NEIOH ~ About Crafts

Friends Of The Great Light!

Flying In Crafts Of Every Conceivable Size, Shape And Purpose Is As Natural For The Higher Realms As Breathing Is On Earth! In These Moments Of Sharing, We Will Explain Some Of Our Finest Crafts As Well As Small Ones For Leisure!

All Races In The Higher Densities Travel In Crafts Of Their Own Designs. Pleiadians Are The Highest In Technology And We Openly Share Our Close Friendship With Arcturians Who Now Share What We Enjoy.

For The Purpose Of Teaching In Moments, Such A Vast Subject, We Will Primarily Share About Pleiadian Crafts.

From Our Creation In 12-D, We Needed No Crafts. We Lived In Our Sacred Essence With The Understanding Of The Power And Light Given To Us. We Spoke In Tones And Colors With Those Created In ELOHIM. We Resonated At Frequencies And Felt Love. We Understood Our Freedom To Explore And Create Anything Desired. This Brought More Power And Higher Abilities.

Exploring And Venturing Out, My Family Chose A Star That You Know As Taygeta. Others Chose Many Places Of Being. Archangels, Light Beings And Those You Know As Elders And Commanders Of The Galactic Federation, Created The First Vehicles Of Movement Which You Call Crafts. The FAE Took An Active Role With Creating Flying Machines That Only Got Better As We Explored Options.

Our First Ones Were Small And Traveled Slowly. We Enjoyed The Immense Beauty Of The Cosmos. In These Moments, You Will Observe Many Small Crafts Around The Earth That Have Multiple Purposes and Designs. For All Crafts That You Observe, There Is Always A Mothership In The Vicinity. The Small Crafts Are Often Occupied And Send Out Cameras, Lasers To Clear Areas Of Toxins Or To Explore. There Is Often A Group Of Friends Within The Craft, Playing Music, Games Or Communicating With Friends On The Mothership Or On The Ground.

Motherships Are Massive Whether We Discuss Our Smallest Or Largest. These Are Powerful Machines That Can Be Miles Wide And Travel Instantly Out Of The Galaxy. Any Craft Can Be Made To Be Invisible At Any Moment. The Motherships Are Always Traveling From The Pleiades To A Certain Intentional Point. The Fleet Is Always Ready Within To Enter A Space And Head Into Many Territories. The Mothership Has Control Of All Crafts In The Fleet And On Command, All Return And Enter The Mothership.

The Mothership Within Would Be Anything Called For, Such As A Luxurious Meeting Place With Soft Cushions And Food At Request. Music Playing, Game Rooms, Pools Or Rooms For Meeting With The Galactic Forces. Doors Can Slide To Close Off Any Area And Multiple Situations Do Not Interfere With One Another. All Motherships Are Sound Proof And They Are Completely Indestructible. The Largest Bomb Sent From Earth Would Not Register As A Pebble.

As Many Of You Know, There Are Crystal Transmitters That We Have Placed Deep In The Oceans, Beneath Mountains And In Deserts And Ice. These Are 200 To 300 Feet Tall And There Are Thousands Of These Quartz Crystals In A Triangular Shape. Their Purpose Is To Activate And Guide In Motherships And All Crafts Seamlessly At The Event You Await. The Reason For Checking Placement Is Due To Shifts In The Earth Due To Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Hurricanes Or Natural Movement Of The Earth. Each Crystal Stands Perfectly Straight And Will Rise As The Signal Is Given By The Galactic Federation.

Many Families Enjoy Crafts As You Enjoy Automobiles. The Difference Is That They Enjoy Multidimensional Travel, Swimming Pools, And Many Room For Music And Enjoyment.

Moving Forward In The Moment Of Now, Imagine All That You Desire With Comfort And Peace. Understand That Your Imagination Is One Of Your Greatest Gifts! For Nothing That Is Seen Was Not First Imagined. And Every Thought Has Begun A Form Unseen.

The Imagined Will Manifest In Form.

This Is A Fragment Of Billions Of Years Of How We Began And What Our Capabilities Are!

We Invite You To Join Us Soon As We Split The Skies Again With Splendor And Divinity!

In Light We Rise As One!

I Love You So!


Greetings Beloved Friends!

Although The World Is Chaotic, You Are Transcending To A Crystalized Place Of Peace!

This Stage Of Your Journey Will Feel As A Plateau! A Resting Place For Your Soul!

This Is A Gift You Are Able To Choose For Yourself!

For It Does Not Matter What Goes On With Others If You Find The Silence Within!

Here In The Clarity Of This Place, The Way Is Eased For You!

You Have The Opportunity To Integrate Understandings Of All That Has Transpired Within You With The Power Of Your Own Being!

Discord Will Remain As Long As You Believe You Can Change Another, Or Stop A War!

Stop The War Within And Make This Your Safe Haven!

Finding Silence Is Finding God! There Is Nothing Else To Seek!

You Will Only Desire To Return To This Presence For Extended Periods Of Blessed Isolation. And You Will Find Yourself Withdrawing Your Energies And Attention From Virtually Everything That Has Ever Threatened Your Peace!

The Details Of The External World Do Not Interest You Now, As Interactions With Others Invariably Bring Chaos If You Are Not Resonating With The Same Interests And Beliefs!

Many Of You Have Found Your Tribe! The Souls You Intended To Meet As You Sat In Joy In The Ethers Of Timelessness! You Are Here! It Is Now!

In These Moments Of Light, We Bow At Your Growth And Perseverance! You Will Indeed Experience Many Synchronicities From The Higher Realms As You Walk Forward On A Path Unseen!

We See You! You Are In Perfection!

Never Stop Walking!
Never Stop Trying!
Never Stop Believing!

And Indeed As AKATU, I Will Add,
Never Stop Dancing! Even If In Your Mind!

In Light I Remain!
I Love You So!


Beloved Friends!

You Are Well Within The Process Of Ascension Now.

For Ascension Is A Momentum That Is Continually Moving You Toward The Shift Of The Ages!

This Movement Will Take You To A Shift In Awareness, A Shift In Perspective, A Shift In Vibrational Frequency, A Shift To The Perfect Alignment Of The Soul And Therefore An Instantaneous Change In Reality As You Know It To Be Now!

Ascension Is A Universal Motion, A Yearning, A Striving, A Releasing, A Surrendering!

It Is A Joyous Culmination Of Your Journey Here In Physical Form To Reach The Higher Realms And Discover The Path Of Light That Feels Familiar! Like A Warm Blanket On A Cold Night! You Will At Last Relax And Smile.

You Are Going Home!

This Process Of Ascension Is Not Something That Is Done To You! It Is A Process Initiated By Your Soul!

It Is Orchestrated By You With Free Will And The Assistance Of All Light That You Desire!

This Preparation Has Been Made Over The Course Of All Waking Dreams Called The Akashic, And By The Friends That Have Watched Over You Since The Beginning Of Creation!

You Have Been Guided To This Place. This Moment. This Breath. To Fully Understand That You Are Able To Consciously Participate In The Culmination Of Light That Will Cause The Universes To Celebrate With Joy!

Much Work Has Been Done By Friends Who Love You So, In Conjunction With Higher Aspects Of Your Own Consciousness, To Prepare You For Your Liberation From All That Has Held You Down!

You Will Once Again Know As You Are Known!

Well Done, Beloved Ones!

In Love We Rise!