Only the Polarized Views of Conservative, Christian White Men

Response to Deann: Only the Polarized Views of Conservative, Christian White Men / Source Golden Age of Gaia | By Steve Beckow / October 8, 2018

October 21, 2018

In the midst of reading a thoroughly discouraging article, the question became obvious – why was this published? I perceive a disgruntled and downhearted Lightworker, one whose “Light has dimmed,” evident by the expression of fear, discontent, frustration, and in great haste to make multiple judgmental assumptions. Yes, why? “… publish her comments on the despair she feels about real change occurring.” … Nearly every question and points made are either inaccurate, and/or irrelevant from a spiritual perspective. Therefore, it becomes a discouragement to take on someone’s dismal outlook with a low spirit, lacking joy, spiritual insight, and wisdom.

A private response to Deann, in lieu of publishing would have been more appropriate, rather than spreading the unnecessary whining of someone thoroughly downhearted. That would have been a golden opportunity to suggest alternate, or revival of pacifying and enlightening spiritual practices, while citing any one of a plethora of channeled articles to provide much needed insight. Though the complaining is extensive, Deann’s minimal description of her spiritual health and practices are questionable and vague at best, and this I suspect is an underlying cause – “I try to move to a neutral place and hold the light and the joy which is my life’s task.” And, “For nearly 20 years, I’ve been actively holding the light and love of the dimensions we’re ascending to for our planet, for all sentient beings, for myself.” But based upon all that is expressed, and omitted from the article, there is at least one person who is mystified as to how exactly she is “holding the light and the joy.”

Sorry, but I didn’t perceive any genuine joy, hope or faith in the entire message, made plain with this pitiful lead into her message – “I wish to express a long-lived concern,” and later, “As lightworkers, we each have different roles we play in making the ascension come to fruition. And from that stance comes my concern.” … I’m wondering about those past 20 years, and what specifically has been gleaned about ascension, because there’s little to no insight about the dynamic subject and event. And for all this time she has lived with what appears to be a growing joyless pessimism, creating this shortsighted message. And, now so late in the game, on the “threshold” of realization, so perplexed, lacking faith, she expresses utter disappointment to Mr. Beckow? There’s no mention of making any other inquiries, nor a plea to the Company of Heaven. And all while, there are a multitude of other means available, so many sources for encouragement and insight, possessing the answers she needs, and should be seeking. I will cite a few examples within the following from reliable sources, statements that are in striking contradiction to her dismal self-centered outlook.

Deann told us she is reading, “Golden Age of Gaia is the first thing I read every morning… I used to also read [X] every morning… And [Y] blog — written by someone with whom I found solace.” But apparently they have changed, and she’s assaulted by the newest revelations of white men behaving badly” … This is revealing, as it is unfortunate. Because, if just one basic principle was applied, regarding wise adjustments to undesirable life changes, could make all the difference. This is the main point of the book, “Who Moved My Cheese” by Spencer Johnson. Basically, the once plentiful source for cheese ends, and one mouse wisely decides not to sit around and wait; it’s high time to move on and search for another source of cheese ( or spiritual edification in this case ), or starve! One mouse survives, while two others who waited around do not.

Noting the word “assaulted,” indicates she’s feeling threatened and abused, and fearful of another verbal attack. Yes, not physically, but I suspect undermining her firmly embraced, and one could say, fixed desires and expectations of ascension. Not only the way things should be in our country/the world, but also, how these sources of spiritual information should conduct themselves. That is, according to her limited personal viewpoint; hey, maybe it works for others? She’s startled with fear and disappointment due to a conflict with her preconceived ideas. I’ll cut to the chase and only mention two words, for the sake of brevity – HUMILITY & DISCERNMENT. Where is it?

As Deann also states, “With the exception of GAoG, I have stopped going to those websites and leave them with my blessing and gratitude. While they sustained me for so long, I find no solace any longer in this terrible unfolding of something I can no longer recognize as a path to ascension.” … What can we conclude here? Those sources Deann was visiting no longer fit her ideas of ascension; okay, so move on! Find what works better elsewhere. But why complain about it, being “assaulted”? I have heard repeatedly from various sources, ascension is very much a unique personal experience.

