New Earth – Talking whales – Keanu Reeves – Breaking Free from Matrix


Gepubliceerd op 4 feb. 2018

The signs of a new Earth are all around us for those who awakened. Killer whale learns how to mimic human speech, Keanu Reeves discusses how humans are about To Break Free From ‘The Matrix’ and Mother Earth is Shifting Her Vibrational Frequency and So Are We. ATTENTION LIGHT WORKERS, WANDERERS & VOLUNTEERS! Now more than ever we need to keep our vibrations in check. We are responsible for doing what it takes to remain balanced and in tune with Love and Light so that we’re doing our part to. If we’re feeling down, depressed, impatient… It’s because we’ve allowed ourselves to get that way, don’t give up, take control of your emotions. We need to energize the world around us, not put a strain on it. Here are some tips to help. Pray and ask for help – this should be done often and before things ever get bad. Meditate – take time to quiet the mind and thoughts. Eat health – Organic or as close to source as possible. Drink plenty of water and juice. Get moving – Exercise as much as you can, put some music on that make you happy and dance around if you can. Get out in nature if you can, even if it’s cold take a short walk. As much as possible, stay in the moment, the present time. It’s the only time to connect to your higher self. Don’t dwell on the past or worry about the future, leave that to the higher power and know it’s handled. Spread unconditional Love to everything you encounter. If someone or something tests your resolve to Love, see it as just that, a test. Rise above these situations and keep shining your Love light. These are exciting times, let’s see how great we can make them While doing what we came here to do. Source Links: Check out Jamie’s video – Pretty Bird Sleeping in the bird feeder Killer whale learns how to mimic human speech… Keanu Reeves: Humans About To Break Free From ‘The Matrix’… Mother Earth is Shifting Her Vibrational Frequency and So Are We… ___________________________________ Facebook Link for calling in to the show with Messenger Twitter @shanecornell GMail Shanecrob Steemit __________________________________ If you feel lead to financially support the channel Thank you for that! Paypal Etherium 0x3275c0bf759ebffd9608c9ee18f1b93c3be71746