Received vial email……

There’s one of two ways the RV will roll out now, the easy way or the hard way, and the new powers-that-be are preparing for both right now.

Such is a standard redundancy strategy, a military term that means having an alternative course of action to ensure performance regardless of circumstance.

The Chinese need assurances of American RV performance because they have a slew of global contracts they must fulfill, and keeping their word really means a lot in their culture.

At this point however, the cabal can only delay matters, not stop or reverse anything.  Still the Chinese are taking no chances and thus making new Republic leadership prepare for all potential contingencies.  Hence two overt redundancy strategies running simultaneously… because if you want peace, you gotta prepare for war sadly.

The easy way means rolling out the RV in the wee hours of the morning, via 800#s on line, with no formal announcements, no attention, no drama.  Exchanges begin without any struggle, military presence is noticeable if you know what’s going on, but otherwise very well camouflaged, even invisible to the untrained eye.  The public would be none the wiser and the experience for redeemers is downright joyful (ZIM 3,200+).

The hard way includes a primetime emergency broadcast interruption by new Republic interim President General Joseph Dunford, delay of the Presidential elections with new candidates, a NESARA announcement, a new currency announcement, plus bank and transportation hub closures for at least one week, maybe two.

Either way guarantees performance for the Chinese who must announce their gold holdings sometime before Friday morning (Thursday PM in US).  And the hard way can replace the easy way anytime after the RV is released–depending on circumstance of course.

Throw in the looming but not much mass media discussed US Government shut down Friday evening–due to “no more money”–and you can see how all roads lead to the RV starting sometime Thursday, the window we’ve heard ranges anytime from midnight Wednesday to midnight Thursday.

The real question left is whether we will experience the easy or hard way, but experience the RV we shall and sooner versus later most likely (with Friday as a redundancy back up start day).

God is with us.