Q post number 2063 confirms that a special operation against the cabal took place last night…

Source: Dinar Chronicles


Q post number 2063…

(Link to a video of an instrumental song by Magic Sword titled “In The Face Of Evil”)
‘Played by “Operation Specialists” [pre-event] last night.’


Q post number 2064 features a picture of Seal Team 6 helicopters involved in a night operation. Above the picture is a re-post of an Anon comment about having ‘extreme goosebumps’ listening to the Magic Sword song.

Q post number 2065 is a re-post of an Anon comment about the Magic Sword song video…

‘Ya’ll notice the triangle and the all seeing eye in the middle of that sword in the “Magic Sword”, right?!’

These three new Q posts support Patrick’s latest Intel Alert. The Alliance is now in the final stages of wiping out the cabal. Of course NONE of this appears in the dying cabal media.

As Jordan Sather says in a recent video, the public must be kept in the dark about much of the Alliance plan, otherwise there would be widespread panic. They must also be protected from most of the satanic cabal evidence to prevent world wide vigilante activity.

We must remember that the Alliance Plan is a DIVINE plan. Archangel Michael wields a powerful Sword of Truth, and he urges all of us lightworkers to join him. We are very much needed in this final stage of the mission to free humanity.

We are finally – seventeen years later – back to the point we were at just before 9/11/01 when NESARA was to be announced at 10am. We know what happened instead. THIS time the cabal has been TOTALLY neutralized due to the magnificent work of President Trump and the Alliance team.

There is nothing standing in the way of the Global Currency Reset and NESARA. That big shiny green Go button is about to be pushed…


Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light
Sierra (NZ)