NEIL KEENAN UPDATE Asian Insider II Forewarns We The People Time Is Short

December 17, 2020 / Keenan Team | GroupK /

“As the dawning of a new era is upon us, those of you who are informed sufficiently so as to be keeping abreast with the developments of such a channel as this need to postulate as to whether or not President Trump will be able to manage to squeeze the stolen election away from the ridiculous Cabal / New World Order.

If not, the people in the western world will find themselves in grievously deep trouble. Why? Because they fell asleep on the job.

If certain individuals had but listened to Mr. Neil Keenan, when he filed his Trillion Dollar Lawsuit twelve years ago you would have understood long ago that we would be fighting in the near future with the Liberals.

Obama’s term displayed the fact that he was literally open in breaking down the US not only from the day he entered the political arena, but to his very end.

If you remember correctly he wanted to run for a third term but was forbidden. His desire to destroy the US was prevented.

Then we had Hillary and her job was supposed to be a continuation of the Obama reign however she bumped into a buzz saw (Donald Trump). Yes, she was supposed to take over from Obama and destroy the United States from within as was the plan long ago.

She failed despite her Democratic Party stealing votes just as they are doing with Biden. Yes they ramped it up for Biden. There was no way he could lose. It was rigged. Everyone here in Asia is aware of it and watching the show.

From that day on Neil has attacked “them” at every opportunity that was presented to him.

If one were to take the time to digest recent articles, especially “Footsteps of the Amanah”, in an effort to acquire somewhat of an understanding as to what has transpired in actual history – one has to wonder as to why so little notice has been taken.

People remain so keen to just sit and watch. To pay subscriptions to sideshow entertainment outlets, whilst avoiding what has become an exponentially growing elephant in the room.

Shame on you all of you. You are looking for a way out and all you see is the President but what if he does not succeed? 

Or what if he does? 

This is not just a situation that determines the outcome for the United States. Like it or not, America does still indeed ‘set the tone for the world.’ But if America falls, so does the entire western world, and subsequently, the whole world in totality – we all fall.

No matter how difficult it may sit with you, this is factual.

There would be no escape wherever you are, nor whatever plans or contingencies you may think you have in place.

“They” have been preparing to eliminate us for a much greater period of time than you may be aware of. Read about UN Agenda 21 / Agenda 2030 and you will get the idea. This information has been readily available for us to read on the internet for a long time. They are not hiding their despise for us.

Neil Keenan as Amanah will still be the global figure that everyone will have to come to; that is should he desire to be the “ONE that everyone talked about. 

What if he decides to just walk away from everything? What then? The gravity of the situation is that in fact that Neil’s job is in serving the world, never mind others and their elections.

Each and every nation will need to approach Mr. Keenan when the US dollar is no longer any good.

I am not attempting to bolster up Neil Keenan. He is pretty confident himself in what he does but what the reader is not aware of is that Neil is getting tired of everyone sitting on their hands while he attempts to put deals together to finance what takes place in Indonesia.

If you have not noticed, Neil now works with a few people, all of whom are in the know.

Neil’s plan on being in Indonesia this coming week has taken a twist from what I understand and he has not given notice of this. The reason why; is that those who sit on their hands are not entitled to know what is in store for him / her in the future. There can not be any leaks.

He is about ready to pull the rug out from under those who think that they are entitled to know what is happening. In actuality this is a great idea; whereas his silence would get the job done.

Neil is going to confirm and answer to his team and they will be the only ones aware of what is happening – although not even the wider group will be privy to near all of the detail.

Mr. Keenan will run havoc for the President as soon as he gets things in place and the NWO / Cabal will not know what has hit them. As Mr. Keenan has been told before, having his person after you is much worse than being chased by the meanest of junk yard dogs. Neil is relentless.

In saying that, however, Neil stated that he will be incommunicado with me for a while. His response to my last query was “not your business.” He stated however that he would allow my sentiment on these matters to be shared with you. And so here we are.

I have given this entire situation considerable consideration. Neil hears the same questions, fields the same requests – hundreds of times every single day and he is no longer relaying information other than to his team or closest confidants.

It matters not how this may sit with you; Neil is the one that is in place to save us. He has done so many times before (please read “Footsteps of the Amanah” if you wish to comprehend this) and should he turn his head on us we are in trouble of a large type. 

My advice to one and all would be to get your priorities straight and deal with them. This is not a joke. You are all in jeopardy.

There is so much more to say but at this juncture, why should I reveal secrets that have nothing to do with the masses when they refuse to move to help themselves. 

I hope you wake up before it is too late.

And you know who you are. I doubt Neil will allow me to address you again after this but we do not have that much longer to go anyway do we?”

– Asian Insider II