(OpDis) Brexit is the End of the European Union — Rinus Verhagen


Brexit is the End of the European Union

January 30, 2020

Operation Disclosure | By Rinus Verhagen, Contributor

Dear friends and patriots.

In order to be open about the facts, I am writing this message from which we can expect a quick start of the exchange to implement the GCR.

A course of Facts.

Following heart-warming reactions to the reports I like to share my views and ask to beat my words, which you should see as my opinion that I suspect from the observations made at this time.

Realize that we are in an information war, a Spyop according to Nostradamus, by the Q Anon +.

In my view, the predictions of Nostradamus are a manual for the CABAL, and therefore of a very old diary, if I write a script for Satanists, I only have to manipulate the future in order to make the supposed predictions come true.

This should not be difficult to observe, because as Q says, the past proves the future.

First the Brexit with Nigel Farage’s farewell speech which clearly shows how the EU Bully’s in Brussels despise the European population with an unprecedented arrogance of the unelected EU Fascists, the EU founded by the Nazis.


Here you can see how the unelected EU Fake Soros sent globalists without a country despise the nation states demand that the union jack flag be removed and Farage be called upon to leave and take the flag with them.

And recognize how all Soros hatred has push the narrative forward of misleading and mind controlling people who don’t understand all the backgrounds, full with emotions who are not possible to give words or to explain why they come to this opinion.


Later in an interview, Nigel Farage was asked whether more countries would be leaving the EU, to which he replied that this will certainly happen if the economy collapses due to a stock market crash.

We now have a central bank economy that is totally manipulated and has absolutely nothing to do with the human economy, just that the population is systematically sucked out to make the rich richer, with the Fiat money scam.

In answer to Gerry’s question, my article by the Fake Dutch Cabal King and the statement on the video by Juan O Savin (I was just listening to a video with Juan O Savin and at the 1:30:40 mark he says that the Federal Reserve will be dealt with in Trumps second term) about the final closure of the FED in the video:


The statement that was mentioned so casually that the FED will only take place after the re-election of Donald J Trump, is therefore no surprise, do not let this deprive you of hope.

When the FED is definitively abolished, the transition to the QFS will not make much difference, because in order to completely dismantle the FED, there will have to be an audit after the RV/GCR that will check the books of the FED.

We now see the deposition Hoax of ballet crazy Schiff, how long the whole process is slowing down.

I’ve seen several pictures of Schiff of a disgusting PORNO level, which I certainly won’t share as it’s too repulsive, he’s very sick and blackmailing.

He must be lying about Donald J Trump, because the Jeffrey info together with the 7.4 Million that he himself left to the Ukraine to corrupt means the definitive downfall of the Deep State puppets.

It won’t stay with the Ukraine, but Romania, Iran, Italy plus the Vatican, Israel, Saudi Arabia, they are all in the sinking ship, together with the EU and Bill Gates, Soros and other Satanists.

Bill Gates last year drove on 22 Jan. 2017 that a pandemic of the coronavirus would break out, causing millions of deaths.


To have a reason to vaccinate the world’s population, to get a population reduction that he and his globalists Satanists are striving for and again you’re going to find the name Serco if you go on searching, Prince William his company if my information is correct what I read about it on the Internet


It is therefore no coincidence that get Corona Virus as a Bio Weapon was developed in England with the funds of Bill Gates, because he also has interests in vaccination production, in order to complete the genocide with the planned contamination of the Corona virus.




We are in the final battle that will remove the globalists, including the EU, which also took part in this in order to root out the European population.


Here birds fall dead from the sky by installing 5G,


Their soft organs like those of the victims of the alleged Corona infection are boiled, and die on the streets, thanks to the ultra-short wavelength with a much higher transmit power, the 5G network is a direct energy weapon against self-population to hide the Genocide.

Due to the lack of a world war 3, the financial system with the Corona Virus Hoax is now trying to crash the Stock Exchanges as can be seen in China.


What a coincidence that this just happened right after the meeting in WEF Davos of the Committee of 300 the Bilderberg rulers.

All over the world banks go bankrupt because they have no cover on their Balance of assets and liabilities in their books, so unsecured value and not enough cash in their possession.

The REPO actions of the FED show that Banks and Countries have no money to pay their interest to keep the Fiat money system alive.

Because the US President election in 2016 is won by Donald J Trump, who delivers what he promised, which of course is not fast enough for us patriots to dry up the swamp.

Current facts:

The trade agreement with China was signed on January 15, 2020.

This will prevent more Chinese banks from going bankrupt, because of the Fiat money system.

The World Economic Forum took place from 21 to 24 January, where it is very likely that the Gold Standard will be reintroduced.

To prevent a global recession or limit the damage, because the real economy does not have much to do with the manipulated Wall Street figures based on free money through the Fiat system.

As rumors are that the US inc. is bankrupt as of 31 January, and the FED has so far produced all the money out of nowhere, it will turn out that the value of stock market shares does not represent the real value, so it will implode.

As of the Chinese New Year, the possible start of GCR to limit the damage for the China but also the rest of the world.

Brexit has been ratified, and will leave the corrupt EU on 31 January, with the promise of a Deal that will never come through the collapse and global stock market crash.

One can pay the EU out of Fiat money from nowhere, but it is really worth nothing, because nobody will accept any more hot air as money, due to lack of value.