But, this is not to suggest those disagreeable changes to those three sources ( two of which are hidden from us ) of spiritual information are consistently “on the right track” dispensing truth either, no, not all. It doesn’t really matter either way. But we’ve been given no clue if, when, and where Deann has moved on, if at all, to search out genuine solace and comfort; dare I say, deeper understanding and insight. Specifically, what has she done about her lingering disappointments after being “assaulted”? That is, aside from expressing this negative rant to Mr. Beckow?

Deann’s downhearted pessimism is pervasive throughout, and in need of desperate help and encouragement, noted by this – “I have an observation about living through this part of the process that keeps me stuck, but I cannot see that it’s useful to abandon this position.” … Trying to get unstuck is not worthwhile? Really? So, based on all her 20 years of enlightenment, the disappointment with various websites and world events, she thinks it’s best at this point and time to wallow in misery, doubt and fear, remain judgmental, sharing it all with others, and basically give up? In these low moments of despair, is there no one of the Company of Heaven we can turn to in good faith? Really? As opposed to “crying out” to Mr. Beckow, and it’s now made available to the rest of us, bringing us down?

There’s no specific mention of any new efforts towards soul searching, to remedy her disheartened and disgruntled attitude. Although, a long-standing, well known, most helpful and basic ritual for a Lightworker would be meditation, to re-connect with the higher self. “The answer lies within, why not take a look now… pick up, pick up a good book now…” ( Cat Stevens song – On The Road To Find Out – 1970).

And, contrary to Mr. Beckow’s appraisal, I have a difficult time believing Archangel Michael would wish to be associated with this sour attitude, and Deann’s hasty misguided analysis of the transition to ascension. Initially, there’s a weak connection made to Deann’s message, one that does not in my view corroborate Archangel Michael’s statement below. Mr. Beckow says, “I’m struck by the fact that what Deann has said here resembles many comments that AA Michael has made…” Really? I don’t see the connection, as the main thrust and the core of what Deann expressed was symptomatic of a low spiritual morale and a serious lack of insight, and to the point of being fed up with everyone and everything, including of all things, the Company of Heaven; this is clearly stated. Deann’s blatant pessimism goes way beyond and is not so much about, “… an unloving process cannot produce loving results, that antagonism simply leads to more antagonism, that peace cannot be won by making war on another, etc.” – (Steve Beckow quoting AA Michael) I wish I knew the context of that quote, because it is not applicable. I have not yet seen or heard of “antagonism” towards the cabal, only persistent revelations of truth, seeking justice according to the laws of the land. There’s not even a hint of any plans to suggest the Alliance, or President Trump (i.e., North Korea & neutralizing Isis) is on “the war path.”

Becoming familiar over the years with AA Michael as channeled, I haven’t heard him say, or imply much of anything that Deann is complaining about here, quite the contrary; which is mainly a result of how she’s personally feeling and reacting to current events. Expressing fears and lingering doubts, and a lot of what is disagreeable, as a result of her assumptions and conclusions in connection with other people, and with the status of our transition to ascension. It’s obviously not suitable, nor to her liking. But I ask you, is she accurately informed, possessing deeper spiritual insight, a deeper understanding to justify publishing her assumptions, with a troubled state of mind and heart? Based upon her narrow scope/ reasoning, biased viewpoints, and judgmental insinuations, the answer appears obvious, she is not informed/not aware, losing sight of many pivotal truths.

Even if limited to the channeling of Archangel Michael exclusively, could have prodded Deann to get unstuck, as she stated, in order to gain a deeper understanding. AA Michael has said the following, which could provide deeper insight, appreciation and encouragement about our delayed freedom? Oh yes, there is so much available to us! …“The rate of change upon your planet and within the lives and hearts, the existence, of every person, every realm, every situation is so rapid, so deep, so intense that it can hardly be tracked! The changes are pervasive, and whether they are acknowledged or not makes no difference at all because this is the energy that is sweeping each and every one of you – the entire planet.”– AA Michael ~ A Message Of Hope And Heart Opening And A Bright New Day! / Linda Dillon. Is Deann swept up by this positive energy? I don’t think so.

