“NESARA, Inner/Hollow-Earth and More”

by For Us

Compilation of info from N.E.S.A.R.A LAW Document And Sheldan Nidle’s channeled description of Inner and Hollow Earth. Aswell as a couple other special additions.

We Start With N.E.S.A.R.A LAW Document—

”When Regime changes, 9/11 exposure and revelations of the Galactic UFO Presence will forever dissolve the Cabal cover-up or suppression of these facts. We will all then get an experience of up-shift by a half step. This up-shift would have taken many, many lifetimes of spiritual progress to accomplish, but has been decreed by the Grace of Source to each of us. Therewith most if not all will ‘remember’ our core-resonance with the Spiritual Dimensions and most hearts will open to that knowledge, already present. This experience will be so awesome that most will want to stay home from work, school or whatever the next day or three, to process this experience. Since this will coincide with NESARA’s Announcement and 36 to 72 hours of TV/Radio Broadcasts of economic, political and spiritual information, which will be quite dramatic to most.”

”We are living on two tracks at the same time, migrating from the old to the new. The overlap allows us to continue in both as our shift takes place. Most are aware that we are upgrading from carbon to a liquid diamond substructure. That shift allows us to absorb and hold more light so that our physical structures can continue existing as ‘Soul Containers’.”

”The same is true of the old outer structures being infused with the new foundational structures. When NESARA is announced, the old will then fall away, like a scab on a wound, and the new will be seen to already be present. Then progress will move exponentially forward. Everything is following this model to allow the maximum preparation by all, before the Announcement is made. Then public actions will take place that will remove those remnants of the Old Regime who have chosen not to migrate to and support the new policies.”

”All of this preparation for war crimes prosecution has been proceeding since Oct 1, 2008, and Obama knows all this and also knows that NESARA is about to be announced along with 911 exposure and revelation of Galactic presence.”

”Sananda, St Germain, Maitreya, Metatron, Michael, Mother Sekhmet, and Ashtar are working tirelessly to synchronize all these actions so that the transition will be smooth and seamless. Without these preparatory steps we would have extreme shock throughout the Planet.”

What is President Obama doing about NESARA?

”Barack Obama has been meeting with terrestrial and extraterrestrial councils.”

”He is the 9th member of the Sirian Council of Nine and he has prepared himself for the last 1000 years for the role he now will play in bringing NESARA to Announcement; assisting in exposing all the War Criminals involved in Economic and Political Treason since the US Planned and Executed travesty of 911.”

Side Note Makes you wonder why he has popped up all of a sudden eh? I also had a dream years ago while I was still “in the box” mentally. In it I saw Obama on the television. I stood in my fathers room as we both watched and listened with joy. There was a sense of confirmation as my father looked at me and I nodded my head in a “you see?” kind of manner. I specifically remember hearing Obama talk about how all debt has been wiped out and how this is a new start. He also spoke about some sort of financial gift for everyone but I do not remember the exact words.

Throughout all these years and in recent times when we here about Obama being cabal and a traitor etc.,or how he has been arrested blah blah,I always had that dream/vision in my mind. It was confirmed to me months ago when I heard a message from Mother Sekhmet that had to do with who he really was and what he came here to do. Whether I had a peak into the future is left to be scene I suppose. I am aware that things change.

”No one gets any money until Lady Master Nada makes her Announcement on TV, at which time she will tell us the date of release that will be within 72 hours of her announcement. She is Special Prosecutor authorized by the Solar Tribunal, of which she is President, and the ICJ. She is expected to dissolve our Supreme Court.

Then she will authorize the arrests and removals of all cited ones. Many of which are clones.””St. Germain and the “King of Swords” (Code name) who is head of the worldwide militia of 4,000,000 men + 40,000 Galactic-humans, were given the power to prosecute and take such actions as are required to remove the corrupt ones and to insure that the whole Planet is prepared for up-shift into the 5Dimension, in the short time left in this cycle.”

”Massive arrests and millions of Star ship’s will decloak over all the major cities on the planet. That will be followed by direct broadcasts from all satellites…connected by nanites to the bridge of the New Jerusalem , the Flagship of the Galactic Federation …with messages from Ashtar and Sananda.

