Revolte from we the people.

It is war, revolte from We The People Against the Dutch Nazi’s in Politic.

Bataafse Revolutie

On June 4 our farmers are going to shut down the country, the transport sector is also joining in.

Cabal and WEF rat Mark Rutte has declared war on Russia and own people.

All lower level civil servants have had their protective status taken away, and are now regular employees who are jointly and severally liable for their behavior and actions.

So the police are no longer empowered to enforce the monopoly of violence at the behest of our Cabal government.

Laws have been rendered inoperative as of May 13, 1940, and the Kingdom has been dissolved.

All we have experienced is deception and abuse of power by deranged psychopaths.

The Police has a maximum of 1000 men they can deploy, but this means that in every place there can be a maximum of 40 men to stop the Boers and the population.

We do not accept any more that the Globalists are destroying our Country and violating our right to exist.

The Politicians have betrayed, robbed and abused us, let Russia and the US make help to restore order.

This is a war that the Bilderberg Rats of the Hitler Cabinet can never win.

There will have to be a seizure of all the assets of the Fake Royal House and the politicians’ and high officials’ own stupidity.

The state will have to be restored, because now we are stateless as a people.

We are never going to take or accept a Fake King again, the game of the Dutch Cabal is over, the people are now going to act together against the miscreants from politics and Fake Kings House.

Every Mallut of the Fake Government who supports the Globalists is responsible and accountable for his role in the oppression.

There will be a lot of footage that will be used as evidence of misconduct.

Should people be arrested, know your right and make it known that the person against you has no authority and no power to question you or force you to sign a statement.

If we had had a working 2 amendment it would never have come to this.

We as a people have a duty to defend the country, both from foreign threat and also by betrayal of the country’s leadership from within who commit war against their own people and provoke other states, in this case Russia.

So the Boers and population are in their right to defend their right to exist.

This is the reason why the 1945 armistice was lifted by Putin.

The Aggression of NATO, EU and UN against Russia on false grounds, to cover up the crime that politicians have accused themselves of, including the COVID lie and the MH17. Human trafficking and supporting the Fascist WEF of Nazi Klaus Schwab.

This is high treason and GENOCIDE against its own people.

Trickery and deceit will fall.

With the activation of the QFS and the taking down of the SWIFT payment system it is Game Over.

Article 177: Obligations of citizens regarding national defense – Dutch Constitution (

Article 177: Obligations of citizens regarding national defense.

Constitution of 1848

Eighth Chapter. Of Defense.


Article 177


The bearing of arms to maintain the independence of the State and to secure its territory, remains one of the first duties of all residents.


Development article


Article 44: Registration as Citizen at Arms

Every Batavian Citizen is obliged to bear arms to that end, and to register on the roll of Weapon Bearing Citizens.


Article 121: Obligations of citizens concerning national defense

Bearing arms to maintain the independence of the State and the security of its territory remains, according to the old custom of the country and the basic principle adopted by the Union of Utrecht, one of the first duties of all residents of these countries.


Article 203: Citizens’ duties for national defense

The bearing of arms for the maintenance of the independence of the State and the security of its territory remains, in accordance with the ancient custom of the country, the spirit of the Pacification of Ghent, and the fundamental principles adopted by the Union of Utrecht, one of the first duties of all citizens of the Kingdom.

1840: art 201


Article 177: Citizens’ duties for national defence

To bear arms for the maintenance of the independence of the State and for the security of its territory, remains one of the first duties of all citizens.


Article 180: Civilians’ duties in national defense

All Dutch citizens capable of doing so are obliged to cooperate in maintaining the independence of the State and in defending its territory.

This duty may also be imposed on non-Dutch residents.

1917: art 180, 1922: art 181, 1938: art 187, 1948: art 187, 1953: art 194, 1956: art 194, 1963: art 194, 1972: art 194, 1983: art 97, 1987: art 97, 1995: art 97, 1999: art 97


Article 98: Composition of the armed forces; military service

– 1.

The Armed Forces shall be composed of volunteers and may include conscripts.

– 2.

The law governs compulsory military service and the power to suspend conscription to actual service.

Then the question is what authority and power does the UPU, which is under Donald J Trump after the bankruptcy of the Vatican, have?

The man despising Fake Elite will have to disappear and the rule of law restored under GESARA.

I have regularly warned politicians that they can no longer be in the public eye, and they have forfeited their own lives by following the GENOCIDE agenda of the WEF and big capital, would not surprise me if the Swedish Wallenberg Family is also involved in this, as they are also leftist sociopaths.

Also, let the true facts of the MH17 be known and horse name who all is involved in this.