Only the Polarized Views of Conservative, Christian White MenOnly the Polarized Views of Conservative, Christian White Men

Source Golden Age of Gaia | By Steve Beckow

I asked Deann if we could publish her comments on the despair she feels about real change occurring – change that goes beyond serving only the interests of old, conservative, Christian white men.

I’m struck by the fact that what Deann has said here resembles many comments that AAMichael has made: that an unloving process cannot produce loving results, that antagonism simply leads to more antagonism, that peace cannot be won by making war on another, etc.

I wish to express a long-lived concern.

I feel I am a lightworker. For nearly 20 years, I’ve been actively holding the light and love of the dimensions we’re ascending to for our planet, for all sentient beings, for myself.

As lightworkers, we each have different roles we play in making the ascension come to fruition. And from that stance comes my concern. I have an observation about living through this part of the process that keeps me stuck, but I cannot see that it’s useful to abandon this position. I am a US citizen and so my view point is focused there, but I wonder if others are feeling this way, too.

The underlying premise of the alleged Alliance and its Q messages, the cryptic information from those supposedly in the “know,” all seem to me to rest on the conservative and Christian-based views of white, military men being the ones that will restore us all to our true being of love.

All American humans who identify with democratic ideals are painted as the evil ones. We are all puppets of the Clintons, the Podestas, George Soros, etc. All of those cryptic messages manifest in one after another video of patriots, former CIA agents, channelings that seem based in polarity: There ARE bad guys and THIS is who they are.

Aren’t we supposed to be leaving duality behind as we ascend? There are no people of color nor any of their voices or concerns in the alleged reports. There are no voices of the feminine. There are no consequences obvious for the old, rich, white men who’ve captured the reins of power, men like Mitch McConnell, Donald Trump, Chuck Grassley, Orrin Hatch, and on and on and on.

The messages I see in the cryptic Q and all others putting forth this alliance coup are soaked in [the attitudes of] unscrupulous, white, military, conservative, Christian men seizing control.

When in history have white men who gained power over others relinquished it when some battle was won? Where is the voice of consensus? Where is the voice of compassion? Where is the sense of we are all in this together as we climb up out of duality? Could the Company of Heaven and off-planet beings be a part of this way of wresting power from evil?

The messages I receive as a survivor of abuse at so many levels because I am female, messages I have had pressed upon me all my life, are that what I think, what I do, what I hope for, what I want for other people, what I ask of justice matters not one bit to the white men in power. If the Law of Attraction truly applies, how can the methods of the so-called alliance be liberating? Won’t the methods being used result in the same thing happening to all of us again? Like attracting like?

I try to move to a neutral place and hold the light and the joy which is my life’s task. But I find myself crushed over and over again by the excruciatingly long game now seeming to be in the hands of militaristic, ultra-conservative, fundamentalist Christian male energy.

Patriots? Who wants to remain patriotic when the patriarchy is what we have allowed to ruin human existence and that of every sentient being. Store up supplies and get ready for martial law? How is that aligned with the new paradigms we are supposed to be living into? Who believes that once Mr. Trump gets that ultimate power in martial law he will give it up?

And how, how are tender-hearted souls supposed to live through the undoing of all the strides for humanity that were made prior to this old man’s assuming the office of president? When do Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, Trump and his handlers ever have to reckon with the damage they have done? Or George Soros? Or any other rich, old, white man. When does Dick Cheney have to pay for what he has done? Or the Bushes? or even my neighbor who smashes relationships and consensus?

Golden Age of Gaia is the first thing I read every morning. It is and has for years been a guiding light with which I manage to take on another day. And these days it is a place to be assaulted by the newest revelations of white men behaving badly.

I used to also read [X] every morning and I appreciated his uplifting messages. Again, his website has become a place where a tender heart is assaulted by the newest revelations of white men behaving badly and why we ought to excuse them. And [Y] blog — written by someone with whom I found solace every day for years and found a way to take on another day – now warns every day of martial law, commends Trump’s governing.

With the exception of GAoG, I have stopped going to those websites and leave them with my blessing and gratitude. While they sustained me for so long, I find no solace any longer in this terrible unfolding of something I can no longer recognize as a path to ascension, to higher octaves.

That there is glee in the taking down of souls is heartbreaking. That there is trust in a man like Trump who is so thoroughly corrupted, that power remains in the hands of McConnell who has essentially killed the democratic process from his perch of power, that duality is praised and not left behind is heartbreaking.

Tell me how it could possibly be for a higher good that Q Anon messages, Trump, Kavanaugh, McConnell and countless militaristic, white, rich men are going to get all of us to the 5th dimension when the energy is so thick, dualistic, unloving, not inclusive, not representative of the Mother’s love.

Either the Law of Attraction is or is not in play. It is daily soul-crushing for tenderhearted beings. How can the Company of Heaven expect lightworkers to endure this? I do not perceive love and light in the path we seem to be on and that is devastatingly sad. It is crushing.