Monatomic gold, bug/insect poison and their saliva.

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Again, this is one of those posts that is not for everybody as it is too unbelievable and “far out”, for most.

Whether the info in the links below are fake or not is immaterial. The fact is that gold plays a bigger role in our bodies than we (the people) ever thought. Rest assured, the “upper” class knows this.

Wonder how many people will try the method in the link in an attempt to get rich. Lol. The fact is that there is much greater significance to this gold discovery than to “get rich”.

“…And the gold of that land is good:”
You may notice that the claim is; it “is” good, not it “was” good, so the statement is still applicable today.

“land” also means “earth”, therefore the presence of gold is not limited to that specific geographical location. It may have a greater concentration of gold in that location but gold is everywhere around us, even in our poops.

Why is gold so important, that it is mentioned right in the second chapter of the creation story?
The answer is simple. Without gold, our bodies wouldn’t function, wouldn’t be animated. Our spirits couldn’t flow where there is no grid/meridian.

I know there are all kinds of stories out there, about the Annunaki that they needed “monatomic gold” and they also created man or modified (genetically altered) apes for the purpose to mine the gold for them.
I don’t buy it! BS and more BS!

We are what we are as we were. We NEVER changed or “evolved” from a lesser life form and we are not “ascending” to whatever pie in the sky either. Its all status quo propaganda, brainwashing. As a matter of fact, our bodies are “running down”.

After creation, our bodies lived for hundreds of years.
Because our spirits had free access to every parts of it and kept it “running”. The grid/meridian was free from blockages. Nothing was blocking the movement of our spirits in our bodies.

Now, the average life of a human body is about seventy years.
Because the grid/meridian in our bodies have blockages and our spirits have no free access to every parts of it.

How and where did those blockages took residence in our bodies?
The blockages are bugs/insect poisons and their saliva in our skins. They attacked us and still attacking us in this physical level and also in the spiritual level. Bugs/insectoids are NOT our friends! Neither in the physical, nor in the spiritual.

It is a fact, when we heat up our skins long enough, the bug/insect poison and their saliva chemically breaks down. However, the reason why the poison and saliva break down is not the heat. The reason is that the heat starts to activate/move the monatomic gold in our skins and THAT monatomic gold is what breaks down the bug/insect poison and their saliva. Sort of how colloidal silver works. Heat activates the monatomic gold “army” and the “army” does the rest. Same as with fever, which is the body’s natural defence against intrusion.

It is very rare for an adult to get fever. Children on the other hand get fevers all the time, especially at younger age and parents are up in arms and do everything to pull down the fever. Not realizing they are harming the child. They do the exact same procedure, as with the dreaded cholesterol. They don’t know that cholesterol is the “soap”, the “detergent” that cleans the insides of the body and because lack of knowledge, people want to eliminate it.

Children’s bodies weren’t taken over completely yet by the bug/insect poison and their saliva and that is why their natural defence (fever) is still in place.
Did you notice how hot babies are?
At least used to be.
They are like little furnaces.
You think that’s accident?

Monatomic gold in our skins are the “wonder” weapons against intruders BUT as we know now, it becomes useless if the body doesn’t have a certain temperature. Perhaps you noticed that your skin is generally cold too. Bug/insect poison and saliva is the cause. Our bodies die, before they have a chance to warm up.

Why do you think the bug/insect controlled status quo charlatans give so many needles to children?
To lower their body temperatures, which neutralizes their monatomic gold defence.

Whatever you do with monatomic gold is useless, regarding to your health, until you clean your skin from bug/insect poison and their saliva. Clean your skin first from bug/insect poison and their saliva, then the monatomic gold that is already in your skin will take care of the intruders.

Lets face it. The bugs/insects poisoned our bodies covertly and quietly, without our knowledge! They made our bodies to be our jails and we are imprisoned because our spirits are blocked and can’t flow. Exactly, the same way as we are also imprisoned if we don’t have the status quo’s passport. We can’t move anywhere and travelling SUPPOSED TO BE FREE! We need some “Yautja” to squash a few million bugs/insectoid bastards.

The same with your spirit. It can’t move in the grid that is in your body when the grid is blocked. We need to get rid of bug/insect poisons and saliva from our bodies and keep them out.

We need to warm up our bodies and warming should be part of our regular daily routine. Even mechanical and electrical devices need to be warmed up first, before they operate properly.

The pattern/template is right in front of us. We look and look but we can’t see. These bugs/insectoids took their operations into our “blind spots” and that is why we can’t see what they are doing to us. All we need to do is change our positions to see their operations, how they are violating and torturing us. In other words, BREAK THE HELL AWAY FROM THEIR STATUS QUO PROPAGANDA! EVERYTHING THEIR STATUS QUO SLUTS, WHORES AND GIGOLOS PUT OUT IS NOTHING ELSE BUT PROPAGANDA!