[If you see them running, trip them.]

A message from an associate:

What is real? Is he dead or alive? Sick or well? Fiction or reality?

It is great to see that Neil is very real, very well and very much alive. Having followed him for many years it was invigorating to my soul when I saw his post about being on the mend, and very focused upon the real truth of what he and his team have uncovered over the last 10 plus years.

The fabric of the world we exist in is a detailed and elaborate piece of fiction, a mirage created by the New World Order, globalists and governments that are bent upon our subjugation and enslavement.

Thanks must go to Neil for what he has achieved and the risks he has taken. Given the blatant attempts on his life, the Khazarians must be worried, must be apprehensive – otherwise why have they been trying to kill him since he was elected Amanah?

And so a modern day hero is alive, and from what I gather, he is a very angry man. Good. Heroes should be angry. The Khazars and their lackies have to be rooted out and eliminated. The holes in their stories expose the lies we live through by their creation. Be angry Neil. Get rid of these scum and cast off the bonds of forced enslavement in our world.

Use their elaborate laws – that they change in a second, without basis or true legality – and trap them so that they can no longer continue. Take away their illegal access to funds that are under your control and starve all of them and their families. Eliminate their existence and help humanity wake up to the truth. Good on you Neil!

No one has made it this close to what you have been tasked to do, and many talk a good game, but the truth is – it takes a lot of bravery to fight against these scum. So I am sending you encouragement to keep fighting. Humanity does not appear to be helping you, which I cannot understand. Maybe they do not care, maybe they should not be saved.

But regardless, keep taking out those that legally have no right to take on roles of supreme power, telling us what and how to think, where and who to speak to; tracking us like commodities in where we go, what we earn and where we spend it. So far all they have done is mess this planet up.

But that is their plan. And free-thinking people like Neil have no role in their plans. He is pivotal in turning the tables, unmasking the entities of group-think with agendas that contain no logic. The World Economic Forum, the Vatican, the World Bank, the EU, the central banks around the world, and many others. The list is long, but be thorough and root them all out.

So all I can say is WELCOME BACK NEIL. Great to hear you are better than ever. With your team and others now by your side you will be able to kick them all a little bit harder. I have heard some of the names and can only say one thing: “WOW”‘. 

The Armada is ready to roll…

Good luck and please keep us up to date.