Message from Jesus

from John Smallman

And when you are ready the Light will dawn!

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Spiritual growth or evolution is humanity’s path to awakening. It was established by your heavenly Father in the instant that you chose to experience the unreality of separation from Him. There is no such state as separation, it is but a figment, a crazy imaginary idea that occurred to you briefly and with which you chose to engage. Now, it seems intensely real as you struggle to awaken from the deep slumber into which you fell in order for you to be able to feel and live the idea of separation.

Because you are eternally One with God it is inevitable that you will awaken into the state of eternal joy in which your loving Father created you. But, as I have told you previously, Love does not impose, It accepts and allows. It honors your choices, whatever they may be, and waits with infinite patience for the moment when you choose to welcome It into your hearts. And the arrival and recognition of that moment is an individual choice that every human will make, because the ongoing experience of separation, albeit unreal, is far too painful to endure endlessly.

Deep within each one of you is the knowing that life as a human is a very temporary and unreal experience, and that knowing disturbs your repose and demands your attention, your investigation. There is not one human who does not at some stage ponder deeply on the meaning of life, and that pondering leads to the intense and very powerful realization that there has to be a much deeper meaning than just survival as a human. And of course there is!


Frequently, because the human experience seems so real, when a person uncovers or allows the intuitive sense, the inner knowing that there must be a spiritual intelligence far higher than their own human intelligence into their awareness, the ego then encourages the person to acknowledge it but to lay it aside until they have the time to think about it more deeply. Then the daily issues and distractions of human life re-assume their “rightful” position as the main focus of attention, and investigation of the possibility of a spiritual heritage or identity is delayed or forgotten, until the next time an intuitive spark arises.

There will always be a next time simply because it is God’s Will, and Yours, that you awaken. Until you do awaken you will receive regular nudges from all of us in the spiritual realms suggesting that it is time to do so. And you will become aware of them and respond appropriately . . . when you feel ready. The feeling of readiness is an essential aspect of each individual’s awakening process, because, having free will – an intrinsic aspect of Love – you will never be pushed or forced to awaken.

However, you will receive either an ongoing series of nudges, or you will experience events or lessons designed solely for the purpose of assisting you to become aware of those intuitive nudges which are intended to direct you towards awakening.

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And when you are ready the Light will dawn; you will finally realize that the only meaningful reason for living life as a human is to find the way back to Reality, your eternal spiritual Home, where you remain forever at One with your Source, the supreme Wisdom and Infinite Intelligence that is for many of you most happily expressed, in human terms, as Mother/Father/God.

Do remember, however, that words are such very limiting and inadequate communication concepts that they can and do frequently divide you into opposing camps of warring factions that bring you only conflict, pain and suffering.

When you listen to others you need to make a point of hearing what they say instead of jumping to the conclusion that you already know what they are saying to you. Often intense misunderstandings occur simply because people fail to hear what is being said, or hear and completely fail to understand what the other means with those words. For each of you the same words can and often do have very different meanings, due in part to the multitude of feelings that you are attempting to express through a severely limiting vocabulary, and in part due to the varied forms of body language that always accompany your words.

When in conversation with anyone, listen with your hearts rather than your intellects, because the former provide an intense energy field that is in complete alignment with what the other person wishes to express, whereas the intellect is always attempting to decipher or translate the words heard into a logical and reasoned concept because it can never fully understand or grasp the heartfelt meaning that is actually being expressed.


And of course what I am also telling you is that you need to go within daily and visit with the Light that is God’s Love which burns constantly on your holy altar so that you may remember to live holding the intent to be loving in every interaction with another, no matter what form the interaction takes.

You are One with Source, everyone of you, and therefore, in truth, every interaction with another is but an interaction with another aspect of yourself. So by loving others you love and honor yourselves, and by loving yourselves you love and honor others. When you fall into error by judging or blaming your self or another, then, as soon as you recognize that this has happened, immediately offer forgiveness, for truly all errors are but another aspect of the illusion, and are therefore utterly unreal! And forgiveness is just a release from the guilt that the illusion attempts to impose upon you, an invalid attempt at shaming and disgracing you, so that you forget or remain unaware that you are divine beings of infinite worth and value.

Your loving brother, Jesus.