Dear Rene

Thank you for your candid letter, in terms of life we seem to have traveled almost a similar path, I am the seem age..

I hope you don’t object to me sharing your story with my response with the world, because you are not the only one with this view of transition.

I understand your point of view about getting something or earning something, and yes we have all been indoctrinated and have responded to that throughout our lives, to serve the will of evil and allow ourselves to be abused.

For the thing I do, I have been asked, to which I have agreed, Jesus and or GOD love humanity unconditionally.

Who am I to work against that to stroke my own EGO.

The world is torn apart precisely because of MONEY, so to make MONEY unimportant everyone must have enough of it.

As humans created in the image of GOD, we too are creators who have the moral sense and duty to take care of each other.

I have lost my family due to Devil’s Inputs, but because of that I don’t have to remain bitter, and also be able to forgive.

I have not seen my sons for about 11 years now, they now have a family and children of their own, who I have also never seen.

Even though they do not let me into their hearts, I love them unconditionally, as a good father should.

I am guided by a moral compass.

Your open letter shows that you too have a golden heart, we only differ on how to get something done.

MONEY is a phrase a superstition, the real capital is our soul and humanity, which we have received from GOD.

Greed disappears when MONEY has no meaning anymore, it is a life lesson that we have to learn as higher conscious humanity.

Who created the earth? who gave it to us to manage? should we pay for food that grows in nature, animals live without money, and eat from the table of the Lord GOD.

If he asks me to use my talent which I have received from him I can’t refuse him, that would be betraying myself.

After all that I have been through in my life, it appears that I was put into this world to do what is required of me.

And I do it with love.

For kind people I have a big heart, for the Cabal I am there hard and will fight them with all my might.

Not everyone is self-sufficient and can stand up for their own interests, so let me set an example, as it is expected of me.

I am fully aware that there are also those who want to take advantage of the generous offerings given by GOD.

These people then also have a life lesson to go, it is not for me to judge them.

If everyone puts unconditional love into practice, we create HIMEL on EARTH, which is also the intention.

It is the same with our body, we have received it once, and we have to maintain it ourselves.

If we overexploit our body which is given in GOD’s image we greatly disappoint him, but even then he will not blame us, nature is just doing its work.

If we are so stupid and take drugs or the C19 Vaccine we will die ill.

It is our own choice and responsibility to maintain the gift of life and enjoy life as long as we can.

MONEY is a tool to use wisely in the plans for transition for the entire planet.

The Cabal has destroyed many countries, with the US military at the behest of the Cabal causing much misery, then surely now is the time for patriots to shape the transition we all need.

Donald J Trump the man with a big Golden Heart is also doing everything out of love for the US and world population, who am I if I were to put on my own EGO and go against the transition.

I have also been prosperous and helped many people where I go without getting a thank you.

That is not to say that I am waiting for that or else I will no longer do my duty, it is how it is, and I promised myself and others, then I must do it, to also give my sons who I have not seen for so long a bright future, it is my duty to pass on life responsibly.

If we cannot love each other, there will be no peace either, we will have to learn from our mistakes, whether in the past or the future.

By serving humanity, and being patient with each other, trust and respect among ourselves is re-established, for we have all been victims of the evil of the Cabal.

I too learn every day, if you think I am soft and weak, make no mistake I am hard on those who are not honest or want to stop us, Rinus is a Die Hard without many compromises.

I all love and prosperity


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