NEIL KEENAN UPDATE | Live Streaming: The Amanah Celebration

Show starts Thursday October 18 at 3pm Central Java Time (1am US Pacific Time). The show will be archived for future viewing as well.

This is a World Changing Event and the culmination of over 10 years of Neil’s journeys through Asia and particularly Indonesia. This is the official final signing ceremony of Neil becoming the AMANAH (the only and sole TRUSTEE of all the bunkered wealth held in Indonesia).

In essence with this signing Neil Keenan sets a new course for global financing and developments for the benefit of all mankind and our beautiful planet. Expect major financial and economic changes to come very soon as a result.

The livestream video broadcast will take place via the “It’s A Keenan Thing” facebook group which you can apply to join by clicking on this link. An archived version will also be made available.

Neil expresses his humble respect and gratitude to the peoples of Indonesia for this honor and the trust that they have given him to open the doors to the new Golden Age of Mankind. The Elders of this beautiful country have “seen” and followed Neil for years, knowing that some day he would come and become the AMANAH of the World. This is a great honor and achievement.

And Neil’s journey has been wilder than Indiana Jones. From stolen bonds that exposed players in Europe and the UN, to Heads of State and unscrupulous politicians throughout Asia, and now on a wild spiritual ride through Javanese jungles full of Jinns and all kinds of spiritual beings, Neil has fought through attempts on his life for YOU the PEOPLE. Now he is at the doorstep tonight to become what he was destined to be.. the AMANAH.

Please tune in, watch and spread the word that “THERE IS A NEW FINANCIAL SHERIFF IN TOWN!”


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