Reaching the Source

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Reaching the Source

Avatars and Ascended Masters

Avatars are those who in physical embodiment that have reached the Tenth level activation.

The Changes in you: Teleportation and access to the multidimensional self will be easy. Manipulate and get things seemingly out of nowhere. Taking energy and manipulating it and giving it a solid form which we can see. To be able to see in the etheric. Build your Merkaba on a conscious level. The Merkaba is your light vehicle. It’s always present, but you have to consciously build it now with Divine Geometry. Merkaba is the chariot for Spirit.

The space brotherhood while building their own Merkabas, hook up their merkabas to each other’s and make a huge vehicle that encompasses the planet that is about to ascend. They have created this huge vehicle which now completely encompasses any planet that is in the ascension process as is the Earth.

What do the Ascended Masters do? The directors and the navigators. The Ashtar are a group of extra-terrestrials. Their Commander-in-Chief, an Ascended Master. The Master navigator is here to guide the Light vehicle created by the Space brotherhood. Guiding the Ashtar brotherhood, so that the planet Earth can physically move out of this Solar system into a multi-star system. There are systems where you have more than one sun. Those are the highly evolved systems. We are only a one sun system. The Ashtar have created the vehicle for this movement and the Ascended Masters are navigating this ship, this Merkaba, for the Earth to move out of this solar system into a multi-star solar system.

What of the angelic realm? They are there to help the space brotherhood and the ascended masters. Truly selfless and dedicated workers. When the Earth moves, these workers will then decide whether they want to go back into energy form, which means merge with the divine energy again, or they want to take on a light body and move into a different system. Once this planet moves the third dimension will collapse, which means generations hence will not understand what the third dimension really was, because it has collapsed.

At the end of the ninth level the universe considers you
Master and treats you, supports you, as such.
Then in the 11th dimension we shall decide whether we want to continue as Light workers and ascend
with the Earth. We shall decide whether we want to be light bodies and ascend ahead of the Earth.
For the first time choice is given to you to ascend ahead of the Earth in the Eleventh activation.
Or you decide neither and you decide to be one with the Source again.

Only a living Master can be given that choice, to continue with the Earth, ahead of the Earth or merge
with the Source. And in the Twelfth the decision that you made in the Eleventh is implemented
in its entirety. So if you decided to merge in the Twelfth dimension you will be the Source.
If you decided to move with the Earth as the Earth moves, you will move.