– GCR/RV SPEAK Intel Update – Tank


• Tony came out of retirement to say that the RV is live in Iraq and the banks were given discression to start any time over a period of two weeks.

• To take a line from the man himself “who does that make sense to?” If we now know we have two weeks or even 24 hours we can go out and purchase currency and spend every cent of our paycheck to do so. It’s called insider trading.

• I was also just told the NEW 800# was just released and they will be released to us within the next 24 hours. WAIT, WHA??? Were you listening to me today? So now we have to launch an all out disclosure attack starting right now because of these nonsensical time frames you operate with. And we have to get more and more intel out to everyone because YOU ARE NOT TAKING US SERIOUSLY?

• We have already spoken to some of the top Rico Law Experts in the country.

• We are building a legal team strong enough to make this a nightmare. And I will begin to make this VERY public.

• We have a Public Relations team, a Mass Media team, a Social Media team, a Rugby Team, and whole group of Elementals who are ready to stir up some interest.

• We were told by HSBC that everything on their end is going to start jumping tomorrow.

• But let’s be honest HSBC, we both know that when we call the bank tomorrow your staff will act like they don’t even know what currency is.

• So we will need you to get us that number tonight. Listen, we can stop playing this game. You like us. We like you. Let’s just go out.

• I told you to get a hold of me today with notice and we’d go away. We all know the rates are live now in Iraq, so what happens? The banks will steal back Dinar from desperate people for $800 per million then in two days sell it back to Iraq for 3 Million? Or someone comes with cash from Iraq and they get the old rate? Or you’ll JUST discriminate against us? We already have evidence that Wells Fargo conducted exchanges at .85 cents per Dinar. So you’d have a TON of lawsuits on your hands if that is what you’re still doing. And right now we’re still talking to the lawyers at 10:45 at night because we know YOU have a tendency to get right here and chicken out.

• DON’T WAIT– Put the numbers out now. Because I don’t work for you. I work for the people. I’ve signed NO NDA. I’ve done my research. I know my rights. I have the legal frame work and understand the laws. It’s going to be messy if we don’t get these numbers quick.

• I know the “Button Pusher” came in early to work tonight just to set this thing off. So why act like you’re not going let things go?

• Mr. Mnuchin, everyone else has flaked out because they were afraid of one thing or another. I believe in you. I’m hoping you realize what an absolute mess it will be if we keep giving people a reason, backed by evidence, backed by amazing Lawyers who have already volunteered, and a population of angry upset people who have made very serious life choices based on this event taking place. The lawyers seem to think that somehow you’re liable for that misrepresentation. Mainly because, you’ve misrepresented the timing over and over and over again.

• I know you heard the call. We want to be on the same team. We know everything is ready. Can you please be the one who stops giving out these lies. We need to get notice now. It’ll just make everything easier for you and us. Same team. Act like it. Make Christmas special. Restore our trust in the Government.





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