Patriots Are Now In Control.

It has always been them, they have been invading you ever since. The use of artificial intelligence allowed the reptilians and greys to maximize their control over the population.

Through the news & social media networks, using bots & CGI, clones & doubles. They would be able to easily manipulate whoever they needed with the use of their technology, it could appear to be anyone.

This same procedure has been used as disclosure as we have entered Phase Ill, the Galactic Alliance will soon be landing on the White House front lawn & decloaking – you know like The Day The Earth Stood Still, the documentary.… This will begin Military Tribunals & All Pedophilia/Treason/Criminal activity, arrests & executions – complete disclosure.

As we prepare for the Quantum Leap to 5D – the cohesion for all new technologies starts to transition from the old system to the new.

Our Q drops allows the dissemination of information across all social media platforms, via Executive Order 13818.

Patriots Are Now In Control.

Enjoy The Show

John F Kennedy Jr.
19th Vice President

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