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Mission Update – October 2017


Thought my topic today was scripts and roles, but the guys and gals upstairs have a different plan; I’m to give you an update on where we are and why.

Mission: Restoration

When carrying out a mission assignment, one doesn’t always know the full scope of it until after the mission is completed. Example: I wrote We are the Nibiruans, Book One at the beginning of my first mission, and Mission Remembered, Book Two at the end. In Book One, I had only a skeletal view of what I was sent here to do, but by the time I wrote Book Two, it had become very clear. Mission Remembered provided a more fleshed out view of galactic history, DNA Recoding, and starseed missions.

Here we are a few months into a new mission after nearly a decade of what I call mission maintenance and personal growth time. As I view it now, this new mission involves restoration of the planet, and as with most missions, it is accomplished through a series of assignments.

Assignment 1: Exiting the Matrix

The first assignment was about getting us through what the 9D Nibiruans termed, the Summer of Blood. And as explained in previous messages, in order to do this successfully, we had to get through those 90 days without a full-on civil war (blood running in the streets) and with all three leaders (China, Russia and USA) still alive and in office. And… we did it! Yay!

At the same time, the information that was revealed, and the events that occurred, literally blew open doors in the Matrix. Many, who had eyes to see and ears to hear, took this information and began their process of stepping out of the programming of the Matrix. Example: the truth about our Treasury accounts (TDAs). Hence, the term “Exiting the Matrix.”

Assignment Rewards

As I understand it, we earn a reward each time we successfully complete an assignment. But I suppose a more accurate way of viewing it is that we achieve a goal that sets the stage for successful completion of the next assignment. In this case, we earned a mass awakening of many of our friends and family because we achieved the goal of avoiding a civil war and the assassination of three key national leaders.

Assignment 2: 4th Wave Awakening

With the foundation laid by the first assignment, we are now better prepared to carry out the second assignment. As stated previously, during this time there will be a massive awakening of a larger section of the population. At the same time, we are moving into the 2nd assignment with more awareness, which was shown by how quickly people discerned that the newest Cabal attack, the Las Vegas Shootings, was not as the Cabal-controlled media would have us believe. And instead of creating a means to take away more power, this event served to wake even more people up due to the fact that people who were at or near the event, putting actual video and audio footage of multiple shooters online. The Cabal’s storyline fell apart and even though they are still trying to spin it, many more are not buying it. Yes, we’ve come a long way from 9/11.

Yet, from what I am getting, the Las Vegas Shootings event will pale in comparison to the events that are to come, and it is these events that we are busy preparing for now. Keep in mind that though they may be difficult, the Dark ultimately serves the Light. What I mean is that due to how many are awakening, and how quickly they are turning to the Internet to find the truth, these events will serve more to awaken us, than to harm us.

Pedophilia Exposed/Cosmic Disclosure

If what I am receiving is correct, we are about to witness the biggest revelations about our world than anything in the past. These include the truth and extent of the human trafficking and satanic ritual abuse and sacrifice of children. And as if that is not enough, the truth of our ET origins and the government’s contact with ETs will be revealed. Talk about a double whammy! People will literally be losing their minds as the props of the beliefs in which they have been indoctrinated are pulled from under them.

As for when these revelations will begin, we are already seeing the pedophilia being exposed starting with the case against Hollywood elite, Harvey Weinstein. And, if what I am reading is true, he is naming names and lots of them. Stay tuned.

Compassion Creator Calls

Now that we can see more of the big picture, the role of the Monday calls becomes clear: they are needed to work on the mass consciousness grid. What I mean is that we use them to create compassion that is then uploaded to the grid. Isn’t it interesting that we are using inner technology just like the Cabal does except that we use the thymus and create the very highest frequency (the one that nullifies all others) instead of the lowest ones. Just a bit more on that so that I’m not freaking anyone out.

All emotion enters the mass consciousness grid via the neural net in the heart (yes, we have two neural nets, one in the heart and one in the head). This heart based neural net is how we interface with the morphogenetic field or Field. This field is where all energy exists. We create our reality by pulling (magnetizing energy) from this field. So think of it this way. We produce the compassion frequency in our high heart/thymus, which is then sent out into the Field where it attracts its likeness. Based on what our intent is for that energy (healing someone, or altering an event), it will bring that about. All this activity is being recorded in the mass consciousness grid, which is like a massive computer that records every act and every thought we have.

The Cabal uses the same techniques only with a different spin. They know, like we do that whatever is recorded in the mass consciousness grid will spread like a virus (100th Monkey Syndrome). We are simply counteracting their efforts with a frequency that will eradicate anything they create. And when it come so templates, we can literally alter the outcome of anything the Cabal plans. Why? Because the templates provide the compassion frequency needed, we are able to neutralize the fear created by the Cabal’s event.

Back to the calls, this is why we are gathering once a week: to counteract and neutralize the impact of anything that has occurred, such as the Las Vegas Shootings event, and those to come.

Since we are playing out old timeline events (no, we are not quite done as I had previously thought), we need the templates that can be created on these calls. Additionally we need a way to help educate those who will be instrumental in assisting the many who will find themselves literally being jolted awake by the coming revelations.

In closing, the next couple of months will be seeing the truth of our reality revealed in many ways. Our goal now is to ensure that when those truths are revealed, humanity has the means to process the pain, using it as fuel for our collective ascension.

I want to thank all those who take the 90 minutes or so out of their week to participate. To me, it is the greatest calling we could have. See you on Monday. We’ll being working on soul contracts, scripts and roles.

Compassion Creator Calls

Time: 5:30 pm PDT, 6:30 pm MT, 7:30 pm CDT, 8:30 pm EDT
Dial in Number: (641) 715-3580 (International Dial-in Numbers)
Access code: 850375Playback Link  https://fccdl.in/2XkgSMqet

Source Link: http://www.nibiruancouncil.com/mission-update-october-2017/