Nothing can stop what has already been set in motion

Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – 15 September 2017


Mike Quinsey

As you are beginning to realise you are on the verge of something big, because some events can no longer be held back and you can expect some action very shortly. Fortunately you have been very patient, and it has made the process of change so much easier. Whilst you are currently experiencing much unrest due to the many changes, the old energies are clinging to the past but it will be to no avail as the new must replace the old, and it shall be done. It should make sense as the New Age is well under way even if you have not yet knowingly experienced it. Nothing can stop what has already been set in motion, and the commencement of the changes will soon occur in a way that you will become aware of. There is always a degree of uncertainty particularly where a big change is concerned, as it involves so many beings that need to play their part to assure success.

Against all of the predictions concerning your present world weather conditions that suggest the temperatures are increasing all of the time, there comes the first suggestion that it is actually beginning to get colder. There are areas normally associated with extremely low temperatures where the resultant icy conditions have proved to be increasing. It has been attributed to climatic change by researchers from Canada. It could be looked upon as the commencement of a new Ice Age that has already been predicted. It clearly seems improbable yet the facts are beyond questioning and it has already led to the prophecy of a mini Ice Age that will start in most of your lifetimes. It is therefore possible to take precautions well before it causes any major events that are harmful to you. As time passes it will clearly become more evident as to where your weather conditions are going. So there is certainly no need to be concerned as long as due notice is taken of the outcome as things develop.

There are progressive steps being taken as a result of your increasing levels of consciousness. Pressure is being applied on orthodox methods of education that are being found unsuitable for many advanced students. Again it is signs of the changes that are being felt by many of you. Certainly something will have to change very soon otherwise the opportunity to give young people what they need will be lost, and mean that the abilities of a whole generation will have been affectively wasted. The young people of today are far more advanced and intelligent than their predecessors, and if Humanity is to benefit from their abilities they must be given the right opportunities to fully express themselves, and that will eventually be to every ones benefit.

Re-valuation of the currencies is still high on most people’s lists and situations now exist that mean it must take place before the end of this month, if you are to avoid a another period of delay. Certainly everything seems to ready now so those who have influence must work hard for a speedy conclusion. The stage is set and all is ready to go forward at short notice. It appears that some attempts have already been made to carry out an exchange of currencies, and it will almost certainly start off in a small way. All events that are intended to lift you into the New Age are at the ready and few people know the exact dates for their commencement. Nevertheless, all is going well and more people are becoming involved in the activity that should lead to action very soon.

There are signs everywhere that the people are getting restless, and look for leadership that will be able to handle today’s problems with the emphasis on a peaceful solution. The old ways of confrontation that still continue are being rejected, but to be effective it requires new people to take control who have peaceful intentions. People are also tired of those who rule by force and turn to war to settle their differences. It is time for new people to step forward who have peace in their hearts and souls. They would get immense support, and like a breath of fresh air they would blow away the old energies to make way for the new. If the old ways are not changed there are always certain elements amongst you that will resort to violent demonstrations to achieve them. The signs are looking favourable for the new Republic to be announced, and this alone will generate great hope for the future. Yes, there are many changes waiting for the right time for them to be known, and circumstances are changing for the better.

The people of the world need a new leader more than ever, but one who can bring countries together in a common pursuit for world peace. That person exists and will undoubtedly take on the challenge and be successful. You are no longer in the “last chance saloon” but have your feet on the ladder that reaches up to your goal that will bring about a great outpouring of love and blessings. Your future is now assured but it does still need your love and support to ensure a smooth passage. Such energies will galvanise the people into action and ensure that peace descends upon Earth. It must seem unlikely to you in the face of the present unrest and tough conditions that exist, but the new energy is already beginning to have an effect and there is a movement now towards creating a peaceful world. Regardless of what happens on the path to peace it will bring permanent peace as promised. Go about your business with an upbeat outlook and spread harmony and goodwill at every opportunity.

Never doubt the outcome to events taking place on Earth, as God has spoken and decreed that love and peace shall reign. Every soul will have an equal opportunity to rise up and take the path to Ascension, but in a freewill situation they can take a different path that is one that will nevertheless bring the opportunity to ascend around again. Some souls are clearly not ready to ascend, and still have unfinished business to clear upon Earth. It is therefore in their interests to first clear old karma, and start to walk on the path of Light leaving the old ways behind, and accepting the new energies.

This year will clearly end as one that brought about a great change to the way that Humanity sees all others, and at last is recognising the Oneness of All that exists. Separatism is now a fading energy that will gradually be rejected, as people realise that for centuries they have been falsely led to believe that all are different to each other. Religion and Politics have divided the people and battles have raged to assert authority over others. The people are awakening to the truth, and now demand peace on Earth and an end to all wars.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light