda arm of the Democratic Party” working within the FBI, and Attorney Giuliani revealing that former CIA Director John Brennan, a known communistwas the mastermind behind the coup plot against President Donald Trump—and that SVR Director Naryshkin asserts breaks an agreement made with Trump’s former CIA Director Mike Pompeo to keep this information secret until mass arrests are made, but that Chairwoman Matviyenkomaintains is out of the control of Trump whose nation is nearing civil war[Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

According to this report, on 1 October 2016, shortly after he had beenappointed by President Putin to head the Foreign Intelligence Service, a communiqué was received by SVR Director Sergei Naryshkin from the Office of Net Assessment (ONA)—a highly secretive US military office created in 1973 by President Richard Nixon to serve as the Pentagon’s “internal think tank” that looks 20 to 30 years into the military’s future—and whose sender was Stefan Halper, an ONA operative who has long-standing ties to both the CIA and former Presidents George H.W. Bushand Ronald Reagan.

The specific request of this ONA communiqué to SVR Director Naryshkin, this report details, was ONA operative Halper peculiarly querying as to if Russian intelligence “active measures” (a term for the actions of political warfare conducted by security services to influence the course of world events) regarding the 2016 US presidential election had been discussed between President Putin and President Obama during their 6 July 2016 phone conversation, or during their 4–5 September 2016 meeting at the G-20 Summit in Hangzhou, China.

Receiving authorization from the Security Council to answer ONA operative Halper’s query, this report notes, SVR Director Naryshkin referred him tothe White House’s readout of the 6 July 2016 phone conversation between Putin and Obama where “active measures” were not discussed, and public accounts of the 4-5 September 2016 G-20 Summit where Putin and Obama held informal talks on Syrian and Ukraine and, likewise, no mention of “active measures” was discussed at all.

Presidents Putin and Obama (above) hold informal meeting on sidelines of G-20 Summit on 5 September 2016

After answering ONA operative Halper’s strange query, this report continues, SVR Director Naryshkin then returned a question asking if this “active measure” inquiry about Putin and Obama had anything to do with a certain amateur radio (aka ham radio) broadcast station being monitored by the Special Communications Service (Russia’s equivalent of the NSA)—that had begun broadcasting on 23 May 2016 from a Washington D.C. station identified as having the US Federal Communications Commission Amateur License KM4UDZ, and registered to Nellie H. Ohr—to which Halper’s reply was informing Naryshkin that he would next be contacted by US National Security Agency Director Admiral Mike Rogers.

In numerous conversations and document exchanges between SVR Director Naryshkin and NSA Director Admiral Rogers, this report says, the NSA had, also, on 23 May 2016, began capturing the amateur radio broadcasts emanating from FCC license holder Nellie Ohr—and whose contents of caused the NSA to determine that “active measures” were being employed to affect the outcome of the 2016 US presidential election—but with the NSA not knowing from whom these “active measures” were being activated.

With the NSA being a branch of the US military, this report explains, NSA Director Admiral Rogers tasked ONA operative Halper to discover who was behind these “active measures”—with Halper being uniquely suited for this task as he holds both American and British citizenship allowing him to freely operate in London where these amateur radio broadcasts were being directed to—and as these “active measures” were being specifically directed against Republican Party candidate Donald Trump, saw Halper meeting in London with Trump campaign members George Papadopolous and Carter Page—and top Trump official Sam Clovis—but whose investigation was cut short when high-level Obama Regime intelligence officials discovered what Halper was doing and began attacking the ONA advocating for its abolishment.

With ONA operative Halper unable to continue his “active measure” investigation through normal means, this report notes, NSA Director Admiral Rogers authorized his reaching out to SVR Director Naryshkin—and that led to a combined Halper-Rogers-Naryshkin document being produced on this “active measures” plot that NSA Director Admiral Rogers secretly flew to New York City from Washington D.C., on 17 November 2016, and gave to then President-elect Trump—and that Rogers did without informing President Obama, or any Obama Regime official, thus causing top US intelligence officials to demand that Obama fire him—but that couldn’t be done as Admiral Rogers was part of the US military, and unlike civilian officials in the Obama Regime, couldn’t be summarily dismissed without evidence being presented against him.

After having survived the initial attempts to throw him out of power, this report continues, this past January, 2018, President Trump convened the most extraordinary meeting ever to occur between the United States and Russia—and that, for the first time in history, saw Russia’s top three intelligence chiefs—SVR Director Naryshkin, Federal Security Service Director Aleksandr Bortnikov, and Chief of the Russian General Staff’s Main Intelligence Directorate Colonel-General Igor Korobov—travel to Washington D.C. to meet with NSA Director Admiral Rogers, CIA Director Mike Pompeo, and Secretary of Defense James “Mad Dog” Mattis—and whose central point of discussion was the “active measures” findings of the Halper-Rogers-Naryshkin document.

