In every society when any government becomes corrupt to the point that is must be brought down, it is only about one to five percent of each country throughout world history that had the raw guts, bravery, stamina, and extreme willingness to endure pain, torture, murder by calcification and genocide by heavy metal poisons etc., and every other horrible thing that psychopaths, sociopaths and hive minds could dish out in order to stay in power and create their NEW WORLD ORDER

For the last two thousand years the sub-race of humanity which has been called HIVE MINDS, by scientists, researches and historians and even their own kind, have reached the point that humanity can finally SEE them (see part three).

The day when the sleeper was awakened was when the gangs of child molesters from the Vatican and the city of London, and wash. D.C., finally admitted to the world, that the DAY OF THE PATRIOT HAS ARRIVED.

Here is the further proof of how we became corporations

The anti-corruption website has many sections to education how to get out of the traps we are in. Show this to all patriots.


By exposing the facts about how humanity has been enslaved and made into non-living corporations with no soul or bodies, to the stupid masses. The socialist’s crimes against humanity on how exactly they enslaved the world has finally been admitted by the evil beings we call the Hive Minds. From that day on they helped us finally to open up the brains of the few that could think, and then we joined forces and started taking back our world and to break-up the gang of child molesters in all cults and religions.

Dissident Catholic Clergy Break from Church of Rome with Global Declaration, as New Exposures of Ninth Circle Cult Emerge


A Legal and Moral Declaration and Pledge of Non-Cooperation issued by Concerned Roman Catholic Clergy

Issued on Sunday, September 23, 2018

We are a group of clergy within the Roman Catholic Church who in good conscience are unable to associate any longer with the criminal, anti-Christian actions of the Vatican and the Papacy. We refer to the massive cover up of violent crimes against children now being perpetrated as a matter of policy by the church hierarchy: crimes in which every Catholic is expected to collude.

Our faith is in God and not in Man. As God wills it, so it is done.

Finally after many decades The Satan-worshipping Khazarian Mafia will be removed from the Vatican, and the City of London and Wash. D.C.


The Catholic and Protestant churches have been the longest running gang of child molesters, but many other smaller religions have tried to hide the fact that they are also just as much infested with pedophiles posing as ELDERS and members in the Jehovah’s Witnesses, and in the IRS controlled Church of Scientology. aka Jehovah’s Witnesses:

There have been several reasons that pedophiles have been able to find sanctuary amongst Jehovah’s Witnesses and is now being held accountable for the actions of its members. Most damaging, and described in detail below, were the following:
The two witness rule to establish Scriptural crimes
The three-year rule for sins of elders

This “Pedophile Paradise” is the most despicable and underhanded gang of child molesters in the world, just behind the Vatican and the Cult of $cientology.

But as our GOD intended to save our children, God put the Soul of the PATRIOTS to form a brave group and a website called SILENT LAMBS.

For every child raped or killed, or eaten by another church/s or “The Watch Tower Society” aka Jehovah’s Witnesses, has this policy to protect the child molesters in their churches even keeping them within a database that is not reported to police.

The child must have been raped alongside another child, at the same TIME, so that TWO can act as a witness or a separate witness must observe that they were raped by the same member when the allegation is denied.

The word of one traumatized child is NEVER ENOUGH for the Congregation Judicial Committee made up of local Elders. By the “same time” I don’t mean the next day, I mean that the child is called A LIAR by all the Elders and further traumatized, hurt, insulted, yelled at, injured and terrified because the same pedophile or another can come back and rape the child again and again and there is nothing the parents can do about it as long as the molester continues to deny the allegation.

Protection of devils/pedophiles by aka Jehovah’s Witnesses. This evil policy to protect evil child rapists when a single child comes forward with an allegation silences the child with Elders enforcement, because it is extremely rare that a black-hearted pedophile will try to rape two innocent girls/boys at the same time.

It also becomes a public danger when pedophiles are required to go door to door to try and get new members by starting bible studies with them.

This evil policy is why child molesters join the aka Jehovah’s Witnesses.

IF the parents try to sue, aka Jehovah’s Witnesses have a record of “disfellowshipping” them (cutting them off from all member friends and family) and further removing them as members. aka: Jehovah’s Witnesses has constantly refused to pay on any lawsuit until they are forced to do so after years of appeals and litigation. Many good lawyers that have won know it will take years of hard-fought litigation to succeed.

I talked with one parent and he admitted to me that now, no child is ever allowed to be ALONE with an Elder, especially if he was transferred from another congregation. This is a misrepresentation of the actual policy in which children are always under the direct authority and control of the Elders.

For twenty years the organization of Jehovah’s Witnesses has been confronted on this issue and they have taken no actions to better protect their children that have been substantial. They hold fast to the “two eye-witnesses” policy before a child can be believed in the face of a denial.

Why is it this the way with the Elders? Could it be that over the years it has been reported that seven members of their Governing Body (leadership) have been accused of child molestation?

