Prime Commander Tanaath is Back with a Video: Saturn, Sacrifice, Magic, and the Law of Attraction

Welcome back, Tanaath, thank you for the video—great job!  and thanks DT for the heads up.

Silver Legion website:

Thomas Williams mentioned Tanaath is back so I consider this a gracious return gift. I wish the Silver Legion much success in their efforts to protect children from the ongoing Satanic rituals.

We remain opitimistic, as always, and feel Humanity is making great progress.

I’ve added Tanaath’s update below from April 2017 as it’s the first I’ve seen of it and it contains a lot of information.  ~ BP

Published on Jun 14, 2017

Hello everyone! It’s Tanaath, of the Silver Legion. The Silver Legion website is still, and we’re still on duty and attempting to assist in the human freedom effort.

This is my first YouTube audio, and it’s on the subject of Saturn, part of its role in this mess, sacrifice, and how sacrifice affects magic, and how changes in this system might affect you vis a vis the Law of Attraction.

As mentioned in the video, Jordan Sather’s YouTube is… and StyxHexenHammer666’s YouTube is…. Both are insightful commentators on current events and geopolitical issues.

Update (and yes, I got my accounts back)

by Tanaath on 04/08/17

Yes, I’m still alive, and yes, contrary to the claims of some misinformed individuals, both myself and the Silver Legion are still on the same side we always were. We remain dedicated to the freeing of this planet and its people from the yoke of ET manipulation in all ways (including self-serving manipulation by even well-intentioned positive ETs, and of course including the malign manipulation and abuse of negative ETs – and this also includes Terran breakaway civilizations and subterranean civilizations); the restoration of Terran society as sovereign, self directed, and for the purpose of supporting human health, well-being, freedom and fulfillment; the removal of the lynchpin factor from Earth (so that what happens here does not threaten the whole universe); and the destruction of the universe killers and their agenda. This does not change, regardless of any claims made by third parties as to what ‘side’ they think we are on. These are and will remain our objectives. There is a person going around right now making a great deal of claims about the Silver Legion. Some of my incarnate team did work with this person for a little while, as I did as well. We eventually had to cut ties for a variety of reasons, one of which was the fact that this person was repeatedly releasing inaccurate and misinformative information to the public about us and our operations. This person continues to release misinformation regarding the Silver Legion, and has added to that the claim that we have ‘changed sides’. We have not and we never will change sides. Unlike most of the ‘me toos’ involved here, we fully understand what the stakes are here if we lose, or if we focus on side agendas to benefit ourselves and not the FULL MISSION. If we lose, everything dies, very horribly. Because of this, we have very little patience for those who think that they’re going to use ‘helping humanity’ as a method to get their very own piece of Earth’s pie somehow.

I have been more than a little busy with physical world concerns. After losing my job in 2012, I have spent a few years with inconsistent employment (something which I know many of you can sympathize with, there’s been a lot of job losses and uncertainty, and we all damn well know that this was either engineered by the Cabal, or is at least being used by them), and have started a new professional training program for a different career. No, it’s not one related to the field of UFOlogy or the occult or New Age or anything like that. I don’t feel comfortable making money from this ‘industry’, because to me, that’s part of the problem. As many rebel voices have started to discover with Youtube (owned by Google, now Alphabet, and definitely a company complicit with Cabal goals), even the more ethical methods of monetizing content without making individuals pay directly for access are now becoming precarious. Money is a way that the Cabal can leverage in an infinite number of creative ways to shut down content or speakers they don’t like. If you tie your livelihood to your work in this industry, prepare to spend a lot of hungry, uncertain months (or longer!). The only people who are ever allowed to make the ‘big bucks’ in this field are those whose messages align in some way with the Cabal’s goals. They control the money of the world (although there are plenty of groups out to change that, like Neil Keenan’s).

