NEIL KEENAN UPDATE | Amanah Of Oz III: A Revisionist History Of The Global Collateral Accounts (Updated)

April 10, 2020 / Keenan Team | GroupK

ONCE UPON A TIME in the Ancient Empire of Indonesia and presently the Global Collateral Accounts epicenter, Neil Keenan – the Green-Irish-American-Knight – charged the Cabal-Cartel with Legal and Lethal Lances…

And this Back to the Future Never-Ending Story Begins Again…


The Sir Gawain and the Green Knight manuscript describes how Sir Gawain, a knight of King Arthur‘s Round Table, accepts a challenge from a mysterious “Green Knight” who dares any knight to strike him with his axe if he will take a return blow in a year and a day.

Gawain accepts and beheads him with his blow, at which the Green Knight stands up, picks up his head and reminds Gawain of the appointed time.

In his struggles to keep his bargain, Gawain demonstrates chivalry and loyalty until his honor is called into question by a test involving Lady Bertilak, the lady of the Green Knight’s castle. The poem survives in one manuscript, Cotton Nero A.x., which also includes three religious narrative poemsPearlPurity and Patience.

All are thought to have been written by the same author, dubbed the “Pearl Poet” or “Gawain Poet“, since all four are written in a North-West Midland dialect of Middle English.

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight (from original manuscript, artist unknown)
First page of only surviving manuscript, circa 14th century

A Prologue of the Amanah and the Global Collateral Accounts

“Elected” Amanah Neil Keenan

Who is the Amanah Neil Keenan?

Amanah Neil Keenan (Cianain*) is of Irish descent and was born in Rhode Island in the United States of America. Neil Keenan is an international businessman.

Before and especially over the last decade, Neil has challenged the cabal system, endured and in August of 2018, was elected (not appointed) by Indonesian Elders as the Amanah, as well as earning his way to become a “World Patriot” for humanity.

People have come to see Neil Keenan as a sort of modern-day Don Quixote – a knight on a mad “Impossible Dream” quest to vanquish the Hydra-headed ‘Bankster’ Cabal, as the world watches in mingled bemusement, admiration – or fear as myths and truths of the Global Collateral Accounts spreads worldwide.

Knightly quests were already fodder for comedy when Don Miguel de Cervantes penned his masterpiece four hundred years ago, sending up the ideals of chivalry in the person of the wild-eyed “Man of La Mancha” who tilted at windmills which appeared to his inner vision as malevolent giants. 

Believe what you will, Keenan’s quest is no joke.  The monster is real.  The danger is real.  And to Neil and those who work with him, the idea of a knightly quest to free humanity (however much we may make light of it) is in fact a core shared belief, which sustains us. But the phrase itself has been too archaic, too dusty, and too easily ridiculed to bring into the light of day

The “Global Collateral Accounts (GCA)” – Who actually knew anything about the GCA 12 years ago?  Very few, and even if you had asked Neil at the time, he would have said he didn’t know anything about them or their importance. He got involved thinking it was just another business deal. Neil learned quickly how much bigger this deal was/is and the cause to help humanity before himself. 

During the past decade with rescuing the Global Collateral Accounts for the depositors, Neil has been in contact with a full scope of important world personalities (“the movers, makers and shakers”) from business, banking, trade, heads-of-state, royal families and Asian “Elders”.

They all know who Neil Keenan is and, of course, in this high-level financial game Neil has had to deal with the highest-level of the Cabal criminals – you name them! With his vast business experience combined with his nature as a sportsman and a fighter, Neil has always been fighting for the average person and helping the underdog – always for the greater good of humanity. 

Neil’s unique track record which makes him ideally suited for his ongoing work with rescuing (recovering) the Global Collateral Accounts for Humanitarian Projects, which will in turn help to free humanity from the Cabal enslavement system. By example, Keenan has clearly demonstrated what one man can do, when challenged, to take on the global domination by those who are engineering the complete demise of mankind and the planet.

