Reality is not what you thought it was.

What we call the future, which is the now at the Quantum Level.

The deception created by the Draconians, the illusion of time. Everything was tied into the illusion of time, it’s the ultimate control instilled at the highest level. It’s designed to control your every freedom, regulated by the seconds of the clock, by the minutes and hours. By the traffic lights, stop signs and the layout of the cities – a repetitive design everywhere, meant to keep your creative freedoms confined to their systems.

The world without power lines, telephone poles – replaced by free wireless energy by Nikola Tesla. Spaceships and spaceports, obsolete medical practices replaced by violet ray healing technology designed by Nikola, intergalactic travel amongst the stars – to infinite possibilities through our stargate portals and wormhole SSP technologies.

Supressed replicator technology – even to create at a grand scale all exists. Technology that can ‘tag’ who used adrenochrome directly vs people poisoned by adrenochrome was used by the US Military.

Reality is not what you thought it was.

The Matrix Was A Documentary

My fellow Americans, the Storm is upon us…….


John F Kennedy Jr.
19th Vice President

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