The Governing Body is guilty of crimes against children and until they are arrested like Bill Cosby and sent to jail, kids will continue to be violated by the policies of this evil organization.

There is another reason why Jehovah’s Witnesses are disliked by many; it is their suspicion and belief that no outsider ever tells the truth about their cult. All outsiders are called NON-BELIEVERS. And as such they will never listen to what you may want to expose.

I personally feel that many regular members have accepted the fact that they are committing crimes and don’t want to hear about it.

DANGER — Please DO NOT let any Jehovah’s Witnesses into your homes!


Since the MSM has been willing to now (at last!) help expose the fact that the members of these churches and/or cults also tortured, murdered, cooked and ate new born babies, and done every evil thing that you can imagine, more patriots are now coming to help us take back our lives, country and governments and expose the churches and cults that are evil.


The Patriot movement and Common law groups are educating themselves about the facts of how we became “CORPORATIONS”, and stopped being recognized as actual living beings by all statutory admiralty courts.

There are many patriot websites especially this one that I like.

But right now the anti-Scientology movement to expose them has less websites than before to expose their crimes.

TONY ORTEGA has received copies of my posts about mass Murder by Calcification and how to help his readers save themselves. But he has not posted even one copy on his website and it seems that he will let them die, rather than tell the ex-scientologists that send him this news, know about the murder of millions. He has refused to let his readers know how to rid themselves of all the heavy metal poisons that are killing his own readers!!!

Double agent? You decide.

Other anti- cult websites:

I must tell you that when an ex-member of the cult of Scientology was one that condoned the FAIR GAME POLICY (stalking, blacklisting, harassment, attacks, surveillance) and was he himself guilty of crimes against the people, then one day finally leaves the cult, then starts up a website and now acts as if he was a saint, — need I say double agent?

Know who I speak of? He has a famous actress as a friend. He too knows about the true causes of illnesses called murder by calcification, (see part One) and has not let his readers know to remove the heavy metal poisons.

I have noticed that the news against the cult has been so vanilla and bland and non-confrontational, that they are useless in exposing the crimes that would actual shut them down.


Taking back the country from the Socialists; we must never forget to thank all Patriots that are forming County, State, and National Assemblies to educate us, and go back to common law, encourage cutting taxes, and removing crazy regulations that kill freedoms, help promoting business growth, expanding personal freedom, and encouraging personal responsibility.

The new day for us Patriots will hopefully bring us the RV and now we must decide who to fight against to take back our rights.

When you have two bucks, one should be used to help other patriots get safe, fed and be happy and one must be used to fight the bad guys that will never go away.

Psychopaths, sociopaths and the Hive minds are not going away because we were told that they lost (?).

What we must keep on doing is educating the other conservatives and republicans about the information on these four files.


They must learn to self-heal (PDF called The Protocols) and we must fight to remove the hive minds from all government agencies like the FDA.,%20Public%20Presentation.pdf

Study this website about agenda 21, and see that the Hive minds control more than we will ever really know.

They will never stop trying to kill us, one way or another. If you don’t believe it read part three again and again.

The fight to be free will NEVER end, unless one side is totally exposed to the world, so that you can actually SEE a Hive Mind when he opens up his/her mouth.

Secrecy must never be allowed to the HIVE MINDS. History has taught us why.



REMEMBER a super human is actually a normal human being with powers like: A skinny ordinary man that can lift a car, tear a phone book in two, or is super smart, has extraordinary mental powers, etc.

I used to collect the links in YouTube and showed my granddaughter of a SKINNY five to eight year old girl lift up her father as if he was a paper bag. He must have weighed about 150 to 180 pounds and her weight could not have been more than 50 to 80 pounds if that.

But there are patriots out there that are both super humans and true patriots.

The conservative or the republican is NOT always a PATRIOT.

Any psychopath, socialist or hive mind can join the Republican Party and pass off as a conservative or republican and to us he is known as a RINO.

But the RINO or socialist cannot pass off as a true patriot.

I laughed one day when I saw the idiot Michael Moore show a NRA membership card to an actor and claimed that he was a patriot.

The true Patriot like you and me is feared by any psychopath, socialist or hive mind because we do not fear them and we can actually SEE them and will fight them to the death if necessary.

The patriot is the salvation of this country, as history has shown that only the patriots have ever fought tyrants to free their own people and country.

An ordinary liberal or progressive without an actual a hive mind can buy a NRA card or join the Republican Party and claim he is a patriot, but a real hive mind can NEVER be a super human because there is NO room to have FOUR minds in his skull.

From Part Three: [In the hearts of all Collectivists, they have one secret belief — they view Satan as the Counterfeit of God. They use this secret belief to absolve themselves of all their sins against the rest of humanity.

