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November 9, 2020 / Keenan Team | GroupK

This past week an “It’s A Keenan Thing” member sent the following link to Neil and Group-K concerning the supposedly audited 2010 accounts of the Committee of 300 which again brought into question the validity of such humongous off-ledger financial accounts. 

Neil has asked me to comment on this post in more detail for the edification of Group-K subscribers as I have some personal experiences with one of the primary actors:

Global banking crisis? What global banking crisis? Thousands of quadrillions of hidden monies revealed to be held in multiple off-ledger black screen accounts

To begin, one must first understand that the current global financial system is intentionally constructed to be detrimental to mankind, to stifle creativity through financial fear and debt slavery. 

This system is designed to enrich a very few and impoverish the rest of mankind. It is destined, as planned, to fail. 

We are at a historic turning point of a New Age where we as a collective humanity are in the process of re-defining our financial system. 

Our choice is to either repeat and re-design (put a new coat of paint and a ribbon on) a financial system that is detrimental to mankind OR create a new system that is beneficial to and supportive of the creative spirit of mankind.

The AMANAH Neil Keenan and Group-K have been brought onto Center Stage in order to initiate a global humanitarian financial consciousness and to transition economic systems in all countries to be of benefit to all… WE THE PEOPLE.

It should also be clearly seen that President Donald Trump has also been brought in to move forward the global political aspects of this financial transitioning.

Both the AMANAH and the US President are working in parallel to expose and dismantle the old harmful system and supplant it with a new humanitarian based and “real asset backed” monetary system.

In the turbulent in-between time, you will be seeing Old Guard pundits proposing all kinds of un-compatible, non-viable financial solutions like digital currencies, Bitcoin, resets, revaluations, Quantative Easing to infinity, negative interest rates, monetizing debt (government and corporate bonds and equity purchased by the FED and Central Banks) and more and more printing of worthless fiat colored paper flooding the elite controlled casinos in last ditch scamming efforts.

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See through the BS!

But also see that this “COVID Homestay” has opened eyes and minds. As the crunch worsens, human creativity awakens. You will start to see more “Giving” and “Sharing.” 

Listen to the peaceful demonstrators, not the flame throwers, and you will hear the “Free Love Revolution” of the 60’s in an echoed message. It is again time for change and flowers in your hair. Be GIVING.

Now back to the core topic: For Keenan followers, Neil first debunked and mentioned Alfredo Saurin back in the site archives in 2016 in relation to a million ton gold heist attempt in Thailand. 

In 2017 he further exposed the Committee of 300 and their fake accounts in a posting of key excerpts from their audited accounts of 2010 and 2012. 

These were recently repeated and expanded upon in Neil’s posting of “Footsteps of the Amanah” in Part 2 in 2016 and 2017. 

The above article basically is a repeat of our archived posts. The author does bring to attention the question of the validity of these accounts and their incredibly large amounts which I will cover below.   

But first it is necessary to introduce the cast of Players. At the forefront are Alfredo Saurin and (King?) Anthony Santiago Martin (ASM).  

These two clowns were recruited by Ferdinand Marcos, the CIA Fake M1, to be the “signatory” Trustees for the Committee of 300 accounts for which they were to receive in the fine print an annual fee of 1% of the annual interest due to the account holders (which, of course, they could never ever touch). 

Their job was to sign documents and be the fall guys if anything went wrong.

Anthony  S. Martin was an elderly Australian that was married to a Philippina woman who was a friend of the Marcos family. 

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Alfredo Saurin was her relative who had worked with the CIA and was a known master forger.  Both agreed to be signatory slaves.

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Mr. Martin was not the brightest financial light on the tree and he ended up being conned into signing some fraudulent documents that resulted in international arrest warrants being issued against him. 

He fled back to his Philippine village and died of cancer and as a pauper a few years later.

This was hushed up and the CIA set about recruiting 5 Asian men to “BE” Anthony Santiago Martin.