”First Contact landings will occur within 7-28 days following NESARA’s Announcement. This is why the NESARA Petition and the Disclosure Petition are intrinsically connected.”

UPDATED INTEL From The Incarnated Lady Master Nada–

”At this time we are being prepared for the release of our new gold-backed currency, which will also be announced by NESARA REPUBLIC. The NESARA REPUBLIC announcement must precede the Treasury announcement of our new gold-backed currency. It must be implemented by NESARA REPUBLIC, which means it will be safe.

After NESARA REPUBLIC is announced through public media, meaning all TV – Internet – radio – the people, globally, will be given 72 hours of continuous education and announcements.

And within seven to ten days of NESARA Republic’s announcement there will be mass landings.

St Germain’s Trust and Global Prosperity Funds will first be released to the US, Canada and Australia – they will get the money first. And in 14 months, everyone globally will be funded.”

Excerpt from a post about Prime Creator —

”During the Disclosure, after the announcement of the NESARA Republic; Prime Creator will be one of the person’s that will appear on the screen of our television, computers, ipads and smartphones during the broadcast. Prime Creator along with Zorra (Father God), the Galactic’s, Ashtar, Sananda (Jesus) and St. Germain will be the main characters that will appear to inform us about the transition of our Earth into the New Galactic Aquarian Age of Abundance, Peace, Harmony and Prosperity. As the old former ways of the world would be over and done.”

Now back to the N.E.S.A.R.A Document–

”Special Trusts and 78 programs which were originally created by St Germain over 200 years ago for this time, will provide the means to offer free education to all and assist all in upgrading quality of life. Suppressed technologies, secretly being used by the controllers, will be made available to the public. These provide clean and unlimited power for home, industry and travel. Replicators will be made available with First Contact landings to provide most items.”

Side Note I believe the replicators will provide food and clothing. This would immediately solve world hunger and put clothes on everyone’s back. So bye bye goes all the food stores,restaurants, clothing departments etc. Since you would have instant access to the most healthy and delicious food ever as well as the most fine/comfortable clothing on the planet. This would result in a huge leap in our freedom and evolution.

”Peace is a requirement and no more wars or nuclear weapons will be allowed. The methods and means to achieve this are already in place and can be implemented upon a single command. A single molecular change in the nuclear process will make all existing nuclear processes benign. Galactic/human teams will clean up air, water, soil and toxic contamination within the first two months following Announcement.”

Side note I believe this process has already begun but will speed up exponentially once there is no need to hide and try to explain the sudden changes in the environment.

”Polluting industries will no longer be necessary as their replacements will be non-polluting and the old plants will be removed by processes that re-cycle the energies.”

”Benefactor programs will become available and gifting programs are extensive and worldwide to ensure that all will experience unprecedented opportunity to make new choices for their future occupations and enhanced learning programs will be available to quickly upgrade or learn new skills.”

”Diagnostic/healing methods and technologies will become available to reverse all medical conditions and restore optimal health. All these technologies and methods presently exist. Many others have been suppressed but will be brought forth for all to benefit from.”

”An interim government will be en-placed with full revelations of the truth about our origins and the galactic presence that has been actively kept from us for over 70 years. Everyone will be told what to expect next and everyone will be invited to participate and share in the abundance–free from credit card/mortgage/student loan debts…with NO IRS; NO war; all military brought home immediately and given positive new employment and educational options. “

”The return of all our troops will be the final item in the Peace manifestation process.”

”All the military stationed throughout the world will be returned home at once. The Star ships are easily capable of this task.”

”Constitutional Common Law will be fully restored. Peace will be declared. Skies/water/air/land will be cleared of all toxic substances and all DNA is being raised to higher awareness. Everyone will experience an increase in quality of life…no matter what age.”

”Enhanced educational opportunities will become freely available along with enhanced medical care and a new worldwide communications system. “Internet 5”… will begin to replace existing communications systems. Zero pollution energy systems will become commonplace along with new transportation methods. “

”New housing methods will quickly be introduced and congestion in cities will no longer be necessary as new transportation innovations will not require roads or petroleum products.”