In the non-classified portions of today’s Security Council report that can be written about this extraordinary meeting between all of these top Russian and US intelligence and defense officials, one of the most important were the Russians informing their American counterparts that theCommunist Party of the Soviet Union is outlawed in the Russian Federation, and anyone found promoting its ideology, no matter where found in the world, are liable to high treason charges under Russian law—and is due to the Wall Street Journal, last year, aptly stating that its only legacy is “100 Years of Communism—and 100 Million Dead”. [Note: This report says that SVR Director Naryshkin actually put this Wall Street Journal article directly into CIA Director Pompeo’s hands.]

The grave significance of the Russians informing their American counterparts about the dangers of communist ideology, this report says, was due to the radio broadcasts emanating from FCC Amateur License KM4UDZ being made by Nellie Ohr–who graduated from Harvard Universityin 1983 with a degree in history and Russian literature, studied in the Soviet Union in 1989, and obtained a Ph.D. in Russian history in 1990—and that during her studies in the Soviet Union, was recruited as a deep cover agent for the Committee for State Security (KGB)—and who, in her 1990 Ph.D. thesis titled “Collective Farms And Russian Peasant Society, 1933-1937 : The Stabilization Of The Kolkhoz Order” justified the Soviet genocide of over 30 human beings, with her further envisioning a “future time” when the same could be done in the United States.

Far from being a normal type communist sympathizer, this report details, Nellie Ohr is the wife Bruce Ohr, one of the most powerful men in the US Department of Justice—with it further being discovered that Nellie Ohr was taking her radio broadcast orders in the “active measures” plot against Trump directly from CIA Director John Brennan—who was, likewise, a deep cover KGB operative inserted into the CIA, in 1980, during the liberal-leftist regime of President Jimmy Carter.

Among the hundreds of hours of radio broadcasts recorded by both the NSA and the Russia’s Special Communication Service made by Nellie Ohr, this report notes, were ones between her and FBI Director James Comey, who in a 20 October 2003 New York Magazine interview about himself stated “I’d moved from Communist to whatever I am now. I’m not even sure how to characterize myself politically. Maybe at some point, I’ll have to figure it out.”—and—former MI6 operative Christopher Steele, whom, on 12 January 2017, the Daily Mail exposed as being one of the top socialist-communists at Cambridge University (a top KGB recruitment school) whosecontemporaries labeled as an avowedly left-wing student who ran a Marxist front named Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, and in whose book praising the Soviet Union, he confirmed that he was a socialist.

Even more shocking to know about Nellie Ohr, this report explains, is that coinciding with the beginning of her “active measures” radio broadcasts with her fellow communists CIA Director Brennan, FBI Director Comey and MI6 operative Steele, she was employed by the company Fusion GPS to specially work on a secret project called the Trump-Russian Dossier—that was paid for by Hillary Clinton and her Democratic Party, along with FBI Director Comey—and from where Nellie Ohr, also, set up an entrapment meeting between Trump campaign officials and a Russian lawyer to provide “collusion evidence” for their plot—followed by FBI Director Comey using the made up Trump-Russian Dossier to illegally obtain secret court warrants to spy on the Trump campaign, and much too late, when he realized what he was actually a part of, quit using FBI money to pay MI6 operative Steele—but that didn’t stop the “Woman In The Middle” Nellie Ohr who, after FBI Directory Comey tried to leave this “active measures” plot against Trump, simply turned to her US Department of Justice top official husband Bruce Ohr to continually feed communist generated propaganda against Trump into the now completely corrupted American “fake news” mainstream propaganda, legal and intelligence systems.

Communist terror cell leaders Nellie Ohr (top left) and her husband Bruce Ohr (top right)

Armed with the communist terror cell information contained in the Halper-Rogers-Naryshkin document detailing all of Nellie Ohr’s radio broadcasts, this report concludes, President Trump was able to begin the largest purge of top FBI officials in American history—and that today includes the firings and/or forced retirements of FBI Director James Comey, FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, FBI Chief of Staff Jim Rybicki, FBI General Counsel James Baker, FBI Deputy Director Chief Counsel Lisa Page, FBI Executive Director of National Security Carl Ghattas and, just yesterday, FBI Chief of Counterintelligence Peter Strzok—and that is what upset SVR Director Naryshkin in today’s Security Counsel meeting as he believed that CIA Director Pompeo had assured him that all of these communists, most particularly in the FBI and CIA, would be mass arrested so none could escape, instead of being picked off one-by-one, thus giving warnings to others—and that Chairwoman Matviyenko explained to SVR Director Naryshkin that Trump wasn’t able to do due to the volatile political climate he currently exists in where civil war is a real and constant threat—but with both Naryshkin and Matviyenko (apparently jokingly) hoping that former CIA Director Brennan, now that he’s been outed as being the mastermind of this communist plot against Trump, would flee back to Russia like he tried to do in 2016—and who upon entering Russia this time, instead of being turned away again, would be given a life-time ore mining job in Siberia.

Top Russian officials offer life-time job in Siberia to former Soviet communist KGB deep cover agent, and CIA Director John Brennan (above)

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