Update GF

By L’Aura Pleiadian,



New Powerful Portals are opening, expanding and downloading in consciousness. This is a very deep and powerful alchemy process. This is impacting all consciousness.

The increase of Source Light Frequency, transmitted through the Central Sun (Spiritual Sun) Pleiades, is activating Portals of Consciousness, through which you are AWAKENING Through.

This is the Accelerated Ascension Process.

Your alignment, through your Soul Plan, includes the unique specific frequencies being downloaded in Consciousness, for you specifically. Uniquely.

These Divine Source Light Frequencies, are Soul Frequency patterns of Light, that awaken, the Ascended you, the Original Divine you, in form. This is transforming your cellular consciousness and form, to hold the Higher Original Frequencies of Light, that you are.



This Soul patterning (Light ) is held in your Soul memory and Blueprint (DNA) and downloaded and integrated, uniquely through you.

The seemingly “unconscious” awareness of what is taking place (the Opening of Portals and Increased Alchemy) does not impact the intensity of the Activated Portals (through your DNA) through you.

The lower self (not yet conscious of the Divine Light of All That is) is in a dream state, so to speak, of this process. It cannot comprehend the process through WHICH it is being INTEGRATED into. Reactive states to this integration, that is dissolving (into what appears as emptiness) is part of the process.

The functioning and reacting of the lower self, to emptiness (increased Light Frequencies) is ITS absorption and dissolving, into the Higher Source ~ God Self.

The Portals that are Opening through this Higher Light Frequency Transmission, are impacting all consciousness. The integration is unique to you, based on the varying degrees of integration of Light (the perfect way for you) and your Original Soul Frequency.



The release in cellular conscious as part of the lower self dissolving into the Higher Self (the Alchemy) may include what feels like unpleasant symptoms. These may include increased pain, sadness, anger. THIS is the Healing taking Place. This is part of the Unification.

Applying love and compassion to what you are experiencing, is the practise of 5th Dimensional Consciousness. Which is part of your Ascension process. It is no mistake, that you are to apply this love and compassion to yourself.

These are profound Frequencies beyond words or descriptions. The Vastness of this Light is the origin of the Light emerging from the Void. Awakening once again, the birth of You. Your Original Soul Birth. Now consciously while you inhabit your form.

Your Ascension. You already are so and integrating the Profound Light of what you are. Eternally. Here. Now. Wow!

Soon the Light is all you will see and know. The joy and bliss of your Eternal Being. Your Unification. Here and Now. Your Ascension. And so it is. The Light of All That is.

Eternal Love and Bliss!