To prepare for his legal and lethal Cabal battle, Neil was mentored and guided by many including the late Dr. Michael Van de Meer the man known in real life as being the influence behind Ian Fleming’s books and movies “JAMES BOND” in other words he was JAMES BOND.  Many others assisted Neil on his journey but none greater than Dr. Van de Meer.

Amanah Keenan’s Tribute to Dr. Michael Van de Meer:

“He is the man who talked to me for 3-4 hours a day – Saturday, Sunday, it didn’t matter. He took me through the quagmires, the NWO, The Council of Foreign Relations, The Committee of 300, The Vatican – the people to watch out for, the principals involved in the poisonings – the toxins, and explained so much. He put my baby shoes on and taught me how to walk, then he put on a bigger pair of shoes and taught me how to run. 

“He taught me about the gold, the bonds, the notes, and how they came to be. He wasn’t only teaching me; he was teaching everyone who called him. At the same time, he was also helping people as a doctor; his kindness and generosity were unsurpassed. He fought with both Benjamin and me often, because we wouldn’t listen, but it didn’t really matter; our squabbles were always forgotten almost as fast as they started.

He was the cream of the crop when it came to the assets, to the Global Accounts. He knew all the players and knew where everything was buried including the bodies.

“I was a little boy running around wanting the stolen bonds entrusted to me to be returned and he did everything as humanly possible for this to happen. So many people lent me a hand, but the biggest hand of all belonged to Dr. Michael.  

I wouldn’t be in the position I am in today if it hadn’t been for Dr. Van de Meer. He taught me so very much about things that never could’ve been taught. He was that special . . . Rest in peace my dear friend, I miss you.”

On August 10th, Dr. Michael Meiring aka Dr. Michael Van de Meer, died in his sleep in extremely suspicious circumstances (the death certificate states ‘heart attack’ – and so why a private funeral with a closed casket?), although Van de Meer was in robust health and full of plans for the future. Dr. Van de Meer was a very private individual who had to change his last name to Van de Meer many years ago.

The Doctor was getting unwanted publicity when his legs were blown off by an explosive bomb in May of 2002 while staying at the Evergreen Hotel in Davao, Philippines. The explosive device was tossed THROUGH his hotel bathroom window by Paola Duterte, a Canaris disciple of Bush and the son of the Mayor of Davao, who had given the good “Doc” the rights to a bunker filled with treasures on behalf of a large financial fee. 

The explosive blast nearly killed Dr. Van de Meer – who was a naturalized American citizen named Michael Terence Meiring – who was a frequent guest over the last 10 years at the hotel. The circumstances behind Meiring’s sudden departure from the hospital, in spite of his serious condition, raised questions about his real identity. A number of officials in ‘for background only’ interviews, speculated Meiring may have been an agent of the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

Those who knew Dr. Van de Meer said that he referred to himself as a CIA agent, but said it stood for “Christ In Action,” but he was a real MI6 Agent. He had frequently visited the Philippines for at least ten years. He claimed to be a treasure hunter, and had a company called Parousia International Trading (in Christian theology, Parousia is a term for the second coming of Christ).

From the Archives: The Meiring Mystery (2003 Series)

Two nights after Neil returned home from Indonesia with the Book of Codes or Black Book in his possession, Dr. Van de Meer passed away.  He had spent an entire day explaining to Neil the priceless value of the book and what it means to the Planet. 

Dr. Van de Meer had been after the Book of Codes for 30 plus years and he could not believe that Neil on his second trip to Indonesia had been given it to hold on to and take home with him.

The Book of Codes told the story of the ‘Black Screens’ and how the Cabal had been stealing not only from the East, but the West itself through the existence of a monetary system set up by the implementation of the Bretton Woods Agreement.  

Follow the dots and you would clearly see exactly how the Western Cabal with its Banks, the Vatican and its Politicians misused and mismanaged stolen assets.

The Cabal put the assets into accounts called Global Collateral Accounts for their own personal use to create wars, or biological weapons in order to keep the planet’s population under control. 

Although Dr. Van de Meer was very reluctant to discuss his past, every once in a while, he would release little nuggets of information about growing up in South Africa and his extraordinary life. He said he grew up in a castle near the ancestral home of Sir Francis Drake. He also once let it slip that he was of the Queen Victoria royal bloodline and Lord Louis Mountbatten semi-royalty bloodline, whom he described as “not very nice people.”

