Every once in a while I am asked when I think The Event is going to happen. And I can tell you right now this is not going to be the answer you are expecting. Lol.
Part of dealing with the truth is having to face ourselves and really look at the not-so-pleasant aspects of our behavior and impact on others. I’d like to remind everyone that the name of this blog is ‘truth-earth’ and not ‘tell-you-what-you-want-to-hear-earth’. Cobra has told us several times that the surface population is one of the main delays of the timing of The Event due to the incoherence and unreliability of key people and even ourselves and our community.
I wish it were different, I wish everyone were on the same page without having been so mind-controlled. We hear that is the case on other planets liberated from the Cabal. Now I am not judging anyone because I am still deprogramming myself. I definitely have work to do, work that I won’t go into. But I have problems. Although I am really trying to do my part in this whole thing. But can each of us say that we are really doing our part?

We are given suggestions on how to better ourselves and that the main message from beings like the Blue Avians is that now is the most critical time to work on ourselves and become more service-to-others and going ‘within’. We have the knowledge, we have the capacity, and we know we are being mind-controlled, but why is it so hard to face ourselves and think that all change needs to come from external sources? We are the source! The Starseeds are waiting for other Starseeds to come save the day!
David Icke talks about it at almost all of his conferences and shows, we are in a hologram and we are the programmers. We change ourselves, and we change the hologram. Ever since I started this juice fast I notice people are so much nicer. The world I experience first hand is a stark difference than what you will find in the comments section of Cobra’s  or other’s blogs.
But I changed it. With my own thoughts and free will. My Universe is different now because I made it happen. With some help from my guides and higher-self too, but that’s the thing, we have to do the heavy lifting here.
My point to all of this is that because people (I mean humanity and even those in this awakened community) are not willing to go within or even willing to find out what that means, signals the fact that we will have to wait until the Light Forces create a safe enough environment for The Event to happen so that bad chaos does not interfere with the operation.
So if we have to wait anyways we might as well try and work on ourselves and help others when we can while we are here. We can still prepare for The Event in the many ways described, but since the Light Forces have to essentially go around humanity due to the damage done by mind-control and the Cabal’s obviously effective use of divide and conquer in our community, which people somehow allow to get themselves involved in, we might as well deal with the hand we’ve been dealt in these circumstances of mass apathy and try to improve ourselves and and our life conditions the best we can.
I am sure I will get a lot of slack for these statements but one thing that I have learned is that everyone is a reflection of everyone else because we are all One. And there are those who will mirror your reality back to you to help show you what you need to see or realize. So I hope that is the case because we need all hands on deck right now. The Cabal is losing but as Cobra said this war is not over yet as the Cabal is fighting for their very existence.
I hope that these words inspire those reading to want to do more and take action and to also work on themselves as this is changing our reality in a drastic way. I am just one person and I have created hundreds and hundreds of Orgonite pieces that I have sent all over the world. I have created this blog, 2 YouTube channels, a MeetUp group and other things that help the situation that I won’t go into for various security reasons.
This isn’t a message of sit back and relax, it is a realistic perspective on what we are dealing with and how we can deal with these current circumstances. So when do I think The Event is going to happen? I think it will happen when humanity begin to cohere and when everyone is led onto the same page, which could be soon. It all depends on YOU.