“Even without consciously knowing their ( Earth’s civilization ) innate power, their progress is praiseworthy, and your steadfastness in the light has been an invaluable contribution. Think of the myriad grassroots movements that are improving conditions in villages and cities around the world; finding ingenious resolutions to challenges in healthcare, education, communication and multicultural relationships; preserving the environment; treating animals humanely; expanding philanthropic assistance and humanitarian aid. All of those achievements have been chipping away at cabal-perpetuated impoverishment, destruction, bigotry and violence; and the aforementioned international group is working to hold the cabal, the Illuminati, accountable for their crimes against humanity.”Channeling Matthew Ward / Suzanne Ward / October 17, 2018

Mr. Beckow is a writer and a Pillar for AA Michael, this we know; but in times of such disillusionment, shouldn’t a Lightworker seek out a higher source, an angelic source closer to Source, or simply Source, approaching the Divine Mother/Father with our downhearted pleas for a “shoulder” to cry on?… “Call upon all of us. We are literally at your disposal, and eager! waiting to help.” Archangel Uriel/ channeled by Linda Dillon. … Has Deann followed through on this? She keeps us in the “dark.” Are these omissions of spiritual rituals intentional, in an effort to gain sympathy for this rant, something that is NOT relevant, nor helpful to a dedicated Lightworker?

Chances are, based upon the extent and depth of negativity expressed, a painstaking and faithless whine, indicates this Lightworker has not sought out a higher source, their soul-self, nor guides; or maybe, just not sincerely and/or often enough. Again, who knows? Otherwise, more than likely, she would not have a cause to feel this way for very long, nor express herself in this manner. The Bible says, “Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.” Luke 6:45

“We release fear for our safety and surrender to trust in the bigger picture, our guides and higher self. … When fear pushes in, push back with love, when truth triggers trauma, regain balance with perspective. Zoom out, look at situations from fresh angles, outside the cosmos. …. Staying in love vibration is our protection, weapon and mission as the darkness rises, on high alert. Mirror the dark in light.”7 Signs Our Consciousness is Shifting to Higher Dimensions /By Susan Maresca / GAOG / October 11, 2018

Yes, there’s no doubt, the situation on earth is testing the patience of all Lightworker’s, but is this a message from a balanced and contented Lightworker? And how was it determined that writing this message, and publishing it, would be an encouragement to anyone? Is this degree of pessimism and skepticism something that, we as fellow Lightworkers, want and need to read, devoid of any suggested alternatives for a remedy? We all have problems and personal challenges at this critical time in Earth’s upliftment to a higher dimension, and the additional chaos can be challenging; and even more so, if we do not seek/maintain/have deeper insight. Insight into ourselves, and the BIGGER picture. It seems Deann has sadly reduced her “vision” down to being tunnel like.

During a group channeling session, I was among a select group of fellow Lightworkers who heard Commander ( of a multitude of galactic forces around earth, and the intergalactic mothership Astara) Lord Marius, say on more than one occasion, if anyone would become impatient – “There can be no whining.”… And personally, I’m blessed with a cat that regularly reminds me of what our whining must sound like, and feel like, for the Company of Heaven (COH). It gets very tiresome, and pointless really. Generally, I see Deann’s message revealing a person who is challenged, tired, impatient, misinformed or less informed, obviously disgruntled, and holding on to preconceived ideas. This is someone who lacks insight, having many unanswered questions and/or hasn’t asked the right questions, that really should be answered, and sooner rather than later. Deann is to the point of frustration, evident by her startling implication that Source and the COH must somehow be insensitive taskmasters themselves, or on a prolonged vacation or something, by saying, “How can the Company of Heaven expect lightworkers to endure this?”

Contemplating this Lightworker’s unfortunate situation, I’m sorry, but I can’t help but think of Cher in the movie Moonstruck saying (with loving intent of course), “Snap out of it!” In my view, this would be appropriate, and a loving gesture to get the attention of a disillusioned Lightworker having a track record of 20 years of enlightenment.

Additionally, her discontented frustration is also noted by suggesting, “Either the Law of Attraction is or is not in play. It is daily soul-crushing for tenderhearted beings. I do not perceive love and light in the path we seem to be on and that is devastatingly sad. It is crushing.” Though it was stated, “For nearly 20 years, I’ve been actively holding the light and love of the dimensions we’re ascending to for our planet, for all sentient beings, for myself.” … I asked myself reading it all, and specifically her observation, “I do not perceive love and light,” but where is the LOVE & LIGHT in Deann’s message to uplift our spirits? Did you perceive any? And really, has Source and the COH abandoned us? Have the Universal Laws, including the Law of Attraction been put on hold, or revoked by Sanat Kumara? To suggest this is to the point of silliness, and could be likened to a frustrated child stomping it’s feet in defiant protest, a child who hasn’t gotten what they want, when they want it. This message is not in any way encouraging to Lightworkers, and for even more serious reasons that will follow. I was dumfounded seeing it published by GAOG.

