Only By Changing The Law, The Root of All Problems on Earth Will be Removed

The down fall of all civilizations on Earth and many other worlds in the Grand Universe is because of out-of-touch with nature, environment, lack of moral. That could easily be resolved if there was a fair law between all beings.

Why don’t you just have a thought about the root of all problems on Earth now?

Bad beings/entities or Bad law?

The answer is bad law.

All of the Nation Governments now are trying to violent by arrest corrupt people just to satisfy their ego/image, it is only “temporary victory”. If you do not change and have a fair law, the next generation there will be another bad entities appear.

So why do not just forgive those corrupt beings and change the law. Given them 1 last chance, if they still cross the line then arrest them when the time is right, do not rush when the life still in chaos mode, all their act already recorded.

Even Gods with super-ability make mistake, let’s alone 3D humans on Earth in this corrupt civilization at this time line.

Do you know that these corrupt beings are accident slow down the nature catastrophe for your country?

Many of you will only believe in it when major big citis like Shanghai, Tokyo, New York, London, Sydney, etc. have 20-50 meters flood of water.

Even the Singapore, the tide could go up to the famous ship in Marina Bay Sand, because using ritual hexagon coin is no good, it only work temporary, if you do not remove it all Singapore nation will disappear within next 5-10 years.

If you still using violent methods to killing or even just arrest those corrupt beings who knew some dangerous technique rituals, it will be very very dangerous for all of you.

Everything and every problems must resolve by fair solution, by law & by referendum. Here is some of my recommendations:

I. Trade War

If I was a leader of any nation, I will tell myself and citizens:

1st year: I am lazy and I am stupid so I will open and allow all goods from all Nations come in without any tax.

2nd year: Oh, no good, we have too much deficit with all nations, it will just matter of time we lost all the land. I am lazy so I am not going to do any trade agreement with over 200 nations on Earth, I just need to change the law, hohoahaha:

With Nation with trade surplus: do nothing

With Nation with trade deficit: additional tax & restrict time selling base on the % out of total trade between 2 nation.

Example: if we have 50% trade deficit with China in 2018, then in 2019 we will add 50% sale tax to all Chinese goods and only allow goods from China be sold 6 months of a year. In 2020, new number will come out base on above rule.

I am lazy and stupid so the same law will apply to all nations no matter they are our allies or not.

II. Conflict Zone

The only fair solution is let the people vote to decide. 3 options are: – Be part of nation A, Be part of nation B or become an independent C nation.

– Russia – Ukraine

Let’s each city in Ukraine vote to be part of Russia or Ukraine.

– Taiwan – China

Let the people decide to become part of China or become an Taiwan independent nation

Another mixed option is be part of China but have their own Administrator and their own rule (current rule), no any leader can change the law without the people vote, if break then become completely independent Taiwan.

– Singapore – Johor Malaysia

Let’s the people in Johor decide whether or not they want become part of Singpore. Singapore need land to develop while the Malaysia Administrator is pretty useless.

– North – South Korea

Let’s people in the South Korea decide whether they want to be unite with the North or not.

III. Corruption

You need creative idea and transparency law.


– 40% tax go to big Federal Government, 20% tax go to city council, 40% tax go to village/county(lowest level) council.
– Independent Industry law, bounty hunter program, etc.

And many international law like refugee, immigrations, why no nation use that law? No war = no refugee, all are lazy economic migrants.

Till now in all Nation Governments, I still do not understand why with many agents live in all other Nations, they never able to release a ban on GMO or release the danger of artificial chemical in human health system.

This world is so corrupt, sooner or later all stupid actions will be punished in fair judge from top to bottom. Everything is recorded.

Messiah Mahdi Maitreya