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INTEL Update (Real News) via email – “NESARA RV”

1. A new movie “Eagle One to Wanta” tells about Ambassador Leo Wanta / President Reagan / end of the cold war / how the Bushs & Clintons put Wanta in jail and stole 27 Trillion set aside to pay the national debt.

2. The two million jobs Wanta will create to build the high speed rail system around the country are set to go.
Wanta’s $27 Trillion has finally been released.

3. On 21 March 2013, approximately 200+ countries signed a “Gold Treaty” that designated a loan that would satisfy the BASEL III list.
This Treaty will eliminate the Fiat monies and derivative system once and for all.

4. Arrests continue worldwide of cabal and minions.

5. Over 1500 pedophiles arrested since Trump inauguration while the media kept silent.

6. The new CIPS/SWIFT banking system is working so well that since Sat. Feb. 25 2017 hundreds of arrests have happened after corrupt people tried to access the system.

7. Multiple nations (including here on US soil) have special forces operating in all theaters with shoot to kill orders and a mission that has quickly escalated.
They’re targeting hidden Cabal leaders tucked away in their hideouts.

8. Department of Justice will begin enforcing General Services Administration actions this week.

9. Watch for The Global Reset and RV this week.
IQD, VND and ZIM are on bank foreign exchange screens.
Going for the higher rates will help the bank have more money in their system…especially if you don’t spend it all. (and you can’t)

10. There is no limitation on Zim sovereign rates (estimated @ $125,000 USN as a final value).
It’s truly an “open checkbook” whereby every redeemer will be allowed to pick their own final redemption amount.

11. ZIM holders are not only going first in North America, but will go first for quite some time and do so very slowly through a narrow HSBC/military turnstile.

12. There will come a day when money is dead.
A time will come when there is nothing to buy anymore and everyone has more money than they will ever need.
You won’t be able to give it away.
Then comes ascension to 5D.
When the window of opportunity for the “joyous use of money” passes by…it will forever be gone.
Those who did not use their money to create joy for themselves (and others) through their good works…will have missed a great opportunity to raise their own vibrations.

13. As far as we understand now…this Exchange event will “not” be taxed.
That means that whatever you get…you keep…no matter what bank account you keep it in.
You may want to wire a big chunk of money to the bank you are using now, just for regular banking situations. Frankly, many people are going to wire money to many different banks for a diversification strategy.
Again, moving your money around is “NOT a taxable event”.

14. ISIS is 99% eliminated.

15. ISIS is funded by the Cabal (Mossad-CIA-Saudi Arabia) and supported by the Clinton & Bush Nazi’s.
Donald Trump is working with our Generals to exterminate all Islamic Radical Extremists anywhere around the globe starting with Iraq and Syria.

16. President Trump campaigned on the potential of working with Russia to eliminate ISIS terrorists in Syria and Iraq.
Trump is fixing everything that Mossad…CIA and Saudi Arabia have been attempting to do for the past decade. (which is to overthrow Assad in Syria)

17. The European Union was created by the CABAL, and is under attack from citizens all over Europe.
While Cabal patsies like Obama and Clinton railed against Brexit (to preserve the Cabal’s power over the UK and Europe) Donald Trump was on the other side working to undo the power of the European Union.

18. Drug Companies are all owned by the CABAL and its minions.

19. Trump’s next challenge is asking Robert Kennedy Jr. to take down of dangerous vaccinations and drugs resulting in autism, AIDS, and a multitude of injuries, cancer and death.

20. Trump terminated the horrific Cabal backed TPP trade agreement that would have been the final nail in our economy.

21. Trump wants to redo the NAFTA agreement that was created by Cabal president Bush Sr and signed into law by Clinton.

22. The Cabal was flooding Europe and America with refugees in order to hide all of the mercenaries who were going to systematically tear our countries apart with terrorism.
Trump is blocking their entry.

23. There was a concerted attack on Sessions due to his zeroing in on the pedophilia scandal called Pedogate.

24. John McCain and Lindsay Graham are secretly working with Chuck Schumer (and members of the clandestine services of both U.S. and Israel) to remove Sessions (or at least stop the Pedophilia investigation in its tracks) and they failed.

25. Trump has told several in his inner circle that “the swamp is much more polluted than I expected”.
He has spoken to Chris Christie extensively about the Pedophilia rings and it has been determined that branches of the ring spread as far as Asia and are rooted in the deepest corners of both the US and the UK political system.

26. There is a traitor within President Trump’s inner circle that will be exposed within weeks.
This traitor was leaking when and where new Attorney General Sessions intended to arrest or indict suspected pedophiles within the political system.

27. Rush Limbaugh said the real scandal is that a “silent coup” is underway against President Trump.
The claim of a peaceful coup might be supported by the report that “Obama’s goal (according to a close family friend) is to oust Trump from the presidency either by forcing his resignation or through his impeachment.”

28. 97% of the “Media”…98% of the “Political Establishment” (of both parties) and 100% of “The Swamp” are against Trump.
All of them conform to MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski when she said…”It’s the media’s job to control how people think.”
They are very scared of Trump…because he is the FIRST and ONLY person (ever in history) to really THREATEN their Gravy Train.

29. The new currency is already at the banks and redemption centers. ($100 bills in stacks of $2,500.)
The Zim exchangers will be brought in first.
The Dinar…Zim and Dong are in the first basket.

30. Trump said: “We need to bring the world currencies to a level playing field”

31. Globally we’re up to around 50 million currency holders.

32. At last count we had over 15,000 locations to redeem currency in North America.

33. Most banks are now participating at multiple tier levels.
The RV is no big secret anymore in banking, political or corporate circles.

34. Israel and Ukraine (of 209 nations) are the last two misbehaving sovereign children at the RV dinner table.

35. Hold onto your currency until you’re physically in a military guarded exchange center.