As suggested, it would have been better to suggest alternatives to Deann privately, or maybe in accompaniment with her published article. Rather than leaving everyone, and Deann, hanging with no recourse. More than likely, every reader could have learned something valuable. Remember though, this is only Deann “speaking” here, and this does not in any way reflect the current status of collective consciousness, the joyful attitudes, higher vibrational levels, and practices of all Lightworkers. It does not reflect the actual progress being made worldwide, verified by AA Michael, as noted within/to follow. In this way then, by publishing without encouraging alternatives, Deann’s message becomes misleading and discouraging. Nor then, can it be helpful, in my view, to even suggest that, Deann’s pessimistic and downhearted thoughts and feelings are justifiable, without any confirmation of this Lightworker’s spiritual status and specific practices. Progress appears to have slowed to a halt, unable (unwilling?) to find her place and purpose, and the answers she needs at this critical time. There was no indication as to what is being done/has been done to keep the pessimism and cynicism at bay. Therefore, it becomes very difficult to feel sympathetic, forget about embracing the discord, while perceiving the breadth and depth of her discontent and lack of faith after 20 years. Whining is not going provide answers, and is of absolutely no value to anyone.

My Spiritual enlightenment began much later than Deann’s, and by creating this response, it is not to suggest I’m in any way superior or impervious to feeling disappointments, becoming impatient, and whining in my heart and mind on occasion too, because it happens to most of us, to varying degrees. But, there is a saying for anyone wanting to learn, expand, and stay strong ( to KEEP THE FAITH) – “It’s not what happens to you, it’s what you do about it.” Consider that, in conjunction with the well known truth in connection with reincarnation and life planning – all Lightworkers volunteered to be here and now, at this specific, and most critical time period of ascension. Deann stated, “I feel I am a lightworker.”

And it seems another basic truth of the current situation has been lost – that this earth experience is a school for souls, an illusion. It is a game, and we volunteered to come to earth to experience duality for our soul’s expansion, by willingly playing the game. These are basic accepted truths for Lightworkers, as the “veil” of forgetfullness is gradually being lifted. This knowledge helps to maintain our composure and disposition, but really our balance, when challenged by adverse conditions. Deeper insight reduces needless worrying concern and involvement. Yet, not calloused in our hearts, maintaining sensitivity for the widespread lack of love and the horrific things still going on. I think this is an aspect of this earth game, that each individual Lightworker cannot ignore. And, that we did NOT necessarily incarnate with guarantees we would be HAPPY within duality. I have not perceived this understanding, not even a hint of awareness and acceptance in Deann’s message. This is a basic truth that appears to be overlooked and/or forgotten.

Now in addition to the discouraging whining, I found all the following statements even more disturbing in Deann’s message. Now, who isn’t aware of the pitfalls making ASSumptions? But in addition to that, the all too common next misstep, jumping to conclusions. This is not a good practice for anyone, not to mention a Lightworker who is searching for, and embracing truth; nor for that matter by extension, a publisher as well. It is said, “Jumping to conclusions is the only exercise people get these days.” And here we go again!

We need to be watchful, because making hasty conclusions are quick and convenient, or the easy way out. And, similar to blatant lies or slander, consider the extent of this, my lengthy response, and what is often required to balance, offset, and clarify hasty discouraging remarks by someone who has taken the path of least resistance. It’s so tempting, especially when patience is running out, to take a path requiring less effort. Need I mention the Kavanaugh hearings? Sadly, I noticed this bad tendency repeatedly in Deann’s message:

(1) “That there is glee in the taking down of souls is heartbreaking.” … Sure, there will be some of this no doubt, depending upon one’s degree of spiritual enlightenment. Not everyone is so enlightened. But! is it so pervasive, and personally and publicly confirmed to be so close to “home” and/or widespread to be “heartbreaking”? This is a cynical appraisal of all people, including Lightworkers, based upon what? an assumption? And, who is to say how much of this “glee” actually exists in the hearts of millions or billions of people; and by whom exactly? Is it the general public, those yet “unconscious”? Lightworkers? Within the White Hat Alliance? Within our Space Family? There were no specifics, and no sources cited for confirmation of this, or any statements in Deann’s message; how convenient.

