Our Liberation from the Cabal is Imminent

January 17, 2020

Operation Disclosure | By Rinus Verhagen, Contributor

Release of world funds via the RV/GCR.

Spreading dates that keep shifting turns out to be misinformation indeed in my opinion.

I would rather delve into facts that show us what is happening behind the scenes.

The fiat money system is about to collapse, the Cabal has no chance to start a war, to cover up their deceptions and to get rid of their guilt any longer. See 3 hours 27 minute video.


Globally, we are seeing shifts in politics, and revelations of plans for insurrection by Antifa, the Soros Left stupid people who allow themselves to be used for money to sow chaos by low IQ followers, as is now happening in Virginia.

The Veritas Team has also unmasked Democrat Bernie Sanders’ campaign team about his plans to start riots should Donald J Trump be re-elected, where I am 100% convinced that he will also get a second term to dry the Swamp.

Here the Democrats help unintentionally, because they once started a lie and conspiracy and cannot or will not admit it.

Now that the deposition proceedings against POTUS are being started, the Democrats are falling into their own knife of betrayal, because hearings will now be brief and vigorous and all witnesses will now also be given freedom of speech.

Unintentionally, the Democrats have contributed, together with the MSM, to wake up the population, the lies are now transparent with their corruption conflict of interest.

The Democrats have not realized that the NSA and QFS have all their data with evidence that will expose them.

Putin has announced that he will decentralize the Russian political system in order to be able to pursue a better regional policy that is closer to the people.

Yesterday was a crucial moment with debates on Russian television. The future of the country is being formed in the consciousness of the masses and by bringing in an awaken new Prime Minister, consciousness will expanding to the consciousness of others to awakened people.


Which prevents a future president from gaining unlimited power to abuse in the future.

In Russia, the Deep State has also been sidelined, to the benefit of the Russian people.

The visit of the granddaughter of Adolf Hitler (Angela Merkel) to Putin, to discuss the agreement and end of the treaty of Versailles, in which Germany becomes sovereign again. GESARA directives will make that also the Netherlands will no longer be a province of Germany, and will become a sovereign Republic again.

In Poland, the politburo of the EU organised a demonstration, in which Dutch judges were present, to criticize the rule of law reforms of the Polish legal system by the Polish parliament.

Also the Poles will no longer tolerate politics in the administration of justice, which is forced out of Brussels by the Nazi EU, depriving the population of a fair justice system, where only the Fascist agenda of Brussels applies.

It seems no coincidence to me that the biggest military exercise in 25 years will take place in Germany.

Where I hope the Deep State Cabal will also be purged in Europe to free the population from the EU fascists, in order to regain the sovereignty of all countries. This by the Cabal infiltrated politics and governments that have betrayed their own countries and people.

Macron, which is losing its power to the people, has withdrawn the pension plan in order to get peace in their own country, but the harm has been done and the people will vote the EU away in the next elections.

Brexit and the revelations about the paedophile elite will drive royal houses in Europe from their thrones and the money that the EU would get from England will not be paid, as the EU is not a country and therefore cannot participate in GESARA as a country, which is also against the will of almost the entire European population.

By freezing the accounts of the EU it will collapse like a house of cards, with the trigger of the Deutsche Bank and Wells Fargo derivatives pulling the Central Banks into the abyss.

Only then, in my opinion, will the QFS replace the old Cabal system and return the stolen wealth of the Cabal to the world population.

It seems like a spaghetti of Geopolitical events that are all interconnected, and helped to determine the roadmap for the RV/GCR.

All people who have no idea are now going to wake up with a shock, similar to a nuclear fusion velocity.

I can very well imagine that the Senate session will unmask the Democrats to such an extent that we may be able to see direct arrests live on TV or the Internet.

Then it will also be clear that the Rothschild Family is behind the Soros funding of left-wing Antifa and corrupt politicians; politicians who are all controlled by Soros’ blackmail tactics or literally hanged by doorknob tactics. All information collected by Jeffrey Epstein.

The role of Israel and Mossad, commissioned by the Rothschild, in which the Jewish population is as hostage as the population in Iran, will be to unite the people to want their freedom back, to reject jihad against their own people and to expel the infiltrated Cabal.

Now that the decline of Deutschebank and Wells Fargo bank’s derivatives trading is pulling the Central Banks with it, the RV/GCR will have to be prepared for this time, in order to absorb the blows and prevent chaos.

Hence the large-scale military exercise in Europe, because there is a danger that many Migration claimants who no longer get money can revolt.


How things are going to turn out with the fascist jokes in the EU is still an open question for me.

Dear people, we are going to witness a change on this planet that we have never experienced before.

We are clearly privileged to be the generation that will be allowed to experience and reshape this change.

All this will become clear before January 31st, because even Prince Harry is leaving the sinking ship, indicating that he knows what is to come.

In Poland, it is no longer tolerated that judges allow their political preferences to be taken into account, and are judged on their performance.

The proposition that “Poland is moving towards a dictatorship” does not hold true, which makes it better for Dutch judges, for example, to look at their own constitutional guidelines.



– Taking an oath to an illegitimate “Fake King”.

– A non-legal constitution from 13 May 1940, article 21 Constitution of 1940.

– Invalid laws from 5 May 1945 onwards by “Fake Kingdom”, due to the lack of a legal constitution.

– A confirmation of state which does not exist anymore from 13 May 1940, because the Dutchman does not exist see a remark of Queen Maxima?!

– A government dictatorship introduced by Adolf Hitler from May 18, 1940.




All this to keep in the saddle “Omhooggevallen politieke D666 juristen die ons bereid te judge op valse gronden” [Raised political D666 lawyers who want to try us on false grounds] … professional crooks who are sworn in by Dictatorship of false democracy Netherlands.

Would they realise this themselves or are they just snakes who have no conscience and have sold their souls to the highest bidder Drugs Baron Willy the superfluous?

Who is in the network of Drugs Baron Willy?


Maarten van Traa was murdered because he investigated this royal snake’s nest.


Later the name was changed to Akzo Nobel also 100% owned by the Fake royal paedophile Mafia family celebrating as Princes and King

Time now for the 144,844 sealed charges to be released and the “hand held puppets” arrested.

All evil in this world comes from the Netherlands and its Satanists Elite who are connected to the rest of the world Cabal.

Potus the Trade deal has been physically signed officially – that’s Huge

• then the USMCA Trade Agreement and that was signed off officially today

• and the Third thing that Russia decentralized their Government and some people were let go and released and

this going to be decentralized to various zones within the country and this is large you are going to see more

power at the local level and that’s going to happen also here in the US –

And we believe with that move that Russia made is taking them more to a democratic government and from people

I’m talking to that this might also happen to China in Phase Two too –