Q Anon — November Victory Parade Cancelled?

Source: Dinar Chronicles

Notice there is a question mark in the post title – I am not convinced that the parade IS cancelled.

As Q says, nothing is ever as it seems in this mighty battle to destroy the dark forces on Earth. Here is the current official version of the Parade status, via mainstream media…


President Trump says in recent tweets that the prohibitively high cost of the parade – the fault of DC politicians – is the reason for the cancellation. Instead he will attend a parade at Andrews Air Force Base on a ‘different date’.

President Trump says that he will attend the Paris Parade on 11th November celebrating ‘the end of the War’. Note how Trump says the end of the War – not World War One, which the Armistice Parade commemorates. President Trump means the end of ALL WAR. The Paris Parade may have huge world wide significance this year.

In response to an Anon’s question about the parade cancellation, Q replies in post number 1924…

‘Timelines change
Watch the budget.’

That post could be read as ‘Watch what happens to the budget…’ as opposed to ‘We had to watch our budget…’ We know that the GCR will blast all budget issues out of the water in a nano-second.

Personally I think we don’t have anywhere near the full picture on this issue. That’s why Q constantly reminds us to TRUST THE PLAN.

Here is what two Anons say about the ‘cancelled’ parade…

‘People who have been here (on the boards) since the beginning are not going to freak out about the parade being delayed…You can’t deny that some monumental things are happening right now…’

‘Booms are hitting hourly this week and if you don’t see them, try remembering how it was in our country in 2014, and hope was hard to come by. I have hope now!…Like a wave of a tsunami, it has started and is coming to shore whether you see it or not…’

I agree. The momentum of disclosure about cabal satanic activities is reaching a crescendo. I have always believed that the GCR will slip in quietly while this horrendous Truth is being revealed to humanity. People will be far too shocked and sickened to notice us exchanging.

Meanwhile I am happy to trust President Trump, Q and the Alliance team. And most importantly, I TRUST THE PLAN.

Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light
Sierra (NZ)