So, once again, I continue to wonder with whom Deann is associating/listening to/watching, or even avoiding? what people, websites, videos, podcasts, channels/COH, TV shows, books, etc.? We need to be vigilant and discerning about external influences, unconfirmed opinions of others, what we watch, read, and who we spend time with. The Bible says simply, “Do not be misled, bad associations spoil useful habits.” ( 1 Corinthians 15 :33 ) Of course, the opposite of that principle would be true as well; good associations would promote good habits, and habits are generated by our all powerful good thoughts and intentions.

(2) “That there is trust in a man like Trump who is so thoroughly corrupted…” And, being “thoroughly corrupted” is known accurately by Deann and confirmed by whom? and how exactly? She can read hearts and minds? Yet, oddly enough, he was determined to be fit to be the person in a unique position to assist the White Hat Alliance! Simply because Trump is there, actively in position. He’s the person who is playing a pivotal role, putting an end to the cabal’s corrupt control of our planet, while President Trump has put his life and family at risk in the process. Where is Deann’s insight? Where is her objectivity and tolerance? Where is some humility and patience? Where is her FAITH in the Company of Heaven?

“And now, dear family, please let’s put to rest this issue of misgivings about the United States president. We are not saying those feelings are unjustified! But a far better direction for your energy is into light-filled thoughts and feelings. The light, the same energy as love, that is within each of you is the power that is transforming your world.”Channeling Matthew Ward / Suzanne Ward / October 17, 2018 ( Check it out. Contains an in depth frank discussion regarding many concerns/complaints sent in about Donald Trump. )

(3) “And how, how are tender-hearted souls supposed to live through the undoing of all the strides for humanity that were made prior to this old man’s assuming the office of president?” Age discrimination too? So completely biased about “this old man” Trump? Need I say more? … But in regard to the rest of the question, consider the insightful information from Archangel Michael, all to the contrary indicating that, all what has existed and transpired, including any and all noble and worthwhile endeavors in the 3rd dimension ARE NOT important:

“So, let us go back. There are those, and I have said this elsewhere and I will say it repeatedly until all of you understand; there are those upon your planet who would like to reinvent, rebuild, reconstruct the old third dimension. Now, that is chaos at its finest. Let us also be clear that the vigor, the commitment to that rebuilding of the old third, is as strong as it was at the initial stages of that construction. That level of desire to bring back the old is extraordinarily strong. Because what they are doing in many ways, your terminology might be, they want to bring back the good old days. But, in fact they were not good old days. It was some of the darkest periods of humanity. The last, especially, hundred years of human history has been violent and aggressive, and cruel and controlling.”Archangel Michael Explains How The Plan Unfolds In The Midst of Creative Chaos / Hour With An Angel / Linda Dillon / 12-23-16

(4) “…that power remains in the hands of McConnell who has essentially killed the democratic process from his perch of power…” Again! Really? Look deeper! Before you “leap.” No person in political office today is responsible for “killing democracy.”… Yet, this is, and has been part of the problem that Trump is assisting to neutralize and change. But Trump is not good enough for Deann, yet, he was chosen by the White Hats/Alliance for good reasons, and he’s making noteworthy and significant progress, all of which seems to escape Deann’s interest/notice (blinders on?). But it appears here too, that the democratic process is primarily what is Deann is yearning for, by complaining about it’s absence; while this situation is nothing really all that new in America. And ultimately, who knows where all Lightworkers will be, or at what stage the rumored restored Republic will be when thee Event takes place? Will a democracy really be all that important to any of us, those in line for ascension? Not really. … A side note – I learned from Anna Von Reitz, that the original United States of America, the genuine one that so many Americans believe in (in ignorance, mind you), who are still under the impression it actually exists, though it was only officially operational/in effect/legally in existence for just two years at the very beginning. We have been living in an oligarchy and plutocracy, and it’s been a complete facade of democracy for generations. “And we are not “a” Republic. And we are not a “democracy.” Not now, not ever.”Stop Talking About “The” Republic. There Isn’t One. / Source: Paul Stramer | By Anna Von Reitz Sunday, October 14, 2018

Is everything truly in Divine Order, or not? I believe it is, but this article would have us contemplating the worse case scenario, as if Source is on some hiatus, and has callously abandoned us on earth, and so much is in Divine Disorder. Here again, doubt, doubt, and more doubts; skepticism about a “so-called alliance.” She says “… how can the methods of the so-called alliance be liberating?”… Are we really all doomed as Deann suggests?