Revelation 13:16-18 English Standard Version (ESV)

” Also it causes all, both small and great, both rich and poor, both free and slave, to be marked on the right hand or the forehead, so that no one can buy or sell unless he has the mark, that is, the name of the beast or the number of its name. This calls for wisdom: let the one who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man, and his number is 666″

The mark of the Beast 666, is that he shall have 3 minds in one body, that he shall have the mind of a psychopath, Sociopath and the hive mind of a collectivist.

God created man in certain ways: God created only six basic minds. Mankind has been the same even back when they were cave men. Each of these types was here back then and will be here a million years from now. History of the world shows that each type was represented in the cultures of each country

#1 the normal mind, #2 the homosexual mind, #3, the psychotic mind, #4 the sociopathic mind, #5 the hive mind, aka the “collectivist” and #6 the super human mind that can access his subconscious abilities. ]

The Beast 666 indicates that each number “6” represents one of each of his three minds or subconscious traits so deep that his/her mind is cemented as one Hive Mind.

Example he can’t have #3, #4, #5 and also #6. (See part three — the hive mind)

The super human being whether male or female, is never an evil being.

I know because for many years I have noticed how the collectivists in YOUTUBE hated the posting of real SUPER HUMANS.

I have met four super humans in my life time. One was a (born in turkey) friend that lived across the street from me and he was the one that tore a Queens, N.Y. yellow pages book in two.

The other lifted a four door car (3,500 lb 1982) because he was angry that a man across the street from him parked in his driveway. He lifted the car ten feet to the center of the street and waited there until a cop gave that car a ticket for illegally parking in the middle of the road.

The other was my grandfather at age 95 just a year of two before he died of a broken heart. He in my presence when I was about 10 years old carried two – one hundred pound burlap bags on his shoulders from the market one mile back to his little store. He was stopped by at least two old ladies that wanted to chat with him. He never put the bags down to rest and never sweated in the heat of the day with all that (200 lbs) weight on him.

My family told me that he killed a young bull by twisting its neck. And also that he was attacked by a man with a machete and tried to kill him by cutting him in halve. I saw the scare from the machete, but I did not see this with my every own eyes.

I was at an auction in Florida many years ago, the year after I came back from New York for my uncle’s funeral and I saw a man with a cane that must have been disabled, go over to a six thousand pound trailer that was rated to haul 12 thousand pound of vehicle or cargo weight. My van or my tractor with the bush hog on it would sit nicely on it. The front part where he lifted it must have been more than one thousand pounds or more.

There was a young man on YOUTUBE that could rearrange a RUBICS CUBE back in perfect order in about one minute. How many weeks, Months or years would it take you?

And a few years ago there was a show on TV that listed people with extraordinary talents and powers. The show lasted many weeks and then was taken off the air. There were many on the show that DID have super human powers. Who took off the show and for what reason?


I always enjoyed finding proof of the other purposely hidden sub-race of super humans by the Hive minds that still own YOUTUBE.

God in his wisdom gave us 6 sub-races of humanity.

Three (666) evil souls and three good souls.

Blessed by GOD: #1 the normal mind, #2 the homosexual mind, #6 the super human mind.

Blessed by Satan: #3, the psychotic mind, #4 the sociopathic mind, #5 the hive mind, aka the “collectivist”.

The minds blessed by Satan are the cause of everything bad since time began.


When you next watch the News and there is a horrible story on it, just think and guess which type of person was he a:

#1 the normal mind, #2 the homosexual mind, #3, the psychotic mind, #4 the sociopathic mind, #5 the hive mind, aka the “collectivist” and #6 the super human mind that can access his subconscious abilities.]

Remember mankind was not created equally – some are good and some are the Children of Satan.

After you do this you will discover which side you will vote for – OK?



These two minds are opposed to each other, because the Patriot always is an “INDIVIDUALIST” and can survive alone in life. The collective can’t do that. He or she is useless in life being totally alone.

The hive minds hate us because they recognize the power we have in life. Put an individualist alone in the middle of the jungle and his mind will not explode in fear.

Put a hive mind totally alone without any friends of his own kind and he will need therapy.

The Patriot is the most important SOUL in the world. Without Patriots there can never be any freedom and happiness anywhere.

Throughout the history of the world, ONLY the Patriot has put his/her life and limbs on the line to stop child abuse, crimes, treason, corruption, rape and murder. The Patriots have given up their lives, lost their loved ones, made all the sacrifices and fought all the wars that the psychopaths, sociopaths and Collectivists started since time began to set mankind free.

The patriots are the blessed souls that will go out of their way to feed the poor. They help build houses for the homeless, and volunteer many hours of their busy lives to bring safety, food and lodging for all people.

When have you seen a Socialist or Communist ever go out of their way to help the same way that the patriots do? Just in case you said yes, then look for their generous nature in their soul urge here:


God created the soul of the patriot to save the World from Satan’s children.



All rights reserved.

There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world and that is an idea whose time has come!

~Victor Hugo

“In the beginning of a change, the Patriot is a scarce man – brave – hated – scorned. When his cause succeeds, however, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a Patriot.” Mark Twain