Russia Bans Talks With US House Democrats After They Threaten To Nuke American Gun Owners

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There is one obvious argument for Self Defense (guns); “Tyrannical Government”. When tyrannical government (Mafia) is no longer possible, self defense (guns) will no longer be necessary.

If the Kavanaugh hearing is not evidence of tyrannical government; nothing is.

Government claims a monopoly on law and justice, Government provide neither. Codes, Acts, and Statutes are Colorable / PRETEND / MAKE-BELIEVE / FICTIONAL (fraud). See “Colorable”:

· adj. Meant to deceive; not genuine.
· adj. Seemingly true or genuine; plausible.

Govern-ment = govern-mentis (Latin) = govern-(mind, thought, thinking, belief) = mind-control
Police are in business for themselves (profit); they give lip-service to protecting the public (without that claim, they have noting to offer). If Police were protecting the public they would not exploit every opportunity to trample the Constitution.

Miranda is a verbal contract used to separate people from the Bill of Rights.

BAR (British Accreditation Registry) is a foreign corporation, City of London.

The difference between Mall Guards and Police is the Corporation they work for.

UNITED STATE OF AMERICA = Corporation (Imaginary)

America = Geographical Area (Real)

STATE OF CALIFORNIA = Corporation (Imaginary)

California = Geographical Area (Real)

CITY OF SACRAMENTO = Corporation (Imaginary)

Sacramento = Geographical Area (Real)

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