Nestlé is One the Most Evil Corporations in the World

Typically associated with the “Nesquik” powdered milk chocolate, whose mascot is smiling brown rabbit, Nestle’s products target mostly children, which makes many to believe that they are a wholesome corporation with good values.

However, that’s simply not the case.

Nestlé produces baby foods, breakfast cereals, water, chocolate, candy, frozen food, dairy, drinks, food service, healthcare nutrition, ice cream, pet care, and weight management.

With a particular monopoly on baby formula and water, there’s a chilling story about the path in which they have chosen to pursue a profit.

“Nestlé Waters is the world’s leading producer of bottled water, employing more than 34,000 staff at 100 production sites in 35 countries globally. The group is built on the principle that what you drink is just as important as what you eat.” – Nestlé Official statement

With that being said you would think water is on top of that list right? Wrong…

According to Nestlé Chairman Peter Brabeck, clean water is not a human right. Together with other companies, they’ve persuaded The World Water Council to change the designation of water to be a human need, instead of a human right.

Making clean water a luxury and dirty water the standard. Their technique is to buy clean water sources particularly, such as aquifers and sell it back to the community at a marked up price.


In the 1970’s Nestlé started to gear their baby formula to emerging third world markets, where Nestlé controls the clean water supply.

They’ve launched a campaign to give new mothers one week worth of baby formula, which is just enough time so that the natural milk production ends, therefore committing new unwilling customers to Nestlé’s baby formula and water.

After reading this and watching the video below, can you honestly say that Nestlé is wholesome corporation? Or do you believe that they are one of the most evil corporations in the world?

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