When a group of Nazis, Khazarians and Fascists murdered United States President John F. Kennedy, they started out using this money to finance their project for a fascist “New World Order,” Dr. Van de Meer set out to stop them.

The early James Bond movies are based in part of Van de Meer’s battle against them. The cat-petting villain Ernst Stavro Blofeld, who was featured in the original James Bond books written by Ian Fleming, was based on Admiral Wilhelm Canaris, according to MI6 sources.

Canaris was not executed during World War 2 for trying to assassinate Hitler and in fact became head of the Nazi Odessa underground movement after World War 2. It was Dr. Van de Meer and his team’s battles against Wilhelm Canaris and his group that formed the basis of the original James Bond novels.

Canaris was eventually defeated by Van de Meer only to be replaced by CIA Director, George Bush Senior, as the head of Odessa.

Dr. Van de Meer himself, made a cameo appearance in a James Bond movie as a young British businessman sipping a martini – it was the first time anyone ever saw a Martini with 3 olives, which represents Health, Wealth and Happiness

The fictional character James Bond does not hold a candle to the real McCoy, the man most known as Dr. Michael Van de Meer. In one of his rare moments of immodesty, Dr. Van de Meer shared that “what James Bond does is rather tame compared to what I’ve done.

Of course, Dr. Van de Meer admits he was no angel and he had one huge regret in his life. When he was a young medical doctor in the 1950’s he was sent to Africa to work with Dr. Jonas Salk, a man known to us as the developer of the Polio vaccine.

According to Dr. Van de Meer, who then went by the name of Dr. Michael Meiring, Salk and his team killed over 200,000 African green monkeys and sent their blood to the US (Nazi) biological weapons facility at Ft. Detrick.

Dr. Van de Meer discovered that the blood was being used to develop a disease aimed at depopulating Africa. It is now known as HIV or AIDS, which has now been connected to SARS / Coronavirus as well. From that point on, his career is something of a mystery.

He conveyed to a few people he trusted the story of his narrow escape in the Congo, where he was forced to confront mass murdering gun-men after crossing a Congo river filled with “hundreds of thousands of bloated dead bodies.”

After his time in Africa, Van de Meer spent 20 years in Asia, mostly the Philippines, researching the mystery of the missing “Yamashita Gold” that imperial Japan stashed there during World War II.

What Van de Meer discovered and shared with others in his inner circle was that much of the world’s historical gold was being plundered by Nazis and Khazars.

A Brief Overview of the Revisionist History Timeline

1. Between 1927 and 1938, under arrangements made between T.V. Soong (Finance Minister of China) and Henry Morgenthau, Secretary of the Treasury, The United States Government purchased some 50 million ounces of silver and leased vast amounts of gold from the Nationalist Chinese Government, known as Kuomintang. During this period China was partly occupied by Japanese troops and there was the fear of China being overrun by the Japanese.

For all the treasure handed in, certificates were given to those who surrendered their precious metals. The surrendered precious metals and gemstones were sent to the United States under a lease agreement made between T.V. Soong and Henry Morgenthau. The Certificates became the underlying funds of the Kuomintang (Dragon Family) and were good and accepted securities.

2. In 1934 a new Securities Act was promulgated in the United States, together with the Gold Act, which required all bullion gold and gold coin to be surrendered to the Federal Reserve, a private corporation chartered to operate as the Central Bank of the United States and to be the issuer of the currency known as the United States Dollar.

3. Domestically owned gold was purchased. Foreign Gold held by the Treasury was also surrendered to the Federal Reserve, so, was leased to the Federal Reserve. This began the series 1934 Notes issued by the Federal Reserve. These have never been redeemed and the interest cost was met by further issuances of the 1934 series FRNs (Federal Reserve Notes).