Side note Elon Musk and The Keshe Foundation could easily come together and bring about the worlds first self driving, clean/unlimited energy, anti-gravity vehicles. It’s a bit of a no brainer when you look at what they are both working towards.

Also I believe “Internet 5” to be the new 5g internet that is already being prepared. I also believe that is what the continued spraying is about in our skies. So Internet 5 = “5G” or 5th generation internet and oh hey, we are going to “5D” which is the 5th Dimension! This requires a new way of connection, globally. I believe they are spraying nanites which would result in instant/highest quality connection no matter where you are in the world. This goes beyond just internet and into communications as a whole. New tech requires new means. Technology guided or controlled by human consciousness versus what the cabal wanted which was human consciousness guided or controlled by Technology. Elon Musk is working on a neural link right?…hmm I wonder why. I think it’s safe to say that he is working in a benevolent manner.

I have already heard the fear mongering being put out concerning 5G and it is utterly ridiculous. Moving on, family we already know the harmful chemical aspect of the trails have long stopped, yet they continue to spray…so the question is what. Much like every other aspect of this takeover of the cabal plans, they used to same method but for the BENEFIT of humanity. For example Trump was already picked by the cabal to be president decades ago for THERE own evil purposes, but what did the good guys do? They hijacked that already existing plan and used it for good.

Same goes for the “New World Order” they had planned. In which they would kill off billions of people and live in there own Utopia. What did the good guys do about that? They hijacked the already existing train set in motion and BENEVOLENTLY turned in the other direction! Same goes for the fema camps and so on. So brothers and sisters the same goes for the spraying you continue to see. The reason why a clear answer hasn’t been given is the same reason why disclosure hasn’t happened yet. ALOT of you would freak out if you heard they were spraying nanites in the sky as a result of all the fear programming through movies and tv.

Trust and Know that ALL that is being done right now is for our Benefit. Point blank and a hard period.

This has all been my opinion of course…

And Now Some Info/History Concerning our Closest Family.

The Realm of Aghartha as described by the Members of the Galactic Federation Council of Sirius – 7 February 2006 [Through Sheldan Nidle]

“As we move inexorably toward the revelation that is “First Contact”, we intend to turn our attention briefly toward your inner neighbors. Inner Earth is a concept that has inspired numerous myths, legends, and fantastic stories. The first point to be made is that Inner Earth does indeed exist! Your geological science has long claimed that Mother Earth is a solid spheroid, composed solely of a dense middle section called the “mantle” and a highly electromagnetic central core. You live on the Earth’s exterior “crust” that surrounds the mantle.

Today, we come to tell you that Mother Earth’s configuration is quite different. Like all celestial objects such as planets or stars, the Earth is hollow. This fact is suppressed by those who secretly rule you, because the truth of this has a knock-on affect that can upset other core misconceptions used to manipulate you. Truth is a powerful “open sesame.” When wisely used, it can reveal vast new vistas of knowledge and encourage you to apply your inner wisdom to your current circumstances.

Inner Earth consists of two main features: The first is Mother Earth’s inner crust, which is a continuation of the external surface crust. The two Polar Regions each have a large entrance or hole, somewhat like a cored apple, and the crust wraps itself down and around the mantle into the hollow interior. The outer and inner crusts have very similar topography: Both comprise of oceans, continents, mountain ranges, lakes, and rivers. It is merely that the inner crust faces the Earth’s core. This core glows and is surrounded by a cloudy veil. The light given off is more diffuse that the light of the Sun, so the daylight in inner Earth is softer and gentler than on the Earth’s external surface.

The second main feature of inner Earth is the so-called cavern worlds. These are immense hollows within the mantle, some of which are natural features created by Mother Earth, while others were made using the advanced technology of inner Earth’s major society, the land of Aghartha. This land is the last living remnant of Earth’s second Galactic Federation colony, Lemuria.

Lemuria, in her original form, was a surface society with a subterranean component. The primary capital city was situated on the large island that sank beneath the waves of the Pacific some 25,000 years ago. A secondary capital city was located in inner Earth. It was to this city that the government of Lemuria moved after the cataclysm. The new ruler of the surface, the Empire of Atlantis, ordered the major tunnel entrances to be sealed. It was only during the final days of Atlantis that the Lemurians broke these seals and thus saved many surface dwellers from certain death.

