Q Anon Drop — We are Not Alone

Source: Dinar Chronicles

Q has released the Disclosure genie from the bottle by confirming that we are not alone in the Universe.

Q hosted a Question/Answer session on 8 Chan – it was so popular it nearly crippled the server with over 400,000 people responding…


Q post number 2221…

Question from Anon:

‘Are we alone?

Q responded:

Highest classification.
Consider the vastness of space.’

Q post number 2224…

Question from Anon:

‘Did NASA fake the moon landings? Have we been to the moon since then? Are there secret space programs? Is this why the Space Force was created?’

Q responded:

‘False, moon landings are real. Programs exist that are outside of public domain.’

Q deliberately chose to answer Disclosure questions from hundreds of thousands of questions. The Alliance is starting to prepare humanity for FULL Disclosure.

Q post number 2222 discusses the changed date of the Emergency Alert Test…

Question from Anon:

‘Was moving the date back on POTUS FEMA “Presidential Alert” significant?’

Q responded:

‘Due to K confirmation push.
Hand in hand.
(RR) (Rod Rosenstein) stand down due to K conf.’

Q is confirming that the Emergency Alert Test is linked to Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation for the Supreme Court. October 3rd will be a red letter day for the destruction of the cabal.

Jordan Sather is understandably VERY excited by Q’s confirmation of the existence of extraterrestrial life. Check out his video…


While all this comes as no surprise to lightworkers, it will be a huge shock to most of Earth’s population. They have been mind-controlled to believe there is no life outside of Earth.

The Disclosure genie is now out of the bottle: the cork can never be put in again.

Our friends Upstairs always said the Event would comprise a series of mini-Events that would appear to arrive almost all at once. It is unfolding now – so many revelations pouring forth in a Truth tsunami. We are ready!

Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light
Sierra (NZ)