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March 21, 2020 / Keenan Team | GroupK

This sounds hard to believe – but take a look:

“Yesterday with national lock downs, I was invaded by 10 top military personnel (Generals, Senior Staff Doctors and ambulances carrying 4 top ranked personnel infected with COV-19.  Somehow they heard or knew about my owning a ‘healing computer’, picked up those needing help and made their way to my house.   

Initially It was a shocking site to my neighbors to see all these military vehicles parked all over my yard and down the street, this is after cordoning off both ends of the street.  I had cars in my yard, ambulances at my door (driveway) and a bunch of military people protecting my home, not allowing people to even to walk near it. Despite all this I allowed them in. And it was not a crime scene.

I explained to them that nothing is certain in this matter but that we had resounding success in dealing with many different matters.  They sat stonefaced and did not want to hear about what it can and cannot do . I set up the BRT machine, adjusted it specifically for virus and immune system treatment and zapped the 4 infected personnel with  just a 15-minute session each.

I then tested the 6 other infected personnel.  I checked the diagnostics and it read clean and clear of all virus. THEY ALL TESTED AS CLEAR OF THE VIRUS!  They looked the same but a few that were really weak to begin with began to talk to their Doctors that came with them. Soon after they left.  

I received a phone call 4 hours later from the hospital advising me that all immune systems had been energized.  They asked me to pay them a visit so we could discuss this machine but I wavered as to whether or not to go and speak to them about a computer that very few really know inside out.  So I bested out.

Just the other day I heard President Trump mention during his speech that he was developing new technology to cure such viruses and I was sure he was referring to the healing computer.

The development he speaks of is that it might be possible to procure a smaller version of the healing computer built just for viruses in this modern day biological warfare.

I was proud to help my country and wish our military personnel the best of luck in everything they do.  Glad I could help and the neighborhood has never returned to normal.  They knock on my door daily for assistance with the Healing Computer enough so that I have taught my wife how to handle it thereby giving me a break.

Best of Luck


Master Staff Sergeant

God Bless you all.”

Please contact Thomas Kramer or Richard Montgomerieif you have any questions…

Neil Keenan.

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