More Smoke and Mirrors from Manna World Holdings Trust

Source: Paul Stramer | By Anna Von Reitz

So now Kim Goguen aka “Kim Possible” is going all the way back to Ramses to try to justify her position.

Ramses was my Uncle. We used to call him “Ram-bubba” behind his back. Take a look at my slanted toes and the gold flecks in my eyes. No, that isn’t a sign of liver trouble. It’s royal Egyptian DNA .

But nobody cares and neither do I.

When people die in actual fact — as opposed to dying on paper due to government-led legal chicanery — they leave behind their earthly possessions. By laws long established, their assets are passed on to their heirs. And that’s that.

If their heirs lose those inherited possessions by fair means, there is no recourse for that.

If their heirs are the victims of fraud, however, there is recourse.

We, the American States and People, have been the victims of fraud.

Ramses and his Heirs just had bad luck.

They ran into the Romans, remember? And then the Romans ran into the Visigoths? (They were also my ancestors, BTW.) And then the Visigoths married into the French Celtic Kingdoms and that gave rise to the trans-English Channel Kingdom of Camailoth circa 500 A.D. ….. and that gave rise to William of Normandy…. who controlled both England and large sections of France…and that led to the Amoricans settling in England and Ireland and to their eventual migration to guess where?


Oh, who knew?

And as interesting as all this is, it doesn’t have a thing to do with the price of beans in China, except in terms of intellectual property rights and whatever physical assets actual heirs have been able to maintain.

Please note that Elizabeth II isn’t an actual heir to the British throne. She’s a German married to a Greek. Go figure.

So now the children of Hiram Abiff, King of Tyre, come forward with their long, long story of how they should have the right to everything on Earth and I say– it’s just more crime and piracy.

Many of the trusts that Kim and her buddies have “seized upon” belong — and I do mean, legitimately belong — to families and people that live and breathe and have the right to their assets just like you have the natural right to own your Great-Great-Grandmother’s diamond ring. And all the excuses otherwise don’t matter.

She and her buddy Thomas have used computer keystrokes and programs to steal the bulk of the world’s private wealth, which they now proudly claim to control. But whose wealth is it? Not his. Not hers. Except in the sense of them getting a share of the purloined goods, they are just thieves and despots once again.

Most of the private assets they have stolen are American assets, including gold owed to the American States and People.

Which means that Mr. Trump should be holding both of them upside down by their heels and shaking hard, not bowing down to their B.S.

There is always a right way and a wrong way to do anything.

The right way is to concentrate on getting back the 10 million metric tons of American gold (granted, a good portion of that is gold that was simply on deposit here, but it is our responsibility nonetheless) that the U.S. Army and Navy deposited “for” us in the Philippines, and recouping our share of the $950 trillion dollars worth of “Life Force Value Annuities” that Prince Philip absconded with, and also go after our estimated $387 billion worth of gold being held captive in the World Bank’s drop box.

It’s not as quick and dirty as stealing from the mouths of Navajo Grandmothers or defrauding people from Spain, but it’s the right way to do things, as opposed to using some computer program to steal private assets held in banks and then trying to justify it with some cooked up story about trusts existing thousands and thousands of years ago.

There may be assets among the assets that Kim and her group have stolen that belong to Bad Guys or which are in the possession of Bad Guys as a result of earlier acts of piracy. If so, both Kim and the U.S. Government should be able to prove that the heirs involved actually committed crimes and they should then be brought to trial and if found guilty, convicted and punished.

That’s how we do things in a lawful society operating under Public Law. Otherwise, we are just criminals ourselves, doing the same thing that we are accusing others of doing to us.

Harming thousands of legitimate trustees and potentially billions of people who aren’t Bad Guys can’t be condoned on the basis of “suspicion” or vague historical claims.

The United States of America, the American States, and the American People have been grossly defrauded and that is a matter of both public and private record. There is no doubt about what we are owed, including the private assets that Kim has claimed control of. Those assets need to be returned to our own National (State) Banks and to our International Banks— that is, banks operated by The United States of America and our States, for our People.

At which point we will gladly fund our restored government the honest old-fashioned way — with actual American silver and gold and credit that is owed to us by the rest of the world.


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