4. These 1934 FRNs guarantee the lease payments and to allow the Chinese Government to continue financially. These came under the control of the Kuomintang, the Nationalist Government in China from whom the Gold had been received.Chang Kai Chek, who fled to Formosa (Taiwan) after packaging much of the gold and distributing it along the way to nations, was granted safe passage to Taiwan. This is one of the reasons as to why there are assets and bunkers strewn throughout Asia.

The Gold had been nationalized by the Kuomintang, who moved most of the FRNs to Formosa (Taiwan), which was originally financed and developed from the value of the Kuomintang’s FRNs. These Notes were the underlying wealth of Taiwan and they were good for the value as they were backed by gold.

What we have been misled to believe – through our faulty western history – is that the Marshall Plan built Taiwan (Formosa) with their assets. Actually, the real fact is that the numerous build-ups throughout Asia were financed by the Gold accumulated by the Chinese over a long period of time, which was being distributed by such means as plan i.e. The Marshall Plan.

5. During the Sino-China war, most owners of the depository notes issued by Chinese Banks were killed by the Japanese, others later being killed by both the Kuomintang and the Chinese Communists, thus the Gold became property of the Nation, especially so, the Kuomintang.

The Gold had been nationalized by the Kuomintang who moved much of the FRN’s (but not all) to (Formosa)Taiwan, which was built on these notes, were the underlying wealth of Taiwan and they were good for value as they were backed by gold.

What we have been led to believe through our faulty history is that the Marshall Plan built Taiwan (Formosa) with their assets but in fact the entire build-up of (various parts of) Asia was financed by the Gold accumulated by the Chinese over a long period of time and which was being distributed by such means as plans such as Marshalls. 

6. During the war in China, most owners of the depository notes issued by Chinese Banks were killed by the Japanese, others later being killed by both the Kuomintang and the Chinese Communists, thus the Gold became property of the Nation, especially so, the Kuomintang.

In Europe, Jews who had owned wealth were stripped of that wealth through various means and were then eliminated. The gold was taken either by stealth or by force, that is a reality of history. Another reality of history is that Hitler and Germany were financed by England and the US which was governed as a corporation.

7. The Kuomintang appointed guardians of this Gold and the securities issued by the United States; they are euphemistically known as the Dragon Family.

The Dragon Family is in fact an organization that operates between old families within China and Taiwan and as such, is the political divide of the two independent Chinese Governments.

Chinese are remarkable in this regard, that old family ties and functions supersede political arrangements which, though they might last for generations, are regarded as inconsequential over the passage of time to most Chinese. Attached to this is the wealth of several nations.

The United States in support of the Kuomintang and resistance groups actually printed more of these FRN notes inside China itself. These operations were run by the CIA to buy loyalty of various factions in the fight against the communists, eventually being driven out into Burma around 1960.

Largely due to the additional printing of these notes, the additional Notes were given in lieu of interest, but directed to specific persons and parties.

In Europe, Jews who had owned wealth were stripped of that wealth through various means and were then eliminated. The gold was taken either by stealth or by force, that is a reality of history. Another reality of history is that Hitler, the NAZI party and Germany were financed by England and the United States, which was governed as a corporation by the Cartel.

8. At the end of World War II, with Communist and Kuomintang factions at war in China, the International Community and the Chinese assented to the Gold being placed under the overt control of Indonesian President Soekarno. Gold stolen, via the rape of Nanking, was sent to various Asian nations by the OSS and its officer “Wild Bill” Donovan.

“Wild Bill” Donovan: Father of US Intelligence (OSS/CIA Video)

  Soekarno then, on August 17, 1945, came to be known as M1 under

  United Nations Approval No. MISA 81704 “Operation Heavy

  Freedom”; later Soekarno became Amanah.

This was why much of the world’s gold had been delivered into Indonesia and the Philippines. The West, Canada, Australia, Great Britain, India and other British Colonies sent their gold to the so called “Impregnable Singapore.” Singapore was rebuilt after the war by the Marshall Plan with its key objective to become a CIA stronghold….to this very day.

The Japanese, as per the arrangements agreed to by Hirohito in the 1921 Pact Between Nations made in London, delivered much of this gold to Indonesia (then a Dutch Colony) and to Philippines (then a US Colony) into secret bunkers that had been mostly constructed by the Japanese between 1924 and 1945.

