Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – 15 November 2019

Mike Quinsey

The waiting game for some indication of moves towards positive changes is soon to be over, and will come after major political changes in the U.S. These will be unavoidable and take place in full view and be the first steps to political freedom. For too long election results have been “arranged” by the Illuminati, and only a miscalculation for example when it seemed that their choice Hillary Clinton would be the declared winner but went wrong. They were careless and others took advantage of the situation resulting in Trump being empowered and becoming the President. His term may have to be terminated allowing for the first time an appointment to be made of one who will work for the betterment of all Mankind. You have little or no idea as to what goes on behind the scenes, but not unexpectedly cause your the strongest and most popular party generally ends up the Electoral winner.

Firm and honest politics are very necessary to ensure you get the right people with the right talent, experience and ability to carry out their tasks. There is a saying that you only get what you deserve, but it is more a matter of what you attract to yourself. It applies all around and it is your thoughts that are the true magnet. It is why we have often told you to guard your thoughts when expressing wishes for a certain outcome in your life, so we ask you again to think positively at all times. You may find it hard at first but it will become easier with time and practice. It may simply be a matter of turning the other cheek, but be prepared and ready to turn away from difficult situations. There is no question of you being cowardly, you simply do not want to get involved in arguments and cause your own vibrations to drop.

Realise that slowly but surely you are lifting your vibrations, and as you do so you will find it becoming easier to control your feelings and reactions. You will also feel good within yourself and understand how debilitating it can be when you lose control of your emotions. Believe it or not you will also substantially extend the period of your life by maintaining high vibrations at all times. You are not expected to put the world right but your presence will make a difference. There is much at stake as you move forwards and having made such good progress so far, will gradually find it becoming easier to maintain.

At present there is much in the way of changes taking place all over the world, and they are far reaching. Clearly the old traditional ways are under scrutiny and in most cases it is the people who have brought them to the surface to be reviewed. Much has changed over the years and what was acceptable previously is no longer fit to serve the purpose for which it was introduced. Many who see ahead and know how things can be improved are pressing for change. Old habits die hard and there is a reluctance for some to give up that which they have become familiar with.

However, when it becomes apparent that new ideas and inventions will raise the quality of life, the objections will soon disappear. Few like change that moves them from their comfort zone but when they fully understand that they will be the very ones to benefit it will be achieved. Your traditional way of thinking and doing things will rapidly change and often it is only financing that holds up progress. The resulting lifting up of Humanity will draw people closer together, and the result will be more cooperation that will dissolve the tension and distrust that has often prevented a coming together. Be assured that in the future you will realise the benefits of working for the good of all people, instead of seeing yourselves as separate units.

There is much help waiting to be given to you, but the world is in too much of a turmoil at present for it to be introduced. The approach of “every one for themselves” has to change and will once it is seen that by working together you achieve far more, and at the same time improve the standard of living. You are all One and those of the lower vibrations know it to be true and have continually kept you in a permanent state of war and confusion. The consequence is that you have been exploited and led into conflicts that have set you back many, many years. Also the financial cost alone has taken money from you that could clearly have been spent on improving your quality of life. That is of course in the process of change now that wars between countries has ceased. Not least of all is the cost in human life, caused by the destruction and poisoning of Earth.

However, in spite of the dismal stories that Mother Earth can tell, there are pockets all over it of small groups that have been formed by people with spiritual values and understanding, who have gone their own way and are contributing to bringing about peace on Earth. It comes naturally to those who have a genuine love of other souls experiencing their own life plan. These groups are the basis for a great community that will soon start to come into being, indeed it will embrace other beings regardless of colour or creed by recognising the Oneness of all souls. Understand that all are on a journey that started millennia ago and have experienced so many different lives and are much wiser for the benefit of them. Obviously your memory of them is delayed so that your experiences are not impeded by them.

You should by now begin to realise that you are far greater than you could imagine, and on return to the higher realms you will become more aware of your true background. You talk about heaven upon Earth and that will become your reality once you return to them. However, you must obviously be ready in a true sense of Universal Love for all life forms. There is no reason why you should not be successful providing you have learnt to control your ego self, indeed there is no necessity for it at all. See how long you can go without the influence of your ego and you may be surprised at how easy it is. Humans often have a propensity to misinterpret comments that appear to be made against them and easily take offence.

You did not come to Earth to become a wastrel although some souls take little or no interest in their own development. Even if you are unaware of the true purpose of life that is subject to a life plan that your Guides are aware of and will implement for you. As we have mentioned before, situations are set up for you so that you experience according to your life plan. At the same time you will be given every help to be successful, but of course you have freewill to take whatever path you choose. Clearly you are best advised to follow the one you are directed to although missed opportunities will certainly come round again, after all the object of life’s experiences are for you to evolve.

More people are beginning to wake up to their spiritual selves and instead of just service to self, are feeling an urge or prompting to help others, and there is no doubt the desirable changes are beginning to take hold. I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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