The latest ASM has also been exposed as a fraud by Neil in relation to the 1.0 million Thai Gold deal that involved Janet Yellin (then FED Chair), Mark Carney (then Governor of the Bank of England) and the notorious Najib Razak (then Prime Minister of Malaysia).  This ‘version’ is currently on the run and hiding in Hong Kong.

Alfredo Saurin, (Neil called him “Freddie”), was a bit smarter and maintained his signatory position until he passed away a couple of years ago in Hong Kong.

For his own protection he resided in the Thai Place grounds in Bangkok. He was the principal architect of the 1.0 million ton Thai Gold deal that Neil scuttled in 2016.

My Malaysian partner has met with Alfredo several times as he helped Alfredo get out of a potentially fraudulent local transaction. Saurin did have both “real” funding, as well as, fake documents.

In 2017 he did bring the latest Committee of 300 accounts to a meeting and the printouts were stacked 18 inches high. 

This included borrowings by virtually every major bank in every country in the world at a 2% annual interest rate which was payable to the major Trust accounts managed by the Committee of 300, but this was most often just rolled-over into even larger accumulated compounded accounts that become so ridiculously large that they simply become un-payable.

Remember the number 70.

I would like to regress for a moment for a little math lesson. Mathematicians look at numbers a little bit differently than do economists, business executives or politicians. 

They see accumulative compounding as a logarithmic scale and that regardless of whatever interest rate being used for economic growth, profit growth or loan interest rates… if you divide the % rate into “70” you will get the number of YEARS before EVERYTHING DOUBLES.

For example, if a country’s GDP Growth Rate is 1% it would take 70 years for average prices to DOUBLE (similarly the value of the currency would be 50% LESS every 70 years.) 

If the growth rate were 2% the doubling would be every 35 years. Thus the higher the percentage, the shorter the doubling period. 

This is why the Dollar has lost 99% of its value since 1900, or why a penny jawbreaker now costs $1.50.

This also applies to economic development, as I just laugh when planners and politicians talk about community development plans and the 10% percentage growth expected over the next 10 years. 

Little do they realize that that will cause doubling of everything in only 7-years and that includes roads, power and water supplies, sewage and garbage disposal and an increase in population that stresses schools, healthcare and that often lacks  jobs or the local industries to support the planned communities.

Ask any elderly person what it was like 60-70 years ago, and you will hear firsthand all about this DOUBLING of prices and HALVING of currency values.

 “70” is a magic number so use it to see reality.

Now back to the Players…

The article mentioned only 3 signatories to the audited 2010 accounts with the principal signatory being Queen Elizabeth as the Chairman of the Committee of 300.

The three signatories on the [2010] document were H.E. President Robert Zoellick (President of The World Bank), H.E. Vice President Lars Thunell (Executive Vice President and CEO of the International Finance Corporation and HM Queen Alexandra Elizabeth Mary Windsor II (Chairman of The Committee of 300, The British Royal Family).

Robert Zoellick – Then President of the World Bank

In this World Bank document signed in March, 2012

, there is a detailed listing for the distribution of funds to countries around the world and also off-ledger loans to banks. There were more notable signatories there…

Note that if this is a fraudulent financial act, all those signatories are criminally implicated in crimes against humanity.

Take a close look at the signatories.

Group-K also has the complete list of the 300 members of the Committee of 300, who are also complicit and legally liable.

There are many more signatures than the first document, the same ASBLP reference on the header, and at the end, a disclaimer about signatures and accounts that are “valid with and/or without the acknowledgement by ASM.”  (Who is dead.)

These are very impressive documents with big names and even bigger Dollar amounts, but let’s get this straight from the beginning…  the documents you see with Anthony Santiago Martin’s and Alfredo Saurin’s name(s) on them are fraudulent papers.

Ultimately, it matters not whether these UN/World Bank endorsed documents are legitimate or the signatures authentic – this is all the dictate of the Committee of 300!  It is a scam.

So now let us take a closer look at the Windsor Queen Elizabeth.

