President Trump’s September Surprise; Mind Blowing Revelations | AIM4Truth

Source: Starship Earth: The Big Picture

If you thought you understood the grand cabal scheme… You ain’t heard nothing yet: THIS will blow your mind.

It explains SO much. Congratulations to Michael McKibben of Leader Technologies—creator of all social media groupware that the globalists stole—who brings us his team’s latest research results.

And—GOOGLE is implicated in this unbelievable criminal heist of digital information enabling the globalists to stay one step ahead of everyone, in every way, every time.

President Trump was well aware we are embroiled in a cyberwar and invoked “the Trump effect” and mirrored the deep state’s own strategies right back to them.

After listening to this, you will have a better idea of just how powerful the Clintons are, and why EVERYONE sacrificed themselves to keep their secrets.

Even the NSA is subservient to their system!

Don’t miss this video. Douglas Gabriel and Michael bring us this update in language we can all understand.

It proves the entire senior administration of the government is corrupt and Hillary Clinton controls all of it. ~ BP