This is why the Allied troops in Malaya had no air cover or sufficient supplies that would have allowed them to resist the Japanese. Singapore had to fall so most of the global wealth could be “lost” into a secret system that made the Gold Standard redundant and fiat currencies a reality.

This gold was documented into accounts through the Swiss Commercial Bank Union Bank of Switzerland, placed under protection of the Swiss Attorney General, registered through the Swiss National Bank into the Bank for International Settlements International Collateral Combined accounts and then from within the BIS, blocked to form the Institutional Parent Registration Accounts of the Federal Reserve System.
Later President Marcos of the Philippines was appointed (not elected) as ‘M1’. Marcos held the position of M1 until 1987 when his authority over the Institutional parent registration Accounts was set aside. The system then reverted to the three Nations who had controlled these accounts since World war II: United States, Great Britain and France, who systematically and illegally subverted the established system since 1996.

9. From this we can see that there are two functional operations:

a).One was ownership and Depository control by the Gold owners

b).The other a control system set in place to administer and control the Collateral Combined Accounts as an independent Arbiter

Ownership rights are held by the signatory to the Depository Accounts in Commercial Banks and Control Rights have been held by M1.

10. So it was that the entire world supply of bullion and coinage gold was withdrawn and fiat currencies became the order of the day.

However, underneath the notes and money issued by the Federal Reserve was the underlying wealth within a centralized system that Nations intended to be used equitably, but Bankers and Western Nations determined they would use to raid national economies.

11. In 1963, President John F. Kennedy entered into an Agreement with President     Soekarno to provide the funds to allow the United States Treasury to print its own currency, thus subverting the “right” to print the currency held by the Federal Reserve. 11 days after signing this agreement, President Kennedy was assassinated.

The Agreement would have transferred some 59,000 tons of gold to underpin this currency. The problem with this was that the US domestic currency would have then been backed by gold, which would have been a violation of international agreements meant to stabilize currencies.

President Johnson then suspended EO-11110 as issued by Kennedy and transferred the bullion to the Federal Reserve. The Green Hilton Agreement was not implemented until 1968 when Soekarno fell from office and when Global Trade made it imperative that the world have a Global Currency.

As the Gold had been transferred to the US Treasury in 1968, a series of Bonds known as Kennedy Bonds were issued in order to honor the terms of the Green Hilton Agreement made between Kennedy and Soekarno, the 1968 terms of the gold delivery to the United States being different than made in 1934.

When after 30 years, interest had not been paid as promised, a reissue of the bonds in an increased number were issued as commemorative notes and were accepted by the owners of the Gold, the Dragon Family.

12. From copies of Bank documents received by Neil Keenan, within the Green Hilton Memorial Agreement, the funds the amounts of gold and platinum are specified.

These amounts of gold are certificated and the certificates and ledger copies with full and exact identification and recognition codes are available. These certificates are further proven by the bank reports, copies of which are now held by Neil Keenan.

The truth of these instruments can be vigorously defended through documentation in our hands and further through interrogation of the Black Screens where the off-ledger collateral is held, together with an interrogation of the grey and blue screens where we will find enormous fraud from the illegal use of these assets.

13. In the few documents we present with this complaint we can see that the assets have been deposited, the counter-assets created and presented to the depositors, the depositors have been cheated for over 70 years through the intentional and fraudulent failure of the Obligator to honor the Agreements.

14. From copies of Bank documents received by Neil Keenan, within the Green Hilton Memorial Agreement, the funds the amounts of gold and platinum are specified These amounts of gold are certificated and the certificates and ledger copies with full and exact identification and recognition codes are available.

These certificates are further proven by the bank reports, copies of which are now held by Neil Keenan.

The truth of these instruments can be vigorously defended through documentation in our hands and further through interrogation of the Black Screens where the off-ledger collateral is held, together with an interrogation of the grey and blue screens where we will find enormous fraud from the illegal use of these assets.