These people formed a society that subsequently returned for a time to the surface and became the Rama Empire situated in Southern Asia. Then the Great Flood of 8,000 BC ended this attempt to save humanity from the dark ways of the Anunnaki. Despite this setback, Lemuria persisted in her role of protecting the surface world from these havoc-wreaking rapscallions. It was her galactic emissaries that maintained membership for this solar system in the Galactic Federation.

After the Great Flood and the demise of the Rama Empire, the Lemurians regrouped and named their newly combined society Aghartha. The capital Shamballah was relocated to a cavern located far beneath the city of Lhasa in modern Tibet. Many tunnels connect Shamballah to the surface in the Himalayas. These were used by holy men who came to spread their great energy and divine wisdom to the outside world.

In this area, an extraordinary place was kept for special occasions, where holy men and their chosen disciples met in order to maintain Mother Earth’s sacred energy grids. This work, together with numerous rituals performed daily throughout inner Earth, is largely responsible for keeping alive the divine energy that is Lemuria’s main legacy to the surface peoples of Mother Earth. Lemuria, and later on Aghartha, have continuously held the Light for your transformation back into fully conscious Beings of Light.

Aghartha is a world much like yours. Inner Earth contains a thriving ecosystem in which can be found creatures no longer existing on the surface. This exotic menagerie is carefully supervised. Close to the various cities of inner Earth are special areas where Agharthans care for and, when necessary, heal the many creatures of this varied ecology. Agharthans reside in a network of crystal cities spread throughout inner Earth. These vary in size from roughly 10,000 to 1,000,000 inhabitants, although most range from around 100,000 to 200,000 people.

These cities more closely resemble mini-settlements that together form the whole society. The underlying unit is the “podlet.” Podlets sharing a similar life purpose group together to form “clans.” Clans are the primary building blocks of galactic society.

Over time, fully conscious humans developed a format for harmonious living called galactic society, of which Aghartha is a prime example. In her case, a system of 12 clans forms the core of this society’s operation, and these are organized according to task, e.g. administration, engineering, healing sciences, etc. Each clan breaks down into podlets that contain a maximum of 64 individuals. It is common for podlets from one clan to associate freely with those from the other 11 clans.

These larger groupings form mini-communities that each possesses the resources for creatively solving any problem that arises. These mini-communities, in turn, blend to form the neighborhoods of a city. Thus, each city is a beehive of individuals who come together to share and contribute to their neighborhood, their city, and their world.

The ruling council of Aghartha is composed of the 12 clan heads elected to this post for their past meritorious service to clan and society. From this council is chosen an individual considered to be the wisest and most deserving of the titular honor of King or Queen of Aghartha. This person is in charge of the vast army of emissaries and liaisons sent to the surface world and to the appropriate councils of the Galactic Federation.

Their responsibility is to see that your transformation back into physical Angels goes according to the divine plan. Their work on your behalf helped us to refocus this first contact mission and indirectly resulted in “Decra Zau,” or Operation Spirit. Moreover, the King and his council have set the agenda for the amazing period that is to follow the actual mass landings on your world.

Advanced technology, which allows each person to create his or her daily food and clothing, makes each crystal city self-sufficient. The farming, building, and manufacturing industries of the surface world are rendered obsolete by this Light technology. For example, each individual can change the appearance and interior design of his or her residence on a whim. This technology also transports a person from one point to another almost instantaneously.

This means that the world becomes a community as accessible to you as your immediate neighborhood. Thus, Agharthans’ thinking is not constrained by the limiting conditions that their surface neighbors live under. The freedom conferred by this Light technology has released wonderfully creative talents that are put to full use by their society. Happily, the Agharthans are now using these skills to reunite Aghartha with their surface brethren. “

My intention with this compilation of Info is to spread light, love and perhaps some clarity. To get us even more excited and pumped up about what is NOW knocking at the door.

One Love To You All…

Signed: For Us