(5) “Patriots? Who wants to remain patriotic when the patriarchy is what we have allowed to ruin human existence and that of every sentient being.” … So once again, a statement made in great haste by Deann, “a US citizen and so my view point is focused there.”… First, and isn’t it obvious? Being a patriot is not the ultimate goal and a major concern for Lightworkers, and all others working towards ascension. Second, it’s a gross exaggeration to assume the patriarchal government of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA LLC ( denoting the longstanding corporate entity, to be accurate ) could possibly be solely responsible for “ruining human existence and that of every sentient being.” … Really now, let’s not get carried away completely! Actually, and in fact, the cabal had infiltrated and undermined our government from the start. It’s been a long-standing goal to destroy the United States of America from it’s inception. “The actual government of this country in international jurisdiction is a Federation of States — The United States of America [Unincorporated].”Stop Talking About “The” Republic. There Isn’t One. Source: Paul Stramer | By Anna Von Reitz Sunday / October 14, 2018

(6) “The underlying premise of the alleged Alliance and its Q messages, the cryptic information from those supposedly in the “know,” all seem to me to rest on the conservative and Christian-based views of white, military men being the ones that will restore us all to our true being of love.” … Describing the Alliance as “alleged” and “supposedly in the know,” indicates more doubts about it’s existence, it’s purpose, and it’s progressive effectiveness to neutralize darkness and jump-start positive changes. These changes are an essential prerequisite, and a significant part of the transition to ascension; but NOT THEE ASCENSION. This is when we become what I imagine Deann is describing as a “true being of love.”

There also seems to be discontentment and frustration with the “cryptic” nature of the Q messages. Yes, this requires more time and effort to understand the amazing pinpointed accuracy and validity, of what appears on the surface to be many intricate riddles. As I understand it, the “cryptic” nature is deemed necessary to maintain a methodical and progressive process of timely revelations to the truther community and for the general public, which will successfully unravel and neutralize (not for revenge) the deeply entrenched and ugly schemes of the dark. Apparently, keeping abreast of Q is too much work for Deann; but, I know enough to ask – is deciphering Q by a Lightworker really necessary? I say no, not at all! So, let it go! There’s absolutely no need to complain about that, because a (pardon the expression) savvy spiritual individual would know this, and set their priorities accordingly. It’s more important to keep one’s vibration high for ones own sake, and for the sake of the entire planet’s rising vibration. Maintain a positive attitude with faith… publish/spread the Love & Light, yes, as Jeshua taught while on earth – “let your light shine.” But please! No more doom and gloom articles.

(7) This GAOG posting was filled with unfortunate broad stroke generalizations and assumptions, such as “There are no people of color nor any of their voices or concerns in the alleged reports. There are no voices of the feminine.” How the hell does she know all this to make these statements. I gather, she’s not within the Alliance herself, or a channel, or a special envoy from our Space Family, or one of the Company of Heaven? And, labeling ALL those within the Alliance as “Christian, conservative, white military men.” … Well, when I read a statement like this I cringe, simple because it’s a HASTY and PREJUDICIAL assumption, and quite unnecessary really; and again, evidence of more pessimism and cynicism. As if “Christian, conservative, white military men,” including Trump, can’t possibly be fit for the job. It’s as if Deann is saying sarcastically, “oh yeah sure, these conservative, Christian, white, military men, being “thoroughly corrupted” people are going to be the ones who are so deeply spiritual and loving. They can’t possibly be the ones who will be demonstrating deep and genuine loving concern for our fellow man/woman/child/all living things, and Gaia too.” … But! Think! Are they actually the ones who will guarantee our freedom during this transition to ascension? No! Now, I ask you, can all these assumptions and hasty conclusions be evidence of elevated thinking, and an appropriate attitude of a Lightworker? And, should these hasty statements be published, thereby implying they’re appropriate, constructive, and valid for a spiritually healthy person to write, or even read? I mean really! Please, let’s keep it on a higher level. Please!