There is now sufficient proof that she is a “petard”, a false queen elevated illegally to that position when in fact she was born in a room over a London pub to a Palace chamber maid, that is; she is a commoner and not royalty nor are any of her offspring. 

This can be confirmed by searching posts by Gregory Hallett, potentially the next real King of England. This impersonation fraud is well documented by many others as well.

This means that if she is a fake, then any documents signed by her as Queen are null and void. 

That in turn would nullify all her acts as Chairman of the Committee of 300 and as the principal signatory to a number of major Trust accounts such as those related to Spiritual White Boy and others. Now that’s a sticky wicket.

The Committee of 300’s shadow government world banking system, conducted across mainstream-media-invisible black and grey screens, is composed of thousands of such accounts, many of them named “White Spiritual Boy.”  

The lead signatory for each of these accounts is
Elizabeth Windsor (Queen Elizabeth II of England – HM Queen Alexandra Elizabeth Mary Windsor II).

There has been some debate as to whether or not the signatures are real or forgeries, but that is irrelevant as Queen Elizabeth is a fraud (as may also be the other complicit signatories).

More importantly, most, if not all the Members of the Committee of 300, are not the original OWNERS or legal DEPOSITORS of the funds in the Trust accounts.

They may have no legal claim or rights over these accounts and many of them accrued because of the theft, mirroring and/or hypothecation of the Global Collateral Accounts in which 85% of the real assets belong to Golden Dragon Family Owners and their appointed Depositors.

Fulford did correctly write, “Even if they are fake, there is still a huge gap between the amount of money that supposedly exists in the off-ledger financial system and the amount that is on the books. That means a lot of zeros will have to be erased before the off-ledger and on-ledger financial systems can be reconciled and reconnected with the real world.”

Fulford then displayed his shoddy journalism by slandering the Riyadi brothers, Yohannes and James, who are multi-billionaire Indonesian developers whom he says are being Freddy Forgeries.

These respectable Indonesian businessmen had nothing to do with Saurin or the Committee of 300. Why would they?

Other Pretenders…

The next Pretender is the very colorful con man that goes by many names:

Ernest Rauthschild aka Ernest Walker Bey III aka Ernest Walker S. Bey aka Ernest Scott Walker-Bey aka Muhammad Shabazz Farrakhan aka Pharoh Ahkenathan aka H.E, HRH Royal Prime Minister Ernest Rauthschild of the The United States of North America, The Republic of North America AND Chairman of the Royal Imperial Federal Reserve System

Servicing Aboriginals of North America & Asia Pacific: Ernest Rauthschild AKA Pharaoh Akhenaten and Elissa Gobert, Rauthschild AKA Queen Nefertiti And HE,HRH Ernest Rauthschild has issued ‘Cease and Desist’ orders to ALL “Keepers of the Royal Assets”

ERNEST RAUTHSCHILD, another Filipino as shown and identified within the photographs below and who claims to be the Prime Minister of The Aboriginal Sovereign Government of The United States of North America, as well as the signatory for the Global Infrastructure, Development and International Financial Agency (GIDIFA) under the Seal of the United Nations as a Specialized Agency of same.”

Ernest Rauthschild also claims to manage $200 Trillion dollars in assets of those considered to be Freemasons, Illuminati, and Secret Society elitists.”

“I am a Moorish-American International Businessman representing the 13-families controlling the world economy/banks. I am self-employed and own several companies including Athena Holdings, SA, SeaBey Financial Investments, LLC, and Gold Hedge Royalty.

I am also Trustee of The Bey Family Trust. I also work with Central Banks, The Bank for International Settlements and Gold Bullion Banks.

Most of my clients are Royal Families and High Yield Investors which I personally manage over $200 Trillion in Assets. I am a member of the Moorish Masonic Order; Knights Templar; Committee of 300; Tri Lateral Commission; Sovereign Church of New Zelean and 13 Family of Nations.” [Ernest Rauthschild; MySpace Source Link]”

His wife’s maiden name was “Rauthschilds” (not Rothschilds) which he adopted as his own name in order to con people.

