Q Anon: Suicide Weekend

Source: Dinar Chronicles

New Q post number 1932 refers to ‘Suicide weekend’…


‘Suicide weekend?
Hands up?
We are in control
BIG week ahead.’

The Anons at the Great Awakening Board have cracked this Q post code, with astounding results. It seems that ‘No Name’ John McCain surrendered to the Alliance, was tried in a Military Tribunal, and chose suicide to save his family shame…


Anon: ‘Surrender…the universal sign…Wow, nobody caught that surrender pic…always seems so easy after the fact…Wow, trust the Plan!’

Anon: ‘[30] days puts him (McCain) dead on the 24th. The day it was announced he “went” off his treatment. Death announced on the 25th’.

Q knew ahead of time that ‘No Name’ McCain would die just before National Dog Day in USA. Check out the excellent Q proof in the Reddit link.

‘…Every dog has its day.’


President Trump and the Alliance have got the plan for humanity’s liberation in FULL control. When you see this evidence of just how MUCH they are in control of taking down the cabal, you know that the SAME level of control exists for the Global Currency Reset.

‘HOOAH’ indeed!

Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light
Sierra (NZ)