Is there no familiarity with the concept of us being “boots on the ground,” a requirement (though really a privilege) for Lightworkers? “Could the Company of Heaven and off-planet beings be a part of this way of wresting power from evil?” … This question has me wondering about the full extent, the actual lack of insight Deann actually possesses, as she also asks with apparent naïveté, “Aren’t we supposed to be leaving duality behind as we ascend?” … But who is to say exactly how and when all of this will transpire? It appears though too, Deann won’t be satisfied until the all the Company of Heaven and our Space Family, come to earth, remove and replace these war mongering “conservative, Christian, white, military men,” complete the clean up, and end duality. But not only that, but RIGHT NOW! On her personal schedule, and on her terms, and what she believes the ascension process should be like. Saying, “that duality is praised and not left behind is heartbreaking.” Remember, this is her lone assessment, while assuming so much; it appears to be a growing personal fantasy.

As it is alleged, “conservative Christian, white, military men” can’t be trusted to have a part in this transition; though oddly enough, it’s happening! I see it as a form of “fighting fire with fire,” and a necessary ploy, to first, infiltrate many, if not all the corrupted governmental agencies. And, as is being revealed of late, to avoid the appearance of a military coup, all prosecutions must be processed by all existing laws, criminal/intelligence agencies cleaned out, including the judicial system. But unfortunately, it’s not possible in Deann’s pessimistic view – “But I find myself crushed over and over again by the excruciatingly long game now seeming to be in the hands of militaristic, ultra-conservative, fundamentalist Christian male energy.” … Does the gender, religion, political views, and nationality of anyone involved really matter? In particular, regarding all those men and WOMEN who are involved in this all important and often dangerous work? The necessary sacrifices are being made, in order to bring an end to the corruption, enslavement, and atrocities against human beings worldwide. But! even if it happened to be, ONLY white, conservative, Christian, military men, DOES IT REALLY MATTER? Not to me.

(8) Deann wonders – “Who believes that once Mr. Trump gets that ultimate power in martial law he will give it up?” … Now think about this! In light of that naïve concern, we can only wonder who Deann believes is ultimately in charge of earth’s affairs, who is overseeing this massive and complex operation on earth? Who is it really, that’s freeing all humans from a millennia or more of enslavement, and the near destruction of Planet Earth? Because, if this operation that will end the dark’s (once, now diminishing ) firm grip on our planet, was left entirely up to just a cross section of an idealistic representation of all human beings exclusively, white, black, red, and yellow, men and women alike, it would NEVER be accomplished. This is due to the complete stranglehold, the tactics, power and influence of the dark that was maintained for hundreds of years, if not thousands. And, one just needs to contemplate how long it is taking (of which Deann could testify), now with the assistance of our Space Family and the Company of Heaven. So yes, it’s getting done, and at a relatively rapid pace, with the help of whomever is available on earth, those who are ready, willing, and able to help get it done. Stop whining … please!

“Crews will land with their technologies and extraterrestrials living among you will introduce themselves, that is certain, but it isn’t likely to happen until after the cabal’s global network is destroyed. God is in charge of the timing of the occasion …”Channeling Matthew Ward / Suzanne Ward / October 17, 2018

(9) How bright really, is the Light if someone is posing the following questions?

(a) “When in history have white men who gained power over others relinquished it when some battle was won?” … Well first, one should confirm for themselves if our so-called history is accurate. It has been revealed, and so there’s good reason to believe our history is frequently a fabrication, altered, edited, censored, and biased, or all of the above, created by those who wish to control us, with the false narrative. But again, if Deann had just a little faith in the Company of Heaven and their Master Plan, she wouldn’t have to worry so much, and be so fearfully concerned to ask this question. Please note what the Federation of Light via Blossom Goodchild mentions in today’s channeling (October 21,2018) There’s a “High Council”“overseers of the overseers” … the “Keepers Of The Light,” who are said to be “the Highest embodiment”… and also mentioned is the “ALL THAT IS.”… All who are deeply concerned with the timely release of humanity from enslavement and our ascension. And someone should be so worried about human beings who will not relinquish power?

(b) “Where is the voice of consensus?” … In Oneness with Lightworkers, with Love & Light, and ultimately Source – Divine Mother/Father.

(c) “Where is the voice of compassion?” … In every Lightworker’s heart (thoughts and actions), and every individual who is becoming aware, awakening out of an “unconscious” state; also, every good hearted individual (who is to judge?), all contributing to raise the planet’s vibration. So, where exactly, is Deann’s hope, faith, trust and love, and all that she should be contributing to the planet’s rising vibration? Currently, I don’t perceive much potential for this Lightworker, based upon these persistent doubts and whining complaints.