Under this Agreement the assets of the international collateral combined were established and brought forward, then, within a short period of time misused to change the operating systems of banks.
16. Reviewing these books, we can now see that Banks set aside the notion of operating under the Charters they hold as banks, instead of being Banks they became like very poor casino operators and traders, selling what they do not own.

The records in our possession, signed and registered by the receiving and managing commercial bank, show the underlying funds in numbers and amounts that stagger the imagination.

The Green Hilton and Garuda Memorial Agreements demonstrate clearly the value of the global account system:

a).Gold and Platinum Deposits ran into millions of tons.

b). 1934 series Federal Reserve System Bonds, Notes issued in 1928, Kennedy Bonds ran into Quadrillions of US Dollars, Dragon Bonds are all recorded and acknowledged within the Green Hilton and Memorial Hilton Collective Agreements.

Both Assets in the form of Bullion surrendered to the Global Accounts through the United States Government and then entrusted to a private corporation, the Federal Reserve System.  Federal Reserve Bank / Safe / New York City / 1969


Table of Contents

Amanah Keenan: Securing the Global Collateral Accounts – 3
Introduction: Who is Amanah Neil Keenan?
Amanah Neil Keenan’s Tribute to Dr. Michael Van de Meer
A Brief Revisionist Overview of the Global Collateral Accounts
Prelude: An Illuminati Cult Testimonial

1.00 Historical Introduction: Follow the Yellow Brick Road – 25
1.01 History of the Central Banks in The United States
1.02 Perpetual Plans and Plots of the Gold Financial System
1.03 The History of World Banking: An Asian Perspective
1.04 The Genesis and Nemesis of the Global Financial Problem

2.00 The ‘Take-Over’ by London / USA Federal Reserve Cartel – 65
2.01 The First Sino-Japanese War 1894
2.02 The 1910 Duck Hunt that Created the Federal Reserve
2.03 The 1911 USA and Republic of China Lease Agreement
2.04 The 1912 Rothschild Cartel Coup to Kill Off their Competition
2.05 The 1912 Private FED’s Purchase of the USA a.k.a. United States Corporation
2.06 World War I 1914-1915-1917 and Merged with World War II
2.07 The Pivotal Treaties, Acts and Pacts in Plundering the Global Collateral Accounts
2.08 1919 The Kuomintang—Collateral Accounts Agreements
2.09 The 1921 ACT – Pact Between Nations: Gold Commission
2.10 The League of Nations Treaty
2.11 Council on Foreign Relations was formed in 1921
2.12 The 1925 United States Corporation Act
2.14 1928 Kellogg-Briand Pact—Renunciation of War

3.00 The Cabal Money Changers – 105
3.01 The 1929 New York “Stock Market Crash”
3.02 The 1933 Federal Reserve Act
3.03 Congressman McFadden’s Speech on the Federal Reserve
3.04 The 1934 United States Security and Gold Act Theft

4.00 The Asian “Dragon Family” Organization – 115
4.01 In 1934 they Became Known as the Dragon Family
4.02 Second Sino-Japanese War 1937
4.03 The Pearl Harbor Japanese Attack
4.04 Hirohito’s Gold
4.05 The Spoils of War
4.06 What happened in 1944?
4.07 The 1944 Bretton Woods Agreement: Power Bloc Coup
4.08 What Happened to the World War II Gold?
4.09 Operation Paperclip
4.10 1940-50 Pentagon Operations: Vietnam and United States
4.11 1945 United Nations Charter Signed and Entered into Force
4.12 The 1949 The Formation of NATO: A Military Alliance
4.13 1954 The Bilderberg Group Formation
4.14 1973 Trilateral Commission Formation

5.00 “M1” President Soekarno – 147
5.01 In 1945 Asia and the West “Elected” President Soekarno M1
5.02 1945-1949 Indonesian National Revolution
5.04 Certificato Di Autroizzione: Sultan-Vatican—Black Islamic Gold
5.05 The 1954 Circa: The Secret Gold Treaty
5.06 1955 Soekarno-Non-Aligned Countries Opposed Bretton Woods
5.07 1961 Asia-Africa Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) was Established
5.08 1961-1962 Operation Trikora
5.09 The Elected M1 Soekarno and USA Presidents Connection
5.10 In 1963: Kennedy’s Green Hilton Agreement with Soekarno
5.11 Executive Order 11110

