Novus Ordo Cardinals slam Francis: “Cold-Blooded, Cunning Machiavellian [who] Lies”, Heretic

September 21, 2018

Article in major German news magazine…

Novus Ordo Cardinals slam Francis:
“Cold-Blooded, Cunning Machiavellian [who] Lies”, Heretic

With regard to accusations of sex abuse cover-up and stonewalling, the left-leaning mainstream press has mostly been treating “Pope” Francis with kid gloves. After all, no one has attacked Catholicism more openly and with more lasting effect than Jorge Bergoglio, and it would be a shame for the political left to have to attack one of their own and risk interrupting his work of destruction. But now it seems the honeymoon may finally be over.

The Sep. 22, 2018, edition of the German weekly Der Spiegel (“The Mirror”), pictured above, has an explosive cover story: “Thou shalt not lie: The Pope and the Catholic Church in their greatest crisis” are the words printed on the front page. In a feature entitled “The Silence of the Shepherds” that extends across five full pages of text plus lots of pictures and a diagram, Germany’s premier magazine of liberalism and political correctness prints a sobering picture of their beloved “Pope.” The article was authored by Marian Blasberg, Walter Mayr, Valentyna Polunina, and Christoph Scheuermann and reveals the findings of research conducted in the Vatican, Buenos Aires, Rome, Erie (Pennsylvania), and Munich.

Among many other things, “The Silence of the Shepherds” presents some explosive quotes from Novus Ordo cardinals in the Vatican who would only speak on condition of anonymity. One such fellow, identified only as a “cardinal advanced in years”, talks about Francis as “a Holy Father who questions the truth of the Faith like no other before him” (p. 13). This may sound a bit more innocuous than it is, for questioning the truths of the Faith is heresy, a mortal sin that, if public, by itself expels one from the Church. Another man identified as a “senior cardinal” testifies: “‘I didn’t believe a single word of his from the very beginning. He preaches mercy but in reality he is a cold-blooded, cunning Machiavellian and, what is even worse, he lies’” (p. 13). A third is quoted as saying that under Francis there is “a climate of fear and uncertainty” inside the Vatican walls (p. 14), and that is probably an understatement.

Turning to Buenos Aires, the article quotes a famous lawyer there, Juan Pablo Gallego, who believes he knows the reason why Francis travels across the globe but always conspicuously avoids his homeland: “In Rome, Francis is in exile; he basically found a place of refuge there. In Argentina, he would first of all have to refute the suspicion of having protected rapists and child molesters for years” (p. 14).

Indeed, alleged abuse victims in Buenos Aires have been very disappointed in Francis because he will not receive them, nor will he answer their cries for help, and did not do anything to help them as “Archbishop” of the city from 1998-2013, either. The following video clip is an excerpt from the documentary Sex Abuse in the Church: The Code of Silence (2017) and shows an interview with the victims who accuse Francis:

Further on in “The Silence of the Shepherds”, Vatican reporter Edward Pentin is quoted thus: “The Pope and his lackeys are noticeably nervous” (p. 15). Indeed they are, and they will be even more nervous once they realize what Der Spiegel has published in its latest issue.

Overall, it’s not looking good for Team Francis: A little less than one month after “Abp.” Carlo Maria Vigano released his “Testimony”, the issue is far from going away. Instead, more and more facts, allegations, and unanswered questions are coming to light as reporters do what Francis told them to do on his return flight from Dublin: They are researching. With his declared silence and his passive-aggressive manipulating, Francis has maneuvered himself into a corner. Unable to escape, he will try to continue that strategy to the point of absurdity, but his credibility will not be able to survive it.

As an unnamed official from the Archdiocese of Munich-Freising is quoted as saying: “If all you do is think of the peripheries, you will soon have a hole in the middle” (“The Silence of the Shepherds”, p. 18).

And that hole is getting bigger and bigger.