(d) “Where is the sense of we are all in this together as we climb up out of duality?”… Again, in unity by perceived faith, acting in Oneness! It has been said, if we can make one person smile, has a positive affect upon millions of people. Our combined energies, including our thoughts and actions are contributing, and there’s no necessity to be in personal contact with any other Lightworkers. Really now? Is there no familiarity with the effects of worldwide mass meditations, collective consciousness, and the 100th monkey effect/reaching critical mass?

Contrary to Deann saying she’s “stuck” lacking joy ( mind you, I’m not questioning that, she is in fact “stuck” ), this is what AA Michael has stated regarding the progress on planet earth and being “stuck”: “How do you know this? What is the metric, what is the measurement that we use and that you use to see how this progression is going? It is in the joy factor of the human beings – and particularly those who inhabit, who work, who visit this place called London. There is not a sense of being stuck in the quagmire of chaos. There is a sense of excitement, of the new percolating – simmering – on the back burner, an ignition of the inspiration factor of the people that walk these streets… even those who fly over!”Archangel Michael ~ London City Of Light / Council of Love / Linda Dillon … Yes, where is Deann’s “joy factor?”

And please, we should do our best not to assume any thing, and about anyone, and draw hasty conclusions. And, while maintaining a healthy and progressive spiritual condition of heart (LOVE), should we be worrying so much about others without any confirmation? As was noted by – “I wonder if others are feeling this way, too,” and, “It is daily soul-crushing for tenderhearted beings.” … How does Deann really know all this and to such depths, and to what extent other people are thinking and feeling anything, and what exactly is in their hearts? And gee… no, OMG! what about the possibility for those she is so concerned, that whatever they are experiencing was to be part of a SOUL CONTRACT / THEIR LIFE PLAN? What about Deann’s own life plan? Why not rather keep safe, go within and focus inwardly and continue to, “Seek and you shall find” for yourself. If deeply concerned about bringing aid and comfort to anyone, or any place around the world, I would suggest looking into the channeling of St. Germain, possibly through Linda Dillon. Look into all the transforming possibilities employing his powerful transmuting Violet Flame. With more insight, and love with faith, naturally then there’s wisdom, understanding with a healthy balanced outlook for helping others. It becomes much easier, and worry free. It also becomes more apparent, as to what we can be do and how. It’s really not all that different from to the airplane oxygen mask we’re repeatedly instructed to use first, before worrying about others.

Contrary to this downer article, indications are from many sources, that awareness is growing rapidly, energies are increasing, and the planet’s vibration is rising, and everything is truly in Divine Order. It has to be! If anyone finds themselves so disgusted with everything like Deann, including of all things, God forbid, a lack of faith in the Company of Heaven, this would be an obvious indication they’re out of Divine Order, or out of sync with the Divine. And we send them LOVE, as we do to all human beings, good, bad, or indifferent; yes, oh yes, even President Trump!

The theme of this, my response, could be summed up as – we have so much to be grateful for, and right now, which SHOULD override and remove the need to whine and complain. If all were not in Divine Order, we would have absolutely no hope.

“Many of you are confused and would we say even ‘afeared’ of what is taking place in your world at this time. One does not know who or what is working for the Light. So much is being branded about, that one does not know which way to turn. …. We say … Turn Within … Within YOU. You do not need ‘US’. You do not need anyone or anything to go within side of yourself and ask LOVE to be your ONLY GUIDE. ….. SEND LOVE TO EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE. ASKING FOR THE HIGHEST GOOD OF ALL TO BE THE ONLY WAY THROUGH. TO BE THE ONLY OUTCOME. … BLESS EVERY LIVING THING AS YOU POUR YOUR LOVE INTO/ONTO THIS PRECIOUS PLANET. … BE ONLY OF LOVE. … THIS IS THE ONLY WAY THROUGH. … LOVE. LOVE. LOVE.” – Federation of Light / Blossom Goodchild / 10-12-18

Suggestion for anyone who wants in depth answers to many questions, such as – Why does so-called evil exists? What was the purpose of duality, and who created it? What does ascension mean? Who and what factions make up we call the cabal? Look into all the publications available for free Online at

Love & Light to my fellow Lightworkers,

We’re on the “threshold” of victory… this is assured for all Warriors of Light!

Ann Dromeda