6.00 CIA Topples Government and Monetary ‘M1′ – 185
6.01 The 1965 Imperial / CIA Agency Coup Over Asia
6.02 General Suharto Becomes President
6.03 The 1965 Involvement of CIA Lolo “Soetoro”: Obama’s Stepfather
6.04 In 1966 the West “Appoints” President Marcos “M1″
6.05 1966 Control System Over Depositors and Collateral Accounts
6.06 The Green Hilton Agreement: The Kennedy Bonds
6.07 Obligation to Honor the Agreements
6.08 Proper Procedure Not Allowed
6.09 Why did Nixon take the U.S. off of the gold standard in 1971?
6.10 The 1973 Bilderberg Conference
6.11 Trilateral Commission—Cloaked for Secrecy
6.12 President Reagan’s Rainbow Dollar
6.13 From Mafia Ratlines to CIA and Vatican’s Smuggling Routes
6.14 The ‘Pinay’ Cercle
6.15 The Black Currency-Cyber Markets
6.16 Is There Real Gold in Fort Knox?
6.17 The GATA Perspective of THE SECRET GOLD TREATY

7.00 ADDENDUM – 231
7.01 Congressman McFadden’s Anti-Federal Reserve Speech
7.02 What Are the Global Collateral Accounts?

ODIN – The Wise One, Amanah Neil Keenan and Group K

Inchul Kim & Neil Keenan


Since 2008, Neil Keenan has taken on the Cabal for the ‘Depositors’ of the Dragon Family Funds.

Even at his own peril, significant financial and asset losses, Neil has honored his commitment to rescue, recover and protect the ‘Depositors’ assets from the dastardly Cabal pirating the bunkers and corruptly, controlling the global financial system.

Neil filed his Trillion Dollar Lawsuit to recover the 134.5 Billion in Dragon Family assets (FRN’S) that were entrusted to him… Once filed he became embattled with the Defendants listed in the lawsuit and more who were determined to take him down. He never lost one battle with barely a mis- step… Group K had been born.

All the while he took on the Cabal fraudulent organizations and CIA operations and operators – World Bank, United Nations, Ban Ki-moon, WEF (World Economic Forum), Silvio Berlusconi, IMF etc financial fraudsters – Karen Hudes, White Spiritual Boy, David Schmidt, Red Dragons, Swiss Indos, Ray Dam (OITC), David Sale (OITC), UBS, and many more… most likely to be mentioned in the Trilogy section of this book.

Neil does not answer to anyone. Let alone to those who’ve pursued their own selfish interests, sideways ploys and hidden agendas, as well as individuals who have leeched off of his generosity, breached his trust and ultimately never helped him in any way.

These ‘Financial Super Flys” – who had no vested interest in the GCA – were delaying distractions, infuriating interruptions and serious detriments to Neil’s Global Collateral Account (GCA) Mission. Neil made the GCA his personal pursuits by using his own money and turning down multi-billion to multi-trillion-dollar Cabal bribes.

In 2018, Neil was officially ‘elected’ as Amanah of the Global Collateral Accounts (GCA) by the Indonesian Elders, as well as continuing to honor his commitment to the ‘Depositors.’ As the official Amanah, Neil is now in a prime-position to overpower the Cabal to fulfill the GCA and ‘Depositors’ plans for Humanitarian and Planetary Projects.

Since 2008 to the present, persons and organizations have relentlessly hounded Neil with unwarranted questions and baseless demands about when the ‘Bunkers’ would finally be opened and when the GCA would be done.

To them he says:  When you take you got to give so live and let live or let go… I beg your pardon, I never promised you a rose garden.

The Amanah’s Jousting Tournament

“You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards.” – Steve Jobs

Mission Green Mobius

(A surface with only one side and only one boundary)
An Eastern Re-Orientation to End the Eons of
Western Financial Tyranny.

The Yellow Brick Road Reset – Indonesian’s Valor and Prosperous Victors.

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