Received via email at 12:51 PM EDT for publication.

There are reasons why the Trump personality has been on television three times in three days.

There are reasons why Paul Ryan is speaking again today and later this week on national television for a third time.

There are reasons why a sudden small hurricane is forming in the Gulf of Mexico ready to hit before the week ends.

There are reasons why Israel’s Netanyahu is in Russia today with his Mossad chief.

There are reasons why the Minsk Agreement suddenly was finalized yesterday and a ceasefire in Ukraine implemented today.

There are reasons why Department of Defense Secretary James Mattis was in Iraq, and a long-term Afghanistan policy was also set.

There are reasons why Wells Fargo Bank was made to close a large number of its redemption centers and is being sold to China.

There are reasons a new website is being built to serve this community for your post-RV needs and all future philanthropic activities (theclarioncalls.com).

There are reasons this is all happening at the tail end of August, before the markets reopen, Congress returns from recess, the White House is remodeled and the Labor Day holiday arrives and children are returned back to school.

There are reasons for these events beyond all human understanding and why digital exchange credits must be infinite and nobody will be publicly informed–ever.

There are reasons why all of this is happening after a very rare total solar eclipse across the entire United States of America.

Because eventually even the slowest sun rises. Listen to this song’s lyrics closely…


… as we are all Human Angels chosen to enter into our bodies, for this time, to do greater good acts of mercy and return home. Nothing more, nothing less. Sobeit.

God is with us