How mightily things have changed over the years.  It is quite amazing what one lawsuit did to challenge, and begin a series of events that will ultimately change, the structure of our society; for the better.

As Benjamin Fulford said, “The Neil Keenan Trillion Dollar Lawsuit will ultimately be the downfall of Western Financial Tyranny”.  And believe it or not, he just might have been spot on!

The day that law suit was filed was the day the Cabal was doomed. It not only opened up the door for Neil’s further legal action, but it was a huge and fundamental step forward for the sake of everyone else as well. This was the shot heard around the world!

Thanks to so many Patriots and fed-up people, the Cabal has been in the process of being dismantled day by day for years right up to today… where they now are at their breaking point.

Neil’s concern has always been to get things efficiently opened up to make it easier for you the people, and he has made a courageous, concerted effort to do just this.

When we say ‘the people’, we mean the people living on this planet, not just in some isolated region.
Neil has also been putting groups and professional teams together for years, because he knew the time would arrive when they would be needed. That time is much closer than ever before.

Unfortunately, despite preliminary enthusiastic rhetoric, the Foundation that set up the online donation facility to help get things to the finish line hardly even left the starting gate, and it caused even more delays.

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