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It’s Time You Aught To Be Aware

It’s time to WAKE UP FOLKS. Neil is starting to wave his powerful scepters and that is sending shockwaves around the World.

Harken Mankind! Hear not the sound of the War Drums, but look to see the Drummers, for it is They that are your Enemy. It is They who cause the blood sacrifice.

It is They who are the ONES who provide the weapons, money and propaganda fueled hatred for BOTH SIDES and then provoke War instead of healing and loving mankind.

See Them for who They truly are… the psychopaths, sociopaths and abject Satanists. Know absolutely that They want YOU DEAD by any and all means. That is the stark reality of this moment in history.

See today the Israeli genocide of their own people and innocent Palestinians. This is preplanned murder.

No one can say that the Israelis were “surprised” as They were behind the funding and arming of Hamas and Hisbollah with weapons from Ukraine and Afghanistan.

Did you know that Nuttyyahoo was about to be voted out and was having trouble with settlers in the same area where Hamas easily breached the Wall with no resistance. This bloodbath sacrifice was pre-planned Folks together with the attacks on Israel’s Arab neighbors.

One stroke of Neil’s Power scepter and the Worlds eyes open the Truth. And know what spirits and absolute power from on High are directing this AWAKENING!

Neil says “Look UP!” See the chemtrails and ask yourself about the Climate Change Agenda and your health. Perhaps it is time to start shooting them down.

Enjoy this video and feel the vibrational change in the wind… is time to be aware.

Truth defeats lies.


Neil sends his gratitude and thanks for your friendship and support to Petya and family and my stalwart Team Keenan members.

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