Reposting this important Whistleblower information.  Originally using an assumed name that we gave him at his request, to hide his identity, Arthur Neumann, eventually decided to come out under his own name.

‘Henry Deacon’, a Livermore Physicist

We met with and interviewed this man in early September, but he declined to appear on video or to have his name made public… for entirely understandable reasons. (Henry Deacon is a pseudonym, prompted by his similarity to the likeable and creative polymath on the Eureka TV show.)

In this extraordinary, wide-ranging on-record testimony, he describes his work and experiences, and reveals some astounding information about the coming planned war with China; one way in which drugs are smuggled by the military from Southeast Asia; stargates and instantaneous communication over vast distance; the inhabited planets of Alpha Centauri; chemtrails; rips in spacetime caused by atomic testing, and the damage and danger they have caused; the use of viruses to reduce the world’s population; the shooting down of an alien craft by a unit in which he served; and much more – including, possibly very importantly, a confirmation of Dan Burisch’s testimony.

We believe that the far-reaching information disclosed by this man is highly significant. We salute his courage in coming forward to ensure these truths are known, and encourage and support all others to follow his example.

Click here for the PDF of the interview transcript (September 2006 to December 2007)
Click here for the interview transcript (September 2006)

In this compilation of subsequent correspondence with Henry, he offers further confirmation of Dan Burisch’s story; vividly describes the coming ‘spike’ of solar activity and the paradoxical problem of the alternative timelines; reveals the Roswell visitors as time-traveling future humans; and describes why the Roswell incident was so catastrophic for both the visitors and ourselves.

We have heard nothing from Henry Deacon for the last seven weeks. Prior to our last communication, in the last week of March, he had told us he was being ‘coerced’. Up to that time he had been in very regular communication with us. We now feel certain he has been forced into silence.

While this newest update contains fascinating further information on a number of topics (including more information on Mars and some details of the inside story of 9/11), we continue to believe that the most important information he has shared is to be found in the second update.

Henry has broken his silence after six months to tell us of his pessimism about a number of current serious global problems. He again references The Report from Iron Mountain, and urges us to pay attention to Dr. Bill Deagle and to Alex Jones’ Endgame. He then talks more about Mars and the solar system, the secret space program, Arthur C. Clarke, the Apollo moon landings, and more.

Click here to download a PDF containing Henry Deacon’s initial interview and the first two updates in one document.

Rafael Palacios interviews Henry Deacon at the Exopolitics Conference
Barcelona, Spain (July 2009)
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