He has also been associated with trying to take over the control of the OITC from Ray Dam and has declared himself as M1 (however, the Golden Dragon Family never heard of him and certainly would never elect him to such a position).

He was also one of the original Trustees of the CIA’s 5 Star Trust used to launder huge sums of money.

He was also responsible for financing the 20-year incarceration of Marion Horn in a Mexican jail, another Director of the 5 Star Trust, in order to get him out of the way.

Obviously this man is another international fraudster and has no legitimate claim to any of the Trust accounts held by the Committee of 300, especially those associated with Spiritual White Boy and other related accounts.

This is a CLOWN to avoid.

The last claimant as the supposed holder and managing signatory to about 52 of these Trust accounts was Adnan Sakli.

Adnan Sakli was a Turkish banker who supposedly amassed a huge fortune and in 1987 was the only one who had enough financial liquidity necessary to bail out the Western financial system from total bankruptcy and collapse.

His concocted narrative was that his timely bailout resulted in his ownership and full control of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) and control over these large ancient Trusts. 

He claimed that he was noted by the FED by code reference numbers 8216 and 8217 as a result of his BIS position… all BS.

His public persona was that he was known as a global humanitarian, but that he was feared by corrupt bankers, politicians and businessmen as he held the global purse strings. 

Unfortunately he passed away in 2014 and his authority was passed over to the Windermere Chamber of Commerce who still maintain philanthropic humanitarian projects globally on a small scale and certainly are not in control of the BIS or trillions of dollars from any Adnan Sakli Trust.

He was also associated to OITC, OPPT and other nefarious scammers of that period. 

So the TRUTH comes out and a few more scammers bite the dust…

Now let’s discuss the numbers:

At first glance it can be seen that all Trust accounts and off-ledger loans are all in US DOLLARS. Some of the Trusts are supposed to be hundreds of years old, so, who and when were they properly audited and converted into $$$$$’s at what valuation rates? Bretton Woods was only signed in 1945.

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Simply, the financial accounting foundation is shaky and flakey to begin with… as there are no proper records publicly available. This lends itself to open fraudulent valuations, ownership disputes and a host of other legal problems.

Secondly, the amounts are staggering and beyond any palpable realistic comprehension.

For the FED to have a registered off-ledger US DOLLAR loan of some number with 52 ZEROs after it is totally ludicrous, particularly since global GDP is only about USD 900 trillion (12 zeros).

And if you add up all the off-ledger USD loans that the Committee of 300 annually audit and charge an annual fee of 2% on, the amount lent out plus interest is in the GODzillions!

Now, consider just WHO authorized the issuance of such horrendous amounts of US DOLLARS?

GOD or The DEVIL?  You got your answer.

The only logical conclusion to the Committee of 300’s claims over these Trust accounts and off-ledger loans, is that this is nothing but a SCAM and a FRAUD… PERIOD!

Time for a roundup by the new financial Sheriff in town… AMANAH Neil Keenan. Yippie yayo!

But it should be obvious by now that such financial fraud needs to be cleaned up and brought back to a point of reality. 

This indiscriminate creation of US Dollars into un-usable off-balance sheet accounts has got to stop. ZEROs only equal ZERO.

Thus, be keenly aware during this financial transition of proposals and legislation that attempt to legitimatize corrupt money. This particularly concerns new “digital currencies” and colored paper that is not supported by real assets.

Bitcoin and its many spinoff copies issuing “digital coins” is also a classic con of limiting supply and creating an artificial ponzi demand, particularly now as major players are getting out of colored paper stocks and bonds and using their cash to push up the price of these digital coins. 

The idea of having ones money outside the current monetary system and experiencing huge gains on such an investment is a greed selling point, but it is a con in the end, whether done by private or government corporations.

So when the financial dust settles, expect reality to remain. Insist on a financial system of benefit to all mankind.

King Farouk

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