The EU has many demands but is not a country and a toothless tiger with no right to exist when the GCR starts, GESARA is the deathblow for the EU.

All conflicts and wars were only about raw material robbery as pirates do, everywhere the GOLD was stolen first, I the NATO Occupied countries.

Then it is also clear that the Gold Mine in Hawaii, suddenly has a lot of gold, which is nothing else than white laundry of the stolen gold from all over the world.

The fact is that the gold is still there, and has been taken to carry the gold coverage of the new money system, because with the QFS, it really makes no difference whether the gold is in the US, or in the bottom of Zimbabwe, it is there, along with other values.

The Patriots together with the Alliance have not done half a job to execute the PLAN.

In order to avoid all misery for the world’s population, the RV/GCR will have to be in place before January 31st, or the agreements will have to be made to exchange the Zim Bonds.

Rumor has it that everything is being brought into readiness, to the information about the agreements to exchange the currency and Zim Bonds will be made public today on the 30th or 31st January 2020.

Since these are such important steps for mankind, we can assume that regardless of whether it is next weekend, work will be done in the background to make this possible, to that the World Economic Forum has had the GESARA discussions.

As a distraction, the deposition procedure of POTUS is now underway, which will be gratefully used to make the truth public, and will expose the Democrats, the democrats are themselves engaged in their deposition deception and are completely stuck.

The Patriots have seized the momentum created by the Democrats themselves as a tool with both hands to expose the Democrats and the MSM their true agenda.

Here in Europe, two Belgians are buying up all possible media companies, with Belgian taxpayers’ money and subsidies from the corrupt EU in order to keep the propaganda of their Nazi EU salvation state alive.

The fact that the MSM is in the hands of the Cabal shows that during the session in the Senate 3 big channels went black when the Ukraine was proven to be proof of Joe Biden and his son.

The Democrats have realized that they could never win the 2020 elections, because of the firewood they brought in as candidates, they are almost all equally disturbed.

The diabolical plan of the globalists by the left-wing communist Democrats supported death Soros as a straw man of the Rotschild gangsters is now on the verge of collapse.

Let’s think positively, and hope that the information will come out, where we can exchange our currency or Zim Bonds, the NWO is really defeated, and the real announcement of many crimes by the Elite against their own and world population will come out.

As a result, the Satanists Soros puppets will be removed from power, where 265 people in the EU alone have been bribed by Soros, to enslave the European population for the NWO wet dream.

Since the alliance’s plan is much longer in progress, if we are aware of it, trust that victory is ours.

A few more nights of sleep and we will certainly have more information about the course of the liberation of the Cabal.

With the shutdown of the Bankrupt FED, the ECB won’t be able to produce money out of nowhere either, because the ECB is hitchhiking on the FED’s money creation license from 1913.

So the Euro will no longer have any value, and the EU will take away the tool to force the European people with their fascist agenda 21 into a dictatorship.

All politicians who have been bribed and have an account with the Vatican bank will certainly be revealed, so the traitors will no longer have any power or right to exist in the new QFS system.

I expect the exchange of currency very soon, because this is very plausible, because people who are going to get the funds have been spiritually selected for this, without most of them realizing it, will have to be protected in order to perform their task.

Juan O Savin together with Feild McConnell seem to me to be part of the white hats, and get more insider information to leak the information.

Feild McConnell is in custody because of the revelations he has made about the MH370 do the MH17 should be, the MH17 was purchased by George Soros to carry out the scam for their Satanic globalist agenda.

Do you really think that hero Field McConnell could send out messages every day if he was imprisoned for a fake crime?

What’s to come, now that the Democrats have so exposed themselves in an attempt to save their own bodies, the Armageddon of biblical proportion with which the world’s population had to be murdered, has now become their own trap.

With the loss of Fiat money, Soros can no longer pay his left-wing stupid Antifa mob, these confused layer of IQ cry babies are losing the ground under their feet.

All sealed charges will not be traffic offences, but serious crime as part of a criminal organization.

The saying is to keep your friends close to you, but your enemies even closer, so you can keep a closer eye on them.

Who among the globalists has all made his appearance at Donald J Trump as POTUS, Merkel, Macron, Rutte, Bill Gates, Juncker, Erdogan, traitors of the US in their own government.

We really have the privilege now to witness the clean-up of the Cabal, Deep State, and left-wing communist followers.

The elections will be earlier than the end of the year with the proclamation of the gold standard and GESARA.

What date would be nice then, maybe the 4th of July?

Count 150 days back, then we can expect the GESARA announcement on February 5.

Since Donald J Trump does not have any significant opponents, and with all the revelations of the crimes by the corrupt Deep State Democrats, the choice will not be difficult.

All the evidence Rudy Giuliani has gathered against the Deep State, with the info of the MH370/17, and the involvement of all bribed globalists in the governments and the EU by Soros as the puppet of the Rock Shields.

All this will cause a wave of arrest that the world has never seen before.

All the top people in the Cabal system and companies will disappear behind bars to be tried.

Could it just be that all these criminals and their companies can no longer exist in the new QFS system, and they can’t go anywhere?

The announced 144844 sealed indictments, and the ordinary indictments, will increase enormously, as they will all betray each other in order to get lighter sentences.

I would really call this a biblical Armageddon.

The task of all Zim-holders, is to help rebuild the earth to allow humans and animals to recover from satanic oppression.

This makes us accountable for the task assigned to us.