Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of April 30, 2024

Operation Eclipse
Illuminati Deep State Globalist Cabal Financial System Take Down In Full Progress
Will the Banks Go Down?
A Big Fat “Yes”
Beginning on Tues. 30 April there will be a Global Market Reset of 209 countries to gold/asset-backed currencies in all Market sectors, including the Forex.
Two days later by Thurs. 2 May if a bank was not Basel 3 Compliant (could gold/asset-back their monies), they would be closed.

It’s only wise to have at least a three-week supply of food, water, cash, fuel, medicine and essential items on hand for yourself and to help others in case of a disaster.

Judy Note:

Tues. 30 April was the Launch date of both Operation Storm and the Global Currency Reset.

We have two US governments (US Corp / USA Republic); two US presidents (Biden / Trump) and two Global Monetary System Resets in progress (CBDC / QFS).

The National Security Agency created the non-asset backed currency Bitcoin. It was all a ploy and part of the new Digital Currency rollout the Cabal planned to have in place by 2030 designed to completely control peoples of the World.

Mon. 29 April


Tues. 30 April: According to Goldilocks a Market currency rate reset will now happen across all sectors, including Forex, beginning on that same Tues. 30 April.

Wed. 1 May Day – A new Beginning.

On Thurs. 2 May Bank Closures: If a bank was not Basel 3 Compliant, they would either be closed, or absorbed by another bank. The Central Bank of Brazil has announced they would launch their new “international banking” system on 2 May. An EBS Test?
Sun. 5 May Orthodox Easter

Global Currency Reset:

Mon. 29 April MarkZ: Today in Iraq Iraqi President Sudani told the Iraqi people on TV to prepare for a Dinar rate change.

Mon. 29 April Al Saleh, the Finance Advisor to Sudani, stated that the 2024 Iraqi budget (with the new Iraqi Dinar Rate in it) was already in full force.

Sun. 28 April Iraq, Frank26: “Eddie said Saleh on TV saying the Budget is in force and active, and there’s no need to send it to Parliament for approval. Tomorrow they will hold a special session to elect a House Speaker, finally. They announced a new electronic platform called SAP, saying this platform allows the currency to go international. And the world wants to communicate with Iraq and do business with them. The budget does not need Parliament anymore. Sudani removed Parliament from the monetary reform process, that’s why they’re upset. The budget is waiting for the exchange rate. The budget is prepared, the budget is ready. It does not need laws, or signatures, it’s ready. The exchange rate needs to come out as soon as possible to shut Parliament up, and the budget will kick in before Parliament before they can blink an eye. Iraq was invited to the big boy party in Saudi Arabia because they have a big boy rate. The budget is an operational budget. When it was voted on a while back it was intended for paying for operations inside Iraq. Now Sudani can make any kind of change without a vote. Sudani, IMF, World Bank, CBI, US Treasury and the citizens are all forcing the exchange rate.

On Tues. 23 April an announcement was made on the official website of the Central Bank of Brazil about the advent of a new “international banking” system scheduled to launch on May 2, 2024.

The Iraqi Dinar was the Kingpin that would launch the Global Currency Reset of 209 countries. “The Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq has told the citizens to prepare for a currency exchange.” …TNT Tony

On Fri. 26 April The National Bank of Iraq Went Live with Core Banking and Payments:

Mon. 29 April 2024:

Global Financial Crisis:

Mon. 29 April 2024:

Mon. 29 April 2024: Egypt, South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, Senegal, Algeria and Saudi Arabia have begun withdrawing their national gold reserves from the United States.

Mon. 29 April 2024: The yen has crashed in early Asia trading, tumbling to match is exact lows from April 1990 in what is being blamed on a ‘fat finger’ trade or multiple barrier-option trades being triggered, by sources that have literally no idea why. Exactly 2.5 hours after the headlines came out, the ratio crashed from 160.20 to 156.50. 1+5+6+5 = 17. The yen has lost nearly 25% of its purchasing power against gold over the past six months.

Mon. 29 April Bank Bail-ins Set Up, Major Wall Street Bank to Fail:

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