NEIL KEENAN UPDATE The Time Has Come…We’re On Our Way

September 18, 2020 / Keenan Team | GroupK

Hi Everyone, wishing you all well… In just a short while we will be moving on to what could be titled as an ending or a beginning, or how about just a new beginning. 

We have given it our all for years and now we are standing here, reaching out to shake your hands (my team and I.)

You have been so kind over the years, even when I had my bumps but we also fought through those and came out on top. We never wavered and our feet were solidly rooted. We took them all on.

Now I have a video to do and I don’t know what to say. Don’t say you cannot believe that Neil Keenan is tongue tied but I am.

We are now looking at that road we have talked about many times, and we are definitely moving on it now. There will be a giant step to take shortly and that will be a New Beginning.

We have one hell of a task to complete but then again who ever thought we would get this far?

NO ONE! Now let’s stay together and take on what I consider to be a huge task and some term as monumental. We are going to do it people. We are going to wind it up and let it go and once we do – I just might be able to take a break.

You may have thought that I might not ‘be’ any longer – and I must say I had little to say at the time, and was not going to give anyone any platform nor listen to nonsense; so here I am now at the crossroads from end to beginning and I am well.

Enough said, I am alive and well. The video is me but a me that literally has little to say until we get moving towards the crossroads.

I am about to light up, with my energy boosted and my team crashing through unbelievable objects in getting to what will be known forever and ever.

Count on us we will do it and do it well. The planet will be safe. 

Count on it.

Now for the video… and some music…


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