This means that anyone who is doing this work has a choice. Monetize off their content (which is fraught with traps) and focus on creating content for people full time, provide some New Age service that people want to pay money for to fund your life so you can spend your free time doing mission activities, or do paid work in something else and use whatever free time is left to do this work. I don’t provide services – I’m not a healer, I can’t do ‘traditional’ psychic work other than a little tarot card reading, and I don’t have the time to write or publish books or provide dubious New Age goods at fairs and conventions. I am not a content creator. The work I do remains, for the most part, covert. I don’t talk about it publicly, because I want to confirm it through other sources first – we’ve learned the hard way that a lot of what people think they did didn’t actually ‘stick’ in terms of changing anything for us down here. I also don’t talk about it publicly because a lot of it is so out there that the people who are still at the introductory level of the rabbit hole on things like ‘hey they’re poisoning our food and medicine’ and ‘all our elites are pedophile perverts’ are still a long way from ‘magic exists, spirituality has a real impact on our lives, and there are hostile ETs behind the elites that have been manipulating us for thousands and thousands of years, and there’s also a whole pile of ETs, both good and bad, currently lurking around the solar system, and some of them talk to us’. Everyone has different levels of understanding and we all discover the ‘great secrets’ at different rates. Some of us never go as far down the rabbit hole as where I’m living at currently in my own life. To most of them, what I do and talk about would seem like insane larping. Those of us who have experienced this part of the rabbit hole know better. This is unfortunately very, very real, as anyone who has run afoul of black projects, MKUltra programming, or been a Targeted Individual knows in a way that the people who are still at ‘aliens might actually exist and Osama bin Laden didn’t do 9/11’ can’t yet experience (and with any luck never experience the full horror of it). Even if I focused on creating content for my audience (such as it is), it would only be relevant to a tiny fraction of the community and most would think I was larping. And, it would give up possibly mission-critical information to the public, which could compromise operations. So, for me the choice to work full time is not so much of a choice. It’s something I have to do if I want to survive, and I do my mission work when my free time allows. Somehow, it always happens in the time it must happen.

I’m sorry, but between my physical world life (surviving has to come first, I’ll be creating no content and doing no mission activities if I’m dead), and the fact that my efforts are focused on mission work, I’m not going to be putting out a lot of content. A lot has happened in the last year particularly. Others who have access to insiders within black projects or the deep state can possibly confirm some of this. There have been ongoing activities at the polar regions of the planet (both north and south), in which we have been involved. We were at first reported by some sources as a ‘mystery fleet’, although to those ‘in the know’ I think we’re a little less of a mystery and more of a pain in the ass, now. The effect that keeps us out of occupied continental space is not present at the poles, and it’s been basically a non-stop, multi-front battle with many different groups fighting. This includes the areas known as ‘inner earth’ – most of those civilizations dwelling beneath the surface have been historically (and CURRENTLY) guilty of contributing to the manipulation and abuse of the surface Terrans. Most of those inner earthers are the remnants of previous failed civilizations, and they are not more special, evolved, or good than we are up here. For the most part, the Silver Legion views inner earthers as opportunistic parasites or outright antagonists. There’s a few groups that have cleaned up their acts (or never had malicious actions on the surface) that we’re willing to work with (the vampiric, parasitic ANSHAR are not one of them!!!), but for the most part, we see them all as pests. If they don’t clean up their act, they’ll be gone.

In addition to the poles and inner earth, we’ve had operations dealing with cloning stations, and have had operations targeting the movement of slaves (mostly children), wherever we can have an effect on the physical world (there are ‘special places’ that are exempt from the effect blocking us out, and we make full use of those whenever we can), or offworld. We have also been firmly opposing the Nazis, who are alive and unfortunately well, although the life expectancy of Nazis is currently dropping rapidly ? . Pizzagate/Pedogate researchers – what you’re investigating is real, and it’s unfortunately a hell of a lot larger than what many of you are thinking, and it’s a major part of how the Cabal fuels its esoteric energies for the purposes of black magic and spiritual oppression. It’s more than people simply being ‘pedophiles’, it’s their whole esoteric power system. The scope of this is enormous. The CIA is involved in running the supply chain and logistics, but a lot of groups are involved. One group of children that we rescued (they were passing through one of those vulnerable inner earth areas where the blocking effect was absent) implicated Boko Haram – that and other groups are involved in more than terrorism and kidnapping a few hundred girls, they’re involved in moving millions of children and young people through vast systems of tunnels and caverns in order to use those children as sacrifices and toys to fuel the Cabal’s energetic needs. People are only beginning to scratch the surface on the numbers of kids being subjected to this horror. Many of them come from areas that the Cabal has purposefully destabilized or made destitute – no one notices the missing kids. Others were born into captivity from parents who were also secret slaves. There are a lot more than anyone ever thought possible. We are doing whatever we can about it, including removing thousands of children for healing every opportunity we get. Every kid we rescue is one kid who won’t feed the Cabal, and one kid who will now have a life (off world until after full contact), and one kid who will be coming back here to help teach all the adults after breakthrough.

Unfortunately, because we are still subject to whatever effect is keeping us out, we can only stage opportunistic rescues when the supply line passes through some place vulnerable. Researchers – keep digging! YOU could break this open enough that it can be used to shut down the whole Cabal. Because, the general public will have a hard time dealing with the FULL rabbit hole, but they damn well understand corrupt politicians, and they damn well know pedophiles exist, and any reasonable person will be outraged by this. The strength of the media opposition and silencing of PG researchers is direct evidence that you guys are on to something – though my advice would be to focus on the public figures rather than a certain specific pizza shop owner (he’s involved, but he’s not a ringleader, focusing on him to exclusion is a way that the system can take you down… other lines of inquiry will be MORE PRODUCTIVE…), and to look in particular at charities. Look at the international shipping and logistics system, as well. Those lines might yield useful information. If you’re doing this kind of research, be careful. If they find a way to take you down, they will. Make sure there’s no skeletons in your closet, because they’ll get dug up and used to discredit you. And if they can’t find skeletons, they’ll invent them. Be prepared to be dragged through the mud – it might not happen to everyone, but for sure they’re trying to do this to those who seem to be gaining traction and an audience.

I don’t want to dip too much into American politics, but I will say that Silver Legion efforts were involved to remove the fraud from the election. Interfering with the election results (supporting a particular candidate directly) would have been unethical – this is to be the choice of the American people and no one else – but we saw removing fraud as fair game. The actual election results aligned fairly closely with what my upstairs people told me – that about 60% of the civilian population and 90% of the military population supported Trump at the time of the election (whether or not they still do is another matter). Trump is not a particularly likeable person to most – he tends a bit to buffoonery and a lot of arrogance among other things, but we can confirm that he is not directly a member of the Cabal. To what extent he opposes the Cabal objectives, I don’t personally know, but my contacts upstairs seem to think he’s on the side of the people, not the monsters. We know he has some kind of connection to Altair, which was a system that had been conquered by the Nazis and recently freed themselves in 2013. We know he absolutely hates Nazis (it’s part of why he loathed his opponent so much and so genuinely). We do not know what he’s planning or to what extent he intends to be on the side of humanity. He’s made some moves that we think are pretty stupid and which have antagonized our actual allies (like a certain Russian president). My personal stance on Trump is ‘I’m going to wait and see before I freak out about anything’, although I personally disagree with a number of his policies, and upstairs seems to think he’s more or less OK for the most part. No one is perfect, but they view Trump as doing more good than harm.

The other major area we are focusing on is the system of mind control and consciousness alteration that has been placed over the planet, and which the enemy has plans to expand, considerably (don’t be too excited about 5G…). We have had efforts in those areas which I have personally had some third-party confirmation as to their effectiveness. I don’t like to speak about anything I haven’t confirmed, because claims-making in this community is a dime a dozen and results are decidedly lacking. But I’ve personally seen evidence that there has been a reduction in the artificially imposed mood manipulation that has afflicted so many of us, and the timing of it seems to coincide with my own personal deliberate efforts to address that issue. We will of course keep focusing on this – it’s a process not a light switch.


So, yes, we’ve still be active. I personally have been very busy on a variety of matters – I just prefer to speak softly and carry a big stick instead of making huge claims on the internet and doing a lot of bragging. This might not please you to hear, but whether you believe me or not doesn’t matter to me. My mission will carry on regardless of whether or not people believe in what I’m saying or whether or not they believe the Silver Legion exists. This is another reason I’m not involved in content creation. When you’re a content creator, your audience is your currency. Their beliefs and feelings about your content matters. This puts pressure on the content creator to pander to the audience, because if they say something to offend the audience, they’re losing their only power. My power